Dupe Alert! Naked 3 vs Rose Gold Nude

Hey dolls! Guess what? I found my first dupe totally by accident!!!

I purchased the E.L.F. Rose Gold Nude palette ($10 on ELF website) as an after thought to when I purchased a full face of products to do a review on ( you can find the review  here -> E.L.F. Makeup Review and Face of the Day ).

This palette is a spot on dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette ($54 at Ulta, Sephora, and the Urban Decay website) . The only differences are that The Rose Gold Nude palette only has 10 shadows while the Naked 3 has 12 (Rose Gold Nude doesn’t have a dupe for Liar or Mugshot), and the Naked 3 palette has .05 ounces of product while the Rose Gold Nude palette has .49 ounces of product.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Swatches
ELF Rose Gold Naked Palette Swatches

Now the Naked 3 palette’s shadows vs the Rose Gold Nude palette. The Naked 3 has tons of kick back where the Rose Gold Nude does not… there is a little kick back but not enough to be a bother like with the Naked 3.

The shadows in the Rose Gold Nude are silky; even though they swatch a bit chalky they are in fact buttery. The Naked 3 doesn’t blend together as well as the shadows do in the Rose Gold Nude palette.

The shimmery shadows in the Rose Gold Nude are just a little bit less metallic than with the Naked 3 but you can make them a bit more shiny if you use a bit of MAC fix plus ($28 at MAC or Ulta) or even the ELF makeup mist and set ($5 On the ELF website), which incidentally is a spot on dupe for the MAC fix plus … ha there you go a bonus dupe!

ELF Rose Gold Nude Palette

The Naked 3 palette is just a bit drier than the Naked 3 palette, as far as texture goes, but like I said as long as you use a bit of setting spray, like the ELF mist and spray, the ELF palette is about the same quality as the Naked 3 palette.

I also find that the Rose Gold Nude is more pigmented than the Naked 3 palette.


The Rose Gold Nude is a great quality and a great value. It’s a smaller palette too, great for traveling.

The last difference is that the Rose Gold Nude doesn’t have a mirror, for me that’s not an issue because the Rose Gold Nude is such a great palette.

Well that’s all for now dolls…. remember save a spoon for a bit of lip gloss.