BH Cosmetics Full Face Review


Today I have several BH Cosmetics products to review for you. Let start off with saying I am late to the BH Cosmetics game. I held off because I thought with prices like theirs they couldn’t possibly be any good. (Same thing I thought about ELF and once I tried ELF I was hooked.) This is the review for my BH Cosmetics Face of the Day

So lets start with the bases.

A+++    BH Naturally Flawless Liquid Foundation retails for $9.50 for 1 fluid ounce and is billed as a lightweight, medium to full coverage with a natural satin finish. There are 24 shades with 9 of the shades for deeper skin tones. The color I chose was 208 Medium Beige and it was a spot on color match for me. It is definitely light weight with a medium coverage.  I used 2 layers of the foundation and got medium coverage from it however my skin was flawless and I didn’t feel like it would need more foundation and my skin looked like skin only perfected. There is no scent to this foundation and it does feel sticky so you will have to use a setting powder with this one. I am impressed with this foundation. It left my skin dewy and smooth. I have a pimple on my upper lip area and it didn’t emphasize it at all. This foundation reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation as it gives about the same finish to the skin as the Marc Jacobs one does. The bottle is a frosted glass bottle with a plastic pump and the product dispenses is small amounts which was a welcomed plus.


A++      Bh Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer is a very thick concealer reminiscent of  my beloved Kat Von D tattoo concealer that was discontinued. It has 17 shades in the line with 6 deeper shades. It also has 4 color corrector shades. Studio Pro retails for $6.00 and comes in a squeeze tube with a flat round plastic applicator. The applicator is just way too big for the under eye so I just used it as a mixing plate and applied the concealer with my finger tips. This is one thick concealer and a little ( and I mean a little) goes a long way. I’m in the color 111 medium with neutral undertones and what I noticed with this concealer is the beige color had a slight grey tint to it that did nothing for my dark circles (I chose not to use my color corrector today so I could see how well the Studio Pro covered.) but the color made the under eye area look well put together. This concealer does not need to be set as it drys down beautifully, I still set it because I wanted to see if it would cake up … and it did. My under eyes look dry because of the added powder and without the powder the under eye area looked hydrated and smooth. My only gripe with this product is that so much of the product comes out that you have to try and squeeze lightly so as not to waste product. With a little going a long way I wasted so much product., the amount that came out could have covered my whole face, it’s that thick.

B++ (would have been an A++ except there needs to be more shades in the range) Studio Pro Matte Finish Powder comes in a compact reminiscent of MAC. It retails for $9.50 for .46 fluid ounce and only comes in 7 colors which at first upset me because there is only 3 shades for deep skin but when I opened the product I was even more concerned because the powder looked like it would be too light for me. It was a perfect match do I understand that the shades are meant to be translucent. This powder is finely milled and unlike it’s MAC dupe doesn’t go on patchy. It smooths out the skin and leaves skin looking like skin. There is no chalky cakey mess with this product. It’s also long wearing. It’s billed as absorbing excess oils and that it does. It’s a matte powder and unlike most compact powders it doesn’t leave the face feeling like it’s matte, in fact I barely even feel the powder on my skin. I put my makeup on at 7:40 am and haven’t had to retouch my makeup and it is now 3:30 pm.

A++++(hell if there was a higher grade I would definitely give it that grade!!)    BH Cosmetics only sells 1 bronzer and it gets an , but they do sell a 10 pan nude blush palette that could be used as a bronzer palette. They do have a contour palette (and lets be honest it sucks as a contour palette, the shades are not nearly grey toned enough) that skin tones a little darker than me to a lot lighter than me can get away with as a matte bronzer option. The product I purchased, besides the contour palette is called Brilliance Bronzer. It is a satin finished bronzer that pulls a little orange, but not enough that the bronzing comes out fake looking. There are 3 shades in the range 1 that light skinned ebony beauties could wear and it retails for $10 for .35 fluid ounces. It’s billed as a  buildable coverage with a satin finish and that is spot on true. This bronzer gives a warm flawless radiance to the skin. My advise is to go in with a little at a time because this little gem is crazy pigmented! I thought because it’s a drug store price the powder would be chalky and not pigmented at all. BOY was I WRONG! I spent a got 4 minutes getting the bronze toned down with a clean powder brush. I went from flawless to oompa loompa in seconds!

B-      Glowing in Greece 6 Color Blush and Highlighter Palette is 1 of 2 blush and highlighter palettes that they offer.


It retails for $16 for .75 fluid ounces and is pigmented and deep enough for almost all skin tones. (If your super pale or super dark this palette isn’t for you.) It has 3 blushes…Mykonos – a matte peachy coral, Paros – a matte rosy poppy, and Santorini – a deep orange coral with a slightly satin hue. There are 3 highlighter shades… Athens – a pale champagne peach with gold reflect, Milos – a medium coral with pink reflect, and Olympia – a mid-tuned gold with no reflect. The blushes are just a tad chalky but go on creamier than they sit in the pan. They are hella pigmented! I mixed the first 2 shades together for today’s look and forgot to tap off my brush and just like that my look went from glam to clown in no time. The upside is that they blend out so well that I was able to diffuse the cheeks with a clean blush brush so I was able to save the look. The 2 shade on darker skin can pull a little ashy but the 3rd shade of the palette would look amazing on deep skin.  On to the highlighters. I am having a tug a war with my thoughts on these highlighters. They go on with high shine but there is glitter in this highlighter and it transfers to the cheek bone and eye socket. I had to use tape to get the glitter off my eye socket. With that said these highlighters are still beautiful but in no way are they an everyday highlighter… too pigmented for that. I’d give these highlighter a B- (because glitter transfer is my all time pet peeve.)


A-    BH Liquid Lipstick retails for $9 for .15 fluid ounces and has 40 shades in the range It is billed as a plush, non-sticky formula that wont fade, feather or transfer. The color I chose is the ItsMyRayeRaye collaboration in the color Rosey Raye. I gave it an A- because it is in fact a slightly sticky formula. Nothing to serious but just enough that when you put your lips together they stick to each other, it’s also on the dryer side of the liquid lipstick formulas. Other then that this lipstick is beautiful!! It is a mauvey rosy nude. There is zero transfer with this lip product. I drank my cup of coffee and nothing. However the other reason I chose to grade with an A- is that after eating a burger all the product was gone. OK so I was eating something that is a little greasy, but I don’t have this problem with my Jeffrey Star Liquid Lipsticks, hell I don’t even have this problem with my ELF liquid Lipsticks.

B+    BH Waterproof Lip Liner retails for $5 for .04 fluid ounces and only comes in 3 colors.  It is billed as an all-day smudge-resistant and waterproof formula. No question about it … this liner smudges. It’s a dryer formula as well, feels a bit uncomfortable until you pop on a lipstick. It is however waterproof. I tested it on the back of my hand and running water. I originally filled in my  whole lip in with the lip liner in the color Earth, a peach color brown nude, and then put my lipstick over it… that was a mistake, it was way too uncomfortable. First the lip liner pills up, and then it felt like I was placing a liquid product over a powder product. Now this may be because it is a waterproof product and so it is a dryer product. So I took it all off and just lined my lips on the outer edge. This worked so much better. The color was perfect for the Liquid Lipstick I chose.

B+    The Power Pencil retails for $8.00 for .04 fluid ounces and comes in 10 colors. I purchased 2 Beige and Black. It’s a waterproof eyeliner that’s billed as having pigment-rich payoff and lasting definition. I give it a solid B+ because while it’s billed as a waterproof pencil, I had to reapply the beige color to my water line 3 times because it kept coming off. I will say that it is super pigmented, I only had to run the liner 1 time over the water line to get color payoff. As for having lasting definition, I will have to try this on my lids to see if the liner will last longer. It goes on smooth and creamy and did not skip, and as a side note it doesn’t bother my eyes the way that other water line liners have.

A-   The Love in London 16 Color Shadow Palette retails for $16 for .56 fluid ounces.


The Love in London palette is billed as having pigment-infused shades that deliver vivid color payoff that blend beautifully. I have to say I am so in love with this palette but I am having a love/hate relationship with metallic shades. There is too much glitter in them and the shadows would benefit from a glitter glue under them to avoid the glitter fall out. The glitter fall out is why I graded this palette an A-, there are other budget friendly alternatives out there from ColourPop and ELF that have metallics that have little to no glitter fall out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again glitter fall out is my biggest pet peeve. The mattes are buttery and super pigmented and they blend like a dream. My eye look came together so fast because it was so easy to blend out.

From top to bottom and left to right the colors are …..Cheeky is a pale cream metallic. Big Ben is a dusty peach matte. Cheers is deep tan matte. Tea is dark pewter with silver glitter. Scone is a dusty tan. Palace is a taupe metallic with silver glitter. London is deep indigo that have a sort of black undertone metallic with no glitter. Lolly is a rosy pink metallic with gold glitter. Biscuit is a deep taupe metallic with a purple reflect and silver glitter. Prestige is deep taupe metallic with pink reflect and silver glitter. Duchess is a deep plum metallic with a little purple reflect and no glitter. Lovey is an orange base brown matte. Piccadilly is a red based medium brown matte. Crumpet is a true brown matte. Posh is a shocker for me. In the pan it looks like a dull black, in fact it is the blackest black I have ever seen in a matte black shadow.

Final Thoughts: BH Cosmetics is a solid company with affordable prices. The quality of their products in insane. I will definitely be purchasing more products from their line.

Well thanks for hanging in there till the end dolls, and as always save a spoon for some lipstick.