ColourPop Neutral Shadow Pallet Review

Why hello there doll. Hope your Sunday is going great!! As promised I will be reviewing the new ColourPop Going Coconuts and Brown Sugar eyes shadow Pallets.

I purchased both these pallets during the black Friday event. I paid $10.50 for the Brown Sugar pallet ( normally $15 ) and $8.40 for the Going Coconuts pallet ( normally $12 ). I used a coupon for free shipping also. ( can find coupon on retail me not’s website )

Both pallets offer 6 matte and 3 shimmery eyeshadows and both pallets offer a decent sized mirror.

Going Coconuts is a cool toned pallet and Brow Sugar is a warm toned pallet.

Both pallets have buttery smooth shadows with only a little kick back and both pallets shadows are highly pigmented and even though one is cool and one is warm toned I was able to combine both pallets for an incredible look today.

Of the two pallets I think I like the Going Coconuts pallet just a bit more. ( I tend to lean toward cool tones more than I do warm tones. )

When I was purchasing these pallets I though, because of the price, that they wouldn’t be good. Boy was I wrong.

Not only are they super pigmented, they blend like a dream. They blend into each other smoothly and do not muddle together so you are able to see each shade you use perfectly.

These are the first Colourpop eyeshadows I have tried and I am so impressed that I immediately purchased a 12 pan, build your own pallet (I paid 32.50 for 12 shadows and a magnetic pallet to store them in ).

Let’s talk Going Coconuts. The 6 mattes are… Shredded (a light flesh tone tan), Lovely Bunch (a peach toned tan), Get Crackin (a grey toned brown with flecks of silver glitter), Coolada (a yellow toned light tan), Shell Yeah (a reddish orange mid toned brown), and Nutty (a slightly grey toned deep brown). The 3 metallics are… Palm Reader (an icy white with a slight silver shift), Coco Crush (a peachy color, and my favorite color in the whole pallet), and Da Coco (a brownish copper with flecks of silver).

I have found that most metallics and glitter shadows have tons of fall out so I was totally expecting this to be the case with these shades…. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was zero fallout, and I mean zero.

I’m not big on metallic eyeshadows normally however this pallet has definitely changed my opinion on the matter. I am going to explore the world of metallics going forward.

Now on to Brown Sugar. Normally I steer clear of warm colored pallets but the shades in Brown Sugar are so amazingly beautiful that I just had to buy it.

The 6 mattes shades are Chai (a peachy medium tan), Jamocha (an orange toned light brown), Amber (a rusty deep orange), Sorrel (a medium true brown), and Choc ( a reddish deep brown).  The 3 shimmer shades are Ginger ( a warm toned peach), Auburn (a true toned copper), and  Saute (a plum toned brown with silver glitter).

Both pallets have .04 ounces of product. They come in hard plastic pallets with full sized mirrors.

Finally thoughts …. Both pallets are amazing…. and great alternatives to the basic neutral pallets I already own. Both are well worth full price and like I said at the beginning, these are the first eyeshadows i have purchased or even owned from ColourPop and I will most definitely be purchasing more. I kept my makeup on all day and my shadow stayed put all day.

Well that’s my review dolls. Hope you had enough spoons for the day and remember … save a spoon for a bit of makeup. XOXO