It’s Been Awhile

Hello. It’s been a while. I’ve been dealing with severe depression. The deaths of my Grand mom and my best friend have left me spinning out of focus.  The holidays are coming up and I still feel out of sorts but on the mend.

I’ve decided not to post more about my Grand mom until I’m able to process my feelings more. It’s been a rough tear filled , often manic , road full of pot holes from hell.

Today I write to tell you I am FINALLY going to be writing some makeup reviews!!!

I am so excited for the next chapter of my life …. I’ve purchased heaps of makeup to review (and will do reviews on makeup I already own too).

The first review I am going to do is on Kathleen Lights’ nail company – KL Polish. Yes I know she is no longer the owner of the company, I have plenty of polish purchased from when she WAS the owner. I have also purchased polish from the company recently so that I can do a comparison of the formula to see if anything other than the name behind to brand has changed.

I also have purchased 4 of the 6 nail polish colors from Kathleen Lights NEW and improved company, Lights Lacquer. She just launched the brand and I am curious to see if the formula holds up to the amazing (spoiler) formula of  her first brand.

I am also thinking of doing a “Mani Monday” short post since I have many shades and formulas of KL Polish.

In the future posts I will be reviewing makeup brands. I have purchased a full array of makeup from Colour Pop, E.L.F cosmetics, NYX, Makeup Geek, and BH cosmetics ; as well as 6 eye shadow pallets from Coastal Scents.

Yes I know these brands have been around for a while. These reviews were meant to help the beginner makeup enthusiast, or the person who, like me, has just come off a no buy ( meaning the person has restricted themselves from purchasing any new make up for an extended amount of time).

I’m still going to post stuff about my journey with my illness and my depression, I just thought it was time to introduce the “MAKEUP” portion of A Spoonie’s Makeup Bag . I also would like to start posting face of the day blog posts as well, having let my face of the day posts fall to the wayside due to my depression.

Well thanks for reading dolls and as always — Remember to save a spoon for a bit of makeup ….