Mani Monday Episode 1

Lights Lacquer by Kathleen Lights in the Color Woman

Good morning dolls and welcome to my first Mani Monday!!

Today I review for you Kathleen Lights’ new polish line Lights Lacquer ($9.50 on the Lights Lacquer website and a bundle of 6 of the 7 colors is offered for $52 making each shade offered in the bundle $8.67). Her line has 7 colors … 4 cremes, 1 glitter in a jelly base, and 2 shimmers. I purchased 4 of the colors that I will review for you.


This week’s mani is in the color Woman. It is a cadet blue creme that billed as being 7-Free ….meaning that it does not contain the harsh chemicals that are found in most polishes, however on Kathleen’s website she explains that her polishes are actually free of 12 of the most harmful chemicals for nails. Her polish is also made in the USA.

I use Sally Hansen Complete Care 4 in 1 Moisturizing Treatment ($13.49 at Target) as my base and top coats, yes I know it’s not 7 free but it’s my favorite clear coat and what I use to gauge the wear of all new polishes. (if only Kathleen would come out with a base and top coat as companions to her amazing polish line!!!)

Woman went on completely opaque in 1 coat that dried in 5 minutes. What I noticed right off the bat is that Kathleen kept her signature square bottle with brushed rubber cap, thank goodness because I purchased nail polish stands that fit her bottles perfectly. What is different is the shape of the brush, it is an improvement to design. Many of you know that she had another polish company called KL Polish that she chose to step away from due to creative differences, the brush on the KL polishes is wider with a rounded tip and for my small nail beds I found it difficult to not get the polish all over my    fingers … with the new and improved brush tip it is narrower and fits my nail beds and toes perfectly. I wish she would have kept the rounder tip because it made it easy to get close to the cuticle line but this polish is so good that it doesn’t even matter that she didn’t keep that feature. I also noticed that the scent has changed, the Lights Lacquer formula isn’t as strong as KL polish is, I’m not sure why that is since both lines are 12 free …. but it is a welcomed bonus for my husband who hates the smell of polish.

Final thoughts on this polish are … It is an amazing polish at an affordable price. I was super impressed with Kathleen’s polish line when it was KL Polish and I’m even more impressed with her new line Lights Lacquer. I can’t wait for her to launch more colors … and totally plan on picking up the other 3 colors in her line.

Stay tuned next week for another Mani Monday and as always remember dolls …. save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.