Thanksgiving Face of the Day and Review


Hey doll hey!!! So I had spoons (energy) today and I did a thing…. yup you guessed it I did my makeup. I am low key obsessed with the way it turned out.


I decided to go with browns since it is the fall and Thanksgiving. Here is what I used….


BASE:  First I used Hour Glass Veil Mineral Primer ($54 at Sephora). It’s a light weight non greasy primer that goes on with a white cast that melts into the skin. It’s definitely pricey but in my opinion well worth the spend.  I find most primers to feel too heavy on the skin. This is light weight, has no scent, and a little goes a long way. Next I used Allure Beauty’s best in beauty winner for 2018- Giorgio Armani Power Fabric long wear high cover foundation ($64 at Sephora) in the color 5.5 (medium with neutral undertones). I use this foundation on special occasions because of the price tag and if you are looking for a high coverage foundation this is not the one for you, at best it is a light medium coverage foundation that does not build up well. One coat is all you are going to get out this one unless patchy is your cup of tea. What I like about this foundation is that it comes in 30 colors ranging from very fair skin with rosy undertones to deep skin with neutral undertones. However with that said I do believe that Armani is missing the boat on our dark skinned beauties out there, with there only being 6 shade ranges for our deeper skin lovelies. What I love about this foundation is that I can’t believe I’m wearing foundation! It is so light weight and my skin feels like it can breath. It isn’t a sticky foundation either. It goes on like a liquid but dries down like a powder. I didn’t need to set my face (I did…because you know … I’m just use to doing it). After that I used Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel ($50 on Chanel’s website)  cream to powder bronzer in Bronze Universal. So worth the price tag!!! I almost didnt buy this one – so glad I did. The down side is it only comes in 1 color and it is no way near deep enough for someone much more darker than me – at best someone with a light tan can get away with this one but any darker than that and it is a waste of money. This is billed as a gel to cream bronzer however it is more like a cream to powder finish. I reach for this one more than any other bronzer I have ever owned, it leaves the skin looking sun kissed where most bronzers look good but you can totally tell you are using bronzer; with this one it leaves your skin looking like you are tan not like makeup; and I will continue to purchase this little gem. Then, more out of habbit not necessity, I used Laura Mercier loose setting powder ($39 at Sephora ) in translucent. This finishing powder comes in 2 shades …. Translucent and Translucent Medium Deep.

EYES:  I never use an eye primer (well not anymore) ever since I discovered Tarte Shape Tape ( $27 at I find this to be too thick as a concealer but it is PERFECT for eye shadow primer. I use the color light medium honey. Shape Tape comes in 30 colors (11 for deeper skin tones) ranging from very fair with pink undertones to very deep with peach undertones. I used 2 eye shadow pallets, both by Too Faced. I used the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Pallet ( I missed the boat on this one when it first came out and was glad to have found it on Bridgette’ for $39; originally it was sold at Sephora for $49 ) and I used the Chocolate Gold pallet (Sephora $49). This is the break down of the eye look I created:

To set my Shape Tape I used, from the Semi Sweet pallet, Coconut Creme, as my first transition color I used the same pallet in the color Nougat followed by Peanut Butter for my second transition color. I switched to the Chocolate Gold pallet to use Cocoa Truffle as my first crease color and then switched back to the Semi Sweet pallet for Truffled as my second crease color. Next it’s back to the Chocolate Gold pallet for the lid. I used Love and Cocoa on the outer 2/3 of my lid and then Old Money on the inner 1/3. For my brow bone highlight I used Rollin’ in Dough and as my inner corner highlight I popped back over to the Semi Sweet pallet to use Butter Pecan.


The Semi Sweet Pallet (the one on the right) smells so good (like chocolate and on a side note – I managed to get a little on my lip — it tastes like chocolate too ) and has 7 mattes and 10 shimmers (2 of which are highly laced with glitters). The Chocolate Gold pallet (on the left) has a slight chocolate scent and has 12 highly pigmented shimmers and 4 mattes. I had picked up the Semi Sweet pallet when it first came out but only ever reached for Peanut Butter. When the Peanut Butter and Jelly pallet came out I gifted my Semi Sweet pallet to my niece.  One day I was on the site Bridgette’ and happened by the Semi Sweet pallet and thought I would try it again. So happy that I did the colors on both these pallets blend so easy, the colors are vibrant and build up nicely, and this pallet isn’t a one look wonder pallet. There are many looks you can turn out with this pallet. With the Chocolate Gold pallet, although it’s a stunning pallet with so many sparkles, you only get the same type of look because there are only 4 mattes ( 2 of which are dark shades).  If you are wondering if the Semi Sweet pallet measures up to the original Chocolate Bar pallet (Sephora $49), in my humble opinion, yes it most certainly does! In fact, I really enjoy the Semi Sweet pallet more than the original Chocolate Bar pallet. To round the eye look off I used Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged eyeliner in the color Coffee by Ardency Inn ( $20 on the Ardency Inn website), Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara ($10 at Walmart), NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30 Sephora) in the color Custard. There are 30 shades in the range starting with light skin with neutral undertones to deep skin with neutral undertones. I set my under eye with E.L.F.’s Smooth and Set powder ($4 on the ELF website). I used Professional Eyebrow Powder made by the owner of my eye brow bar called OhLaLa ($10)  My thoughts on the eyeliner? It’s not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination, but it will do in a pinch. I have heard so many big youtube gurus say it’s their favorite and that they can’t live with out it but, to me, it pulls across the lid funny, skipping and tugging at the delicate skin of my lid. Now bare in mind I am 46 years old so my eye area is not like the eye area of the 20 something makeup gurus of youtube. As for the mascara …. well I have tried many that are really good but don’t see the need to spend $20 or more on mascara when Loreal has knocked it out of the park with the Voluminous Carbon Black! It will forever (or as long as they keep it around) be my go to mascara, it is that good! The concealer only has 8 shades for our deep skin dolls and the shades are so close in color that NARS should really consider stepping up their game with a few more colors to round out the range. With that being said I love this concealer. I dare say it is in my top 3 concealers of all time. It’s not too thin that it melts into nothing but it sits on the under eye so well that you cant really feel it and the coverage is beautiful. The under eye setting powder is the only powder I will ever use! I’ve so many loose powders and always , and I mean ALWAYS come back to the E.L.F. one. It is that damn good, and you can’t beat the price tag!!! I wont go into details about the eye brow powder ,since unless you live in Orlando you probably wont be able to get it, but it is so much better than any I have tried to date. (Yes even Anastasia Beverly Hills).

Cheeks and Lips: I used Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush ($25 at Ulta) in the color Seduce, Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator ($36 on her website) in the highlighter color Gilded Honey, Loreal 6 Hour Infallible Never Fail Lip Liner ($8 at Walmart) in the color Coral, and finally Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips ($34 on Beautilish’s website) in the color Kim KW. The Amazonian Clay blushes are some of my favorite formulas and well worth the $25 price tag. It goes on smooth, never patchy, there are 13 in the range with more coming out during the holiday seasons. The highlighter wasn’t my favorite. To be honest I will probably never use it again, it is too glittery, not the good kind of glittery it just sits wrong on the skin. It’s a beautiful color I just feel that it has too much glitter in it for my taste. I prefer my highlight to shine without being able to see the individual specks of glitter in it. Loreal knows what they are doing!!! I love this lip liner (own it in every color they make). It’s great for mature lip lines as it doesn’t feather into the fine lines around the mouth and is super pigmented and long lasting. I’m not sure how I feel about the Hot Lips lipsticks yet. I’ve only tried them 2 times but both times it didn’t seem like they lasted long. I had to reapply several times today. Don’t get me wrong the colors are amazing in this line and they go on smooth and creamy. However I felt as if Kim KW accentuated all my lines and crevices in my lips and I did use a really great lip balm to hydrate my lips before I used the lipstick. It’s to early to tell if this lipstick is worth the $34 price tag or not, I am going to have to try it out a little more before I make up my mind.

Well that’s the whole ball game dolls. Hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Ta ta for now and remember to save a spoon for a little makeup.