Why Hello There Strange Thing!

blog post for aug 26 2016

Hiya Doll!  Sorry I’ve been away so long. Been working on myself. Had to take some me time. See that’s the hardest part of clinical depression, there isn’t a magic pill that will make all the dark times vanish. Ya ya, I know that you know this already (shrugs shoulders and flips bangs out of eyes), well …. give me sometime to warm up to this … it’s been a minute you know. ( wink wink …giggle giggle).

I have had so much going on since the last I wrote. I’ve had some breakthroughs , a few breakdowns, had to step away from a few friends, had to step away from a few family members, have had 2 medical scares, have converted to vegan… missed the cheese and went off the wagon (more on my vegan journey … hey, HEY!!! Put the phone done and step away from PETA’S number will ya …. just wait for the blog post – it’s coming and there is no need to get Big Brother involved I promise you that) , Converted my makeup world into Cruelty Free ( broke my heart to say good bye to some on my most treasured pieces but gave me joy when I realized … I GET TO SHOP FOR NEW STUFF!! … reviews on all the new goodies will be posted soon) , Have had 3 seriously bad illnesses that seemed to have wanted to try and kill me, and have had 2 very bad Fibro flairs.

So basically what I mean is ….. LIFE SUCKED BIG HAIRY MONKEY NIPPLES!! (Don’t you give me that face I know it’s BALLS , but as I am female … how would I know what life would be like if it just up and sucked hairy monkey testicles???)

Whilst stuck in bed and the couch and anywhere else that I could lay down comfortably, I did some reading (reviews of some awesome reads to come) , binge watched the shit out NETFLIX and PLEX TV (Holy sweet baby pickles , STRANGER THINGS was amazing!!! So were a few other shows , I’ll have to do a blog post on some of my favorites soon) , collected same amazing makeup finds (some new to me , some new to the world…. yes already , did ya not see the part where I said I would be reviewing said products? ) , and dealt with my beloved BFF Gabby’s death anniversary again ( I still have trouble reconciling the fact that she is truly gone from the world, and still can’t understand … no that’s not entirely true… still can’t bring myself to admit this was a suicide).

So yea, lots going on … but the important thing is that I dug deep and pulled through it… Even when my soul wanted me to give up the ghost, I just couldn’t do it… too much to be thankful for, people that I love way too damn much to leave behind  …. I stuck the landing and pulled my way out of the darkness , one small step at a time.

I can’t promise that I’m healed , hell anyone with any kind of depression will tell you that you will never fully heal, but I’m better than I was, just taking it hour by hour.

Well darlings thanks for taking a break and peaking in on this spoonie’s makeup bag and until next time … remember to try and save a spoon for a bit of lip-gloss.