Friday First Impressions Episode 1

Hey doll hey!!!  Second post in one day …. look at me go!!! (wink wink)

I normally don’t like first impressions because I believe it takes more than one try to know if a product is good or not; however I was blow drying my hair today and a thing happened ….

CALA Pro styling Brush 100% Boar Hair Bristles

I purchased these brushes off of Brigette’s Boutique. They are the Cala Bronze 20mm Pro Styling Brush ($8.25) and Cala Bronze 33mm Pro Styling Brush ($8.50).

I started out with damn hair, for reference my hair is naturally curly and has a medium thickness to it, and I used a squirt bottle to dampen my hair just a bit more so that I would have frizz when I was done with my blow out.

I started off with the 20mm brush (the one on the left in the above picture). I sectioned my hair into small manageable sections. I put the brush to my hair and began to blow out the section…. after one pass the whole handle came off and the bristles were stuck in my hair. I thought “Ok, I my hair must be too thick for the smaller brush.” and so I switched to the bigger of the two brushes. The handle stayed put so I was happy. After about 4 sections of hair I noticed that the brush was getting harder to use, my hair was snagging and getting stuck in the bristles. When I turned the brush over in my hands I noticed that the boars hair bristles had melted and nylon bristles had bent sideways.

I did not have my blow dryer set to high so I don’t understand how a brand new brush, after 4 sections of hair, could be this damaged. I was prepared to super glue the 20 mm brush so that I could use it for my hair from my ears to forehead, but after having the 33mm brush melt on me why bother!?

I checked Brigette’s Boutique’s return policy and unfortunately they only except returns for products that are unopened so it looks as though I am out almost $20.00!!

Don’t get me wrong I love Brigette’s Boutique… I just wish they had a more buyer friendly return policy.

Steer clear of this brush it’s just not worth it.  I will have to do some more research to find the perfect blow out brush these two are going in the rubbish bin!

I may have some more first impression Fridays for you coming soon, they just wont be on makeup products and I believe in trying multiple times before giving up on a product so unless the product is blatantly rubbish I wont do a makeup first impression but I have many tools and extras I can review….

Well that’s all folks. As always remember to save a spoon for a bit of lipstick!!