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One Bite At A Time

Published September 5, 2016 by aspooniesmakeupbag

So ya I went Vegan! (sort of… I’ll explain later)

June 19th 2916 Pink outfit

Picture taken a few weeks into my vegan journey … loving my new Lippie from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Velour Liquid Lipstick in Doll Parts

Yes it’s true I gave up Bacon…. And grilled cheese.
I was having digestive problems and read an article about how meat takes long to digest and that our digestive track is wrong for being a carnivore, that if we were meant to eat meat we would have a digestive track similar to a tiger or lion.



I also did a ton of research before taking the plunge. I read this amazing book by Russell Simons called “The Happy Vegan” and this changed my life. Completely. I started to crave more knowledge of how my daily choices impacted the world around me. How my eating habits affected my illness, how it effected the carbon foot print I left on this planet, how …;. Blah ,blah, blah ( the things I wanted to know about just went on and on for miles).

In my teens there was a time right after graduation that I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and I was happy, but one can only eat so many salads before they reach for the first carbon life form they can get their hands on. ( knowledge is power in that if I had the knowledge of how to be a better veggie head I wouldn’t have gotten so board only year in )

Fast forward to the present and I was starting to feel so sick and tired of having IBS-D and not having any relief in sight.
I hated the pain I was in , I hate that my energy never seemed to last, I hated the weight I had gained over the course of 9 years of suffering at the hands of an illness that was relentless, but most of all I hated that what I chose as food came at the expense of another sentient life form.
I started to watch documentaries on the meat industry and the fur industry and how much suffering these defenseless animals would go through and I just couldn’t take another bite of anything that ever had a face.

I also started to understand just how much suffering Dairy Cows went through to product those grilled cheese sandwiches I loved so much and so I re read A Happy Vegan and a journey was born.

I started out making excuses…. money is too tight, I’ll be the only one not eating meat, but the holidays will suck, meal time is gonna be so boring, food is going to be so bland, what if this what if that, but, but, but ….. Than I re-watched the documentary “The Cove” and even though I do not eat, nor have I even had the desire to try, dolphin meat, I just knew that this would be the last day I ate the way I had been, that I would need to adjust my way of life if I was to ever be able to look at myself with pride again…. This is not to say that if you choose a life style where meat is in your diet that you should not hold your head up high, I could never be that judgmental of another living being…. It is just that for me personally I couldn’t find it in myself to be responsible for another being’s death. Did you know that as a vegan I save 200 animal’s lives a year just by not consuming animal products at meal times (just a drop in the bucket of mother earth, true … but it’s my impact, and I am so proud to be able to say that)?

So I set out to prove all of my apprehensions wrong.
I started with the cost of being a vegan , and blew that out of the water when I managed to eat a HEALTHY amount of food each meal on essentially $2.00 per meal.
I proved to myself that eating this way wouldn’t be boring by choosing fruits and veggies I hadn’t tried before and by seeking out plant-based proteins that would challenge my culinary skills. What I found was that I was excited to get into the kitchen and put together a meal … it was thrilling to take that first bite and know I MADE THAT and it was TASTY!!

Now back to the “Sort of “ issue. When you adopt a new way of living sometimes you have speed bumps that cause you to skid and crash and well … you get the drift. I had a really bad Fibro flair and wanted comfort foods …. Sad to say that yes, I did in fact break and have non vegan foods.

I look at the way someone looks at addictions (food can be an addiction too , for me it’s Italian hoagies , grilled cheese, bacon, and milk shakes) Everyday you have to get up and choose your path. It will get easier , but that doesn’t mean, unless born into the vegan movement, that one will ever really not miss a favorite comfort food, that is until you learn how to make said food meatless.

I went completely cold turkey ( no pun intended ) and that has never worked for me in the past. Anytime I have completely restricted myself I have always, ALWAYS , gone off the wagon.

So as I travel the path that leads me back to a movement that for me is everything in the world to me. I have started with things I put on my body. I weeded through my makeup ( which damn near killed me ) to remove any and all products that were not cruelty free.

Next I turned to my wardrobe. I removed all leather and animal skin clothing and shoes ( not that big of a deal to me … most of my budget goes to the makeup gods) and chose to also rid myself of animal by products such as silk from my clothing.
I gave up skin care products that were not cruelty free and also what I wash my clothing in as well.

This for me was and still remains the most costly part of my journey and even though I know I am not 100% Vegan just yet, I am getting there…. ( well I cant run around the world naked I’d scare small children …. Wink wink)

I have now trained my sights on what I consume. It’s harder to do this living in a home with 4 other carnivores… in the sense that the freezer is always well stocked so there is no room for my foods and just like with any other addiction ( please don’t go getting mad at me for calling it that, to me it is an addiction, meats have always been a huge part of my diet and I am re training myself to be meat free… it’s hard for me and so I find it to be an addiction.) when the thing you crave is within reaching distance it’s hard to not want it. Thank goodness for such an amazing husband and an amazing best friend. They both support me and try to keep my eyes on the prize. My bestie even made sure there were vegan friendly options for me in the pantry …. And so as I take another step down the road that leads me to my better self, I had started to weed more and more out. I start 1 bite at a time. Choose a fruit instead of Doritos (although I have grown to really love the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos even more than I ever loved cool ranch) I choose a nice salad over a sandwich… 1 meal at a time. Until I am able to look at my life and realize wow…. I’ve made my destination… and it’s filled with fury creatures I have saved.

of course my journey is always surrounded by water in one aspect or another.

Well thanks for stopping by. As always thanks for taking a peak into this spoonie’s makeup bag and until next time spoonie darlings, remember save a spoon for a little lip gloss.

Wait, Did Sephora Just Steal My Heart?

Published September 3, 2016 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Hello darlings and dears. Hope all is well for you today. It’s storming here so you know that means I’m hurting BIG TIME.

As a spoonie I try to find ways to make life easier for me. Naturally I have to prioritize what types of things I want to add to my beauty regimen, which normally means I almost never have my nails done, my toes I just about always have done but this is because I only paint them once a month  (thank you Wet n Wild for producing such an amazing product what always helps me to accomplish this).

Well … I received a message that I would be included in the #SystemAddict VoxBox for this month.  For those of you not familiar with Vox Box…. It is a sample box that Influenster sends out to you based on a simple survey to determine which box for the month you qualify for. This box is called a VOX BOX. The best things about the vox box are that the products are full-sized and that the products are free, the only thing you need do is use your social media to review the products… that’s it, nothing more… how many times are you on your social media and you don’t know really what you want to say or do… well vox box helps with that.

This month I qualified for a makeup related box called Formula X #SystemAddict box.


FINALLY a vox box right up my alley!!!!


The box comes with 5 full-sized items: 1. Nail bed dehydrater called: Cleanse 2. Base coat called: Prime 3. Polish called: Formula X 4. Top coat called: Shine 5. Polish remover jar called: Delete All

I have never been one that would spend more than $4 on a nail polish, I mean come on it lasts maybe (if I’m lucky) 3 days on my nails so why would I spend more than that? I have tried many polishes and the only one I seem to gravitate toward is Wet n Wild’s Mega Last polish line (that sucker lasts forever and comes in so many colors and it’s only $1.99 !!) That is until I tried these new babies.


From left to right we have Cleanse, Prime, Formula X (in the color TGIF), and Shine

Wait, wait , wait … hold it a second … Did Sephora just steal my heart away from Wet n Wild? WET n WILD??? My die-hard, have been using since junior high school brand? Well darlings and dears … it would seem so.

Let’s break this down for you.

I am a spoonie, this means I have to pick and choose what I do with my time wisely. This often means when it comes to my beauty regimen I have to decide if I should spend the extra time and energy on plucking my brows or changing my polish, making sure said brows are even whist I do my makeup or waiting for my polish to dry, or the ever popular shaving my legs or painting my toes. The reason I USE TO be obsessed with the MegaLast line was that I would only have to spend the extra spoon on painting my toes once a month because this puppy would stay on forever if you needed it to, however with the Formula X polish line I am not sure if this is also true, I think it could be and am in the process of testing that theory out.  Seriously though, with as many colors as Sephora carries for this line there is NO WAY I am going to have enough restraint to keep myself from painting my piggies only once a month.


Blank canvas ready and excited for this color!!

I tested the Delete All on the polish that was on my hands the day I received my package in the mail. I have used other jar polish removers in the past and hated them without prejudice due to their smells, the awkward shapes, or simply that after 2 or 3 uses the sponges were just no good anymore. With Delete All I didn’t have any of those issues. Upon opening the jar I did not notice a scent ( GOOD ON YOU Formula X for the way you seal your jars!! There is no way this jar is leaking in transit) in fact I had to stick a cotton bud into the jar to be able to test the scent. Not too smelly, I mean with any remover you are going to have a smell, but this one want’s too bad and it removed all my polish at one time! It has a hole in the sponge for 5 fingers and did in fact take off all my Wet n Wild polish. There wasn’t too much residue on my nails after and no sticky feeling to my hands like I get when I used other jar removers.

Next I tested out the Cleanse (step 1) and compared it to when I use alcohol to dehydrate my nail bed before I put polish on and honestly I didn’t see that much of a difference. Both methods remove oils and unwanted barriers between the nail and polish, however Cleanse does not have a harsh scent.

Step 2 was to prime (base coat) my nails and here is where the scent got a bit stronger. I could not believe how fast this base coat dried! I was in the middle of doing wash when I was testing these products. While doing the base coat the dryer beeped and I had just painted my middle finger but when I tested the 3 fingers I did get to paint they were already dry! I wasn’t sitting in a room with a fan on either. ( hmmm pretty cool)

When I got to step 3 I though oh no, see I knew this wasn’t going to go well for me. I wasn’t sure I liked the color, I hated how strong the scent was, I just knew that with as thick as the polish was there was no way this was going to dry by the time I was ready for bed, and the first coat was so streaky that I didn’t see how a second coat would be able to improve the mess that was my nails at that moment. My first hand was dry even before my second hand was finished and the second coat of ( goodness why so thick) polish did in fact improve the look of the polished digits and the color was pretty ( ok Formula X I see you)

On the 4th and final step of this mani I was impressed ( ok …. ok stop looking at me like that, I was more than impressed I was Gobsmacked , head over heels in love, and already writing a shopping list for the colors I was going to pick up in this line).

I figured the top coat (Shine) would probably take forever to dry and I would be exhausted and not be able to shower, but by the time I painted my pinky on my right hand all of my fingers were cleared for take off.

From start to finish the whole system took maybe 10 minutes total and was simple to apply  with the brushes being designed to fit the nail bed perfectly!  That’s a blessing to this spoonie since my normal ( I mean old) routine takes a minimum of 25 minutes,  45 if I want to be sure I wont have bed sheet marks the next day.

My final thoughts on these products are that I am seriously impressed and am now more obsessed with Formula X and the EXCEL system than I ever was with what’s its name (yes, we are braking up, my heart now belongs to another).  I also really like the manicured look it leaves me with.

full hand

Well spoonie darlings and dish dears, I hope that the day finds you in good spirits, with plenty of spoons for the darlings and patience for the dears. Thank you ever so much for making it to the end of this blog post (yes it’s a big one but that is proof that I truly love this product!!). Until next time, thanks for peaking in on this spoonie’s makeup bag and remember to save a spoon for a little lip gloss ( errrr Nail Polish)


*I have received these products complimentary to test and review. *** HOWEVER, the opinions I have stated are completely my own and are non biased.









HashTag Sad Panda

Published September 1, 2016 by aspooniesmakeupbag

Why hello there gorgeous! I hope your day is going amazingly.

I thought it was about time to post another face of the day (#FOTD).

Today’s I had a therapist appointment and as always managed to mess up what time I was meant to be there.

Whist in the middle of doing my right eyebrow my husband leans in close to say that I was going to be late if I didn’t get going. ( here I sat thinking I still had another hour to rock out with Pandora and get my beat face on … #sad panda ).

Needless to say I flew through the rest of my face – by skipping liner and eye shadow …. There was no way I was leaving the house on a day I really want to play in my makeup without at least brows, lips, and bling .

I had a small break through in therapy today (baby steps right?), later on that but for now … this what I came up with when I got back home and was able to edit my look. Also as a side note – I will still be posting my reviews on each of the products that are new to me throughout the week.

Please note that I have purchased all products listed. Non of the following products we sent to me for review, gifted to me , or promotional gifts.

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave me a comment with anything you would like to have me review for you, any question you have about fibromyalgia, or just to simply give me some constructive criticism.

today's FOTD with 714 from JS #2

I wasn’t sure if I would look good in this color when I first opened the tube of Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714 (one of the colors in his Summer 2016 release). This was a gift to me from my dear friend Desiree the last trip she made down here to Florida. I have got to say I am so over the moon with this color.  True, this color does go on patchy ( Jeffree Star himself has even said this) but to avoid this all you need do is apply a lip liner in a shade 1 color deeper all over your lip before applying the lipstick, than dab a bit of extra lipstick on you finger and swipe it over the patchy areas.  (a bit of work but so worth it for the heavenliness that is this color.) I chose to wear it for half the day matte however since I was testing a few other cosmetics out for wear and longevity I chose to add a lip gloss to give my lip a nice youthful shine. 

today's FOTD with 714 from JS

The final look with lip gloss over Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714 by Jeffree Star

Products and colors used in today’s ( 8-31-2016) :


Foundation ~ Milani Cosmetics Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation plus Concealer in #04 Medium Beige

Bronzer ~ Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette (to warm up the face and add a bit of brightness in the eye area.  in Lyric ( a matte banana color for highlighting ) and Subconscious ( the deepest of the bronzing colors )

To Set the Foundation ~ NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in #SMP05

Finishing Powder ~ Milani The Multitasker Face Powder in #05 Tan



NYX Cosmetics~ High Definition Blush in #HDB09 Bitten

The Blam ~ Illuminator in Mary-Lou Manizer

Wet n Wild Cosmetics ~ ( forgive me but I use this one so much the name of it has worn off – it’s from the Fergie collection ) Highlighter in #A065 Hollywood Bvd



Lip Liner ~ NYX Cosmetics Suede Matte pencil in #SMLL25 Whipped Caviar

Lipstick ~ Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714

Lip Topper ~ Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in #03 Luminous



Brows ~ NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil in #MBP06 Brunette

Lower Water Line ~  NYX Wonder Pencil in #WP02 Medium

Under Eye Concealer ~ NYX Cosmetics Gotcha Covered Concealer in #GCC05 Medium Olive *** I also used this as an eyeshadow base ***

Macaca ~ Milani Cosmetics Lash Trifecta in #109 Black


Eye Shadows Used:

* Upper Lash Line  *

Outer and Inner 4th of Lid ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette in ( Hustle )

Crease ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette in ( Buck ) mixed with The Balm Meet Matte Nudes in ( Matte Singh )

Transition and Softly in Brow Bone ~ Urban Decay Named Palette in ( Naked)

Center of Lid ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette in ( Sin )

Inner Corner and Brow Bone Arch Highlight ~ The Balm illuminator in ( Mary-Lou Manizer )

Accent Around the Inner Half of the Eye * at lash line * ~ Jordana Cosmetics Cat Eye Liner in ( #08 Future )


* Lower Lash Line*


First Color ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette in ( Buck )

Second Color * Definer Shade * ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette in ( Hustle )

Last Color * soften and smoke just slightly * ~ Urban Decay Naked Palette in  ( Naked )


If you made it to the end of this blog post …. you my friend are Awesome !!! Thanks for hanging in there.  This was my very first in-depth Face of the Day ( # FOTD ) , hope I didnt bore you too badly ….


Thanks for taking time to have a peek inside this spoonie’s makeup bag and untill next time to all my special spoonie divas and divos out there remember to save a spoon for a little lip glosss.












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