Rose Gold Face of the Day

Hello dolls. I’m hurting a ton today. It got chilly over night and colder weather will always cause a pain flair. I hope you are bundled up nice and warm.

20191202_095720 (1)
No flash

Today everything and anything that could go wrong with my makeup happened. My brows took forever I had to redo them several times …. they are no longer twins… they are more like kissing cousins (LOL). My eyeliner too a long time and I still don’t like how it turned out …. it’s been a while since I did a winged eyeliner.

Today I chose rose golds as my palette.

No flash but tons of flash back because of the spf

Base:  I used 2 primers from NYX, Pore Filler Primer (regularly $14 but on sale for 3.50 on NYX’s website) and Angel Veil Primer ($16 at Ulta). I wanted a bit of glow so I used BECCA Backlight Priming Filter ($39 at Ulta, Sephora,, and BECCA’s website). I woke up with dark circles (didn’t sleep well due to pain) so I pulled out my Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector ($25 at Ulta) in the color light medium, then I used MAC Pro-Long Wear Concealer in NC30. I set my face with Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder ($39 at Sephora) in translucent and my undereyes with ELF Smooth and Set Eye Powder ($4 at Walmart and Target and on the ELF website). My foundation today is Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 ($50 at Sephora) in the color Beige 3. I used NYX Matte Bronzer (regularly $10 but on sale for $6.50 at NYX stores and on their website) in deep tan. 

With flash – the flash back is strong with this foundation because of the SPF 15.

Eyes: As always I used my Tarte Shape Tape in the color light medium honey. I wanted rose tones today so I pulled out an old school palette, Urban Decay Naked 3 (regularly $54 but on sale for $27 at Ulta, Sephora, and the Urban Decay website). I used Strange to set my eye base, Limit as my transition shade, Nooner as my first crease color, Darkside as my second crease color and for the outer 1/3 of my lid, Blackheart as my outer v and lower lid eye liner, and Buzz as my inner 2/3 of my lid. As my brow bone highlight I used Wet n Wild Color Icon shadow ($0.99 at Walgreens) in the color Sugar. As my inner corner highlight I chose Urban Decay single shadow ($20 at Ulta and on Urban Decay’s website) is the color Midnight Cowboy. My eyeliner today is Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Boosting Eyeliner Serum ($6.78 at Walmart) in the color Ultra Black.  I used Loreal Voluminous Primer ($5.99 at Target) and Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara ($23 at Ulta). I set my brows again with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22 at Ulta,Sephora, and the ABH website) in clear. Brows were done with the same product I always use the professional brow powder for Oh La La brow bar ($10).

20191202_111951 (1)

Cheeks and Lips: I used Essence Pure Nude Highlighter (4.49 at Ulta) in 10 Be My Light. My blush today is MAC Powder Blush (Regularly $25 on sale aat Ulta for $15) in Pinch O’ Peach. On to lips … I used ColourPop Lippie Stix (regularly $6 on sale for $4.20 on ColourPop website) in the color Lumiere and the matching lippie pencil (regularly $6 on sale for $4.20 on ColourPop website) also in Lumiere.

Final Thoughts:  Pore Filler Primer does it’s job, but the only way it works is if you push the product into the skin… if you rub the product on it will pill up on you. The Angel Veil Primer reminds me of the Hourglass mineral veil primer in texture, however it doesn’t leave a white cased on the face… it wears just as long as the Hourglass primer does.. with only a $4.00 difference in price I don’t really see a huge reason to purchase the NYX one over the Hourglass one, they both has 30ml of product, they both blur the skin, they both are fragrance free, and they both hold foundation beautifully. What it comes own to is convenience. It’s easier to pop into the store and get the product rather then waiting for it in the mail and if you don’t have a NYX store near you then the Hourglass version is your better option.

I’ve said it already that I truly love the Tarte Color corrector, I just don’t like that it is only offered in 2 colors … they need to add one for darker skinned beauties too since this is a peace based product they only would need 1 more shade to round out the range. MAC Pro-Long Wear Concealer I find to be really thick. There is a learning curve to this concealer and I wish they would design the pump a bit better since a little of this product goes a very long way  …. I used 2 dots on each undereye and was able to cover the upper cheek area as well … the problem is the pump deposits so much product that you end up wasting it. It has 16 shades and which are 3 deeper (come on MAC …. you really need to step up the game and come out with more deep tone shades!). The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 is billed as a water-based, oil-free formula but it feels like a Serum based foundation. It has 30 shades, starting at lightest beige with a white hint and pink undertones (for palest skin) to deepest brown with red/brown/yellow undertones (for the deepest skin tones). It’s not my favorite formula. It takes some work to get this foundation to blend in. It starts out streaky but with some effort blends it wonderfully. It’s not that it’s a bad foundation it’s just that it is so high maintenance that for me it’s not worth the effort. I’ll use it up but I don’t think I will repurchase it. The Matte Bronzer by NYX is a orange based bronzer that is really pigmented… your going to have to use a soft hand with this one or suffer the ompah lumpah side effect. The first time I used this bronzer I was so orange it was horrible. I really enjoy this bronzer and once I hit pan I will be repurchasing it. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 and the single eyeshadows…. Naked 3 is nice palette but with only 4 matte shades a highlight, a transition, a crease, and an outer v …. so each look you try ends up looking the same … unless you pull in another palette to help change the look. There is some kick back with these shadows, not a ton but just enough to bug me. Most of the shade there was no fall out from except for Blackheart … there was a bunch of fall out with this color. …the only other downside is that these colors do not last long on the lids… even with a really good base they still fade.  The single shadows are great. It is offered in 63 shades (I own 2 but plan to purchase more). They are creamy and pigmented and long wearing. Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Boosting Eyeliner Serum was much talked about last year as being a dupe for the Kat Von D tattoo liner …. it isn’t …. It doesn’t go on matte, it’s thinner in consistency, it bleeds into fine lines and transfers to the lower lid, it also smears easy. It’s not my favorite for winged liner and I am not sure if I will purchase it again. I’ve already talked about the Wet n Wild Color Icon shadows so I wont bore you. The Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara is one that I opened only just yesterday…. and fell in love with. (It will never replace my Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black, but it’s definitely in second place.) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel is just ok for me. It works well but it’s just so expensive for an eye brow gel (particularly since there are others out there that are just as good, like  ELF clear eyebrow gel for $2.00). Typically I just use a clear bar of soap (I use Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar $4.50 at Target).  I really wish my eyebrow tech would come out with her own line of brow products for retail …. they are that good. 

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter is so amazingly good!! You get a candle lit glow with this product that is buildable so you can use it day and night. The MAC Powder Blushes are really good. Pinch O’ Peach goes on sheer so I needed to do 3 layers to get the color to come through but I really like this blush … it doesnt accentuate the pores around my cheeks like some matte blushes do. You get a lot of product in the pods too. ColourPop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are creamy and hell-a pigmented!! The Lippie Stix are long wearing and sit comfortably on the lips. The Lippie Pencils slide on smoothly and do not feather into the fine lines around my lips. I only own 1 color but have plans on buying more. The shape of the lippies are perfect to just slide into your jeans pocket and go … I am growing more and more impressed with the ColourPop line. Get value for the price!!

Well that’s all loves… hope today finds you with plenty of spoons, and remember save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.