Shiseido Facial Cotton Review

Hi dolls. I just got my most recent Sephora order and thought I’d share it with you.


This little baby is the Shiseido Facial Cotton ($12 at Ulta, Sephora, and the Shiseido website… that’s 7 cents a pad).  There are 165 cotton sheets in the package. It is 100% cotton. I’ve been using it for the better part of 4 years now. It’s the only cotton I use now. I only use cotton balls or cotton rounds when I run out and am waiting for my shipment. 1 package lasts me about 6 months because 1 pad will take off all my makeup or nail polish. I use 1 pad in the morning as part of my skin care routine saturate in Bioderma to clean my face in the morning and I use 2 pad in the evening to take off my makeup and cleanse my face.

When I take my nail polish off I use 1 pad for both my nails and my toe nails.

close up on the cotton pad

These little pads are super absorbent very well made. They are strong, real strong. I scrub my face with a pad when I’m cleaning my face and it never falls apart.

Unlike with cotton balls there is zero cotton shedding. Unlike regular cotton rounds these cotton pads do not fall apart.

I only use cotton balls or cotton rounds when I have a cut that needs antiseptic or like I said when I haven’t been paying attention and I run out and have to reorder some.

I now have gotten into the habit of purchasing 2 packs so I can reorder and not run out.

the view from the side of the pads and in the background you can see their actual size

These pads are thin but sturdy. If I had to grade them I would give them A+++!! The price is steeper than a bag of cotton balls or cotton rounds but they last longer than either of it’s counterparts.

Cotton balls are too densely packed and so they soak up all the product you put on them, cotton rounds are too flimsy and all the product runs out of the round. With Shesiedo Facial Cotton they are not dense or flimsy, they are just thin so there is no soak up or run off from your products saving you money on product as well. I just sprinkle Bioderma on the pad and instead of saturating it, like you would need to do with a cotton ball, I apply just enough to soak into the pad.

They are a cost efficient beauty staple to have in your arsenal.

Thanks for reading dolls and remember save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.