Lights Lacquer Mani Follow up

Day 1 of my Manicure 

Hello dolls. I thought I’d pop in and do a follow up to my Mani Monday Review on Lights Lacquer , Kathleen Lights’ nail polish line.

This week I really put this manicure to the test. I was dishes, I washed pots and pans, I scrubbed the stove, I even used my nails to pick packages open. I even used my nails to scrub my hair clean. I did my best to beat this polish up. I didn’t even follow up with a top coat.

I wanted to put this polish through the ringer to see just how much it could take and my answer is …. a hell of a lot!


There was absolutely no chipping. None what so ever!!! That’s a vast improvement over all the polishes I own.

Now, with that said I did however have rub off happen to my nails, from scratching my dry skin or my head, from picking at packages with my nails, from scrubbing the stove clean, from washing my hair …. this is normal wear and tear …. considering I did not use a top coat to protect against this.

I am so pleased with this nail polish. Long wearing, fast drying, one coat wonder!

The polish is affordable and high quality. A definite good value.

Stay tunes Monday from another beautiful color in the Lights Lacquer line. This time I will use a top coat to see how long the manicure will last during normal wear and tear.

Thanks for stopping by and as always save a spoon for a bit of makeup.