Coastal Scents Review and Face of the Day


Morning dolls. Hope your weekend was amazing and I hope you are having a great Monday.  My weekend was good. Any DC Universe fans out there??? What did you think of the first cross over episode of the Crisis of Infinite Earths?

Well as promised I am doing a week of the Coast Scents Revealed Palettes. Today I used the original Revealed Palette. Right off the bat I have to say I give this palette a C+. There aren’t enough transition colors and this palette would benefit from a dark brown and a brow bone color. There is tons of kick back with this palette but there was no fallout or transfer. The shimmer colors do not have glitter which is why I gave it a + and the shadows are super pigmented, all but the black color that is. The black swatches intense but as you add it to your lids it just muddles down to a deep grey color. I tried to mix the black in with the deepest brown this palette owns to produce a deeper brown form my crease and it just made a dusty black color so these shadows don’t mix well. However they blend like a dream! I applied the shimmer shades with my finger and they went on buttery. It’s not a solid palette for every day use since there aren’t many transfer shade and there isn’t a darker brown or a brow bone color. You only get one basic look for this palette. I didn’t like my look at first until I finished my makeup. I think it came out cute, sort of a smokey. Another down side to this palette is that none of the shadows have names, making it difficult for my to explain what I used. So on to the face of the day.


Base: I primed my skin with Makeup For Ever Step 1 Primer ($37 at Sephora), color corrected with the Tarte CC Under Eye Corrector ($25 at Ulta) in the color light medium, tested the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer ($6 at the BH website) in the color 111 again,  I picked up a new foundation to use today… Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation ($39 at Ulta) in the color 41NN, set my full face (including under eye) with my Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder ($39 at Ulta and Sephora) in translucent, and bronzed my face using the darkest shade of the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Contour Palette ($15 on the BH website).

20191209_103644 (1)

Eyes: I primed with Tarte Shape Tape ($27 at Ulta) in the color Light Medium Honey, I used the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette (regularly $20 on sale for $5 on their website) to set my whole lid with the first shade of the palette (a light cream color), I picked the 5th shade of the palette as my transition shade (which I also carried down onto my lids)… it’s a light brown with a grey undertone), as my crease color I tried to mixed the last shade of the palette (a muted black shade) with the 5th shade at the top in hopes of creating a darker brown… that didn’t work well all I got was a grey casted black, for my lids I fist chose the 5th shade on the bottom (a copper with gold reflect), then I chose to add a bit more depth and added the 7th color at the bottom (a rosy copper with gold reflect), in my inner corner I chose to highlight it with the 3rd shade at the top (a pale pink with silver reflect), I used BH Studio Pro Brow Highlighter Pencil ($5 on their website) and used the cream side that didn’t have shimmer, then I set the brow bone with Wet n Wild’s color icon ($.99 at Walgreens) in the color Creme Brulee, I then lined my lids with BH cosmetics Power Pencil () in the color black, I  did my brows with ELF Ultra Precise Brow Pencil ($5 on ELF’s website) in the color deep brown and ELF Wow Brow ($4 on ELF’s website) in the color deep brown, I made a mistake (a happy one) and reached for the Loreal Voluminous Primer ($5.99 at Target) …. I never use this product when I use the Carbon Black but today I did….I followed the primer with the Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black ($5.99 at Target).

20191209_105901 (1)

Cheeks and Lips: To highlight the tops of my cheeks, above my brow bones, top of my nose, and the Cupid’s Bow of my lip I used the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Backed Powder ($42 at Sephora) in the color Highlight 01, Coastal Scents sent me a sample of 4 of their Forever Blush ($5 on the BH website) blushes and I chose the color Romantic (a deep pinky mauve),  I lined my lips with the BH Cosmetics Waterproof Lip Liner ($5 on their website) in the color Earth, and applied ItsMyRayeRaye’s collaboration with BH Cosmetics ($9 on their site) in the color Rosey Raye.

DUPE ALERT!!! The bottom row of the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. It’s not a spot on dupe as there are some shade differences but it’s close enough to get the same results.


The BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer I think that because it has a slight grey undertone is just not the right shade for me… it doesn’t make my eyes look dewy like my other concealers do so I order it in the color 106.

The  Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation is amazing! There are 50 shades with 20 shades for deeper skin (Great job Urban Decay). I’m so happy I purchased it. I had purchased this foundation on line but the shade that the Ulta Website recommended with was to fair for my skin tone so I went to the brick and mortal store and tested a ton of them to find the right shade…. Upon application I was a bit worried because it looked a bit dark for my skin tone … after applying the rest of my makeup I loved the way it looked. This foundation has 1 fluid ounce of product. It feels like a cross between the original Urban Decay Naked foundation and the One and Done foundation. It’s high medium coverage and goes on so smoothly, I didn’t even have brush stroke streaks on my face from the buffer brush. 

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Contour Palette is a bit difficult to work with. I didn’t take notice of the box for how many fluid ounces this palette has and it’s not listed on the website. This palette is so pigmented. In order to make it work for bronzer you have to build it up slowly. I didn’t do that and ended up spending 5 minutes blending it in. This palette does not work as a contour palette as it’s billed. The colors are too orange based. 

My final thoughts on the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette is that it’s a good palette with some flaws. You are only going to get one basic look with this palette but if that doesn’t bother you then it’s a great palette.

The Coastal Scents Forever Blushes are pigmented but go on a bit patchy. There are several reasons a blush goes on patchy. It could be that the blush doesn’t work well with the foundation, moisturizer, primer, or face powder you are using or it could be that the blush is just too chalky to blend.

20191209_105938 (1)

I gave the  BH Cosmetics Waterproof Lip Liner another go today and it worked so much better than it did yesterday. This is a great nude color that goes with basically any nude you have, today I paired it with ItsMyRayeRaye’s collaboration with BH Cosmetics and I love this formula… also is incredibly pigmented and that pigment lasts a long time I ate lunch and still have the color on my lips.

Well that’s all for now babies. Remember always save a spoon for a bit of makeup.