Charlotte Tilbury Product Review


Hey doll hey!!! Hope all is well with you today. I have for you a product review on Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics. I gotta say that I waited a very long time to purchase her line. It’s expensive and I was afraid I wouldn’t like the products. I purchased all these products from Beautylish and took advantage of the split pay option so that I could purchase a full face of products.

I’ve always been curious about her makeup line I was just afraid it would end up being another high priced, semi Ok quality makeup like a few others I had tried. Boy was I wrong!!! The quality of her makeup is amazing!

Now, I had a doctor’s appointment today so I rushed through my makeup routine today… but even with that I could tell it was a great purchase.


Let’s get started with the review….


Magic Away Liquid Concealer A++!!!                                                                                                First of all can we talk packaging??? It is so luxurious, the tube is heavy and you can tell a lot of pride went into it’s design. I paid $32 for .13 fluid ounces of product. It comes in 20 shades with 9 of those shadows for deeper skin. This concealer threw me a little. It has a sponge tip wand and I expected that it would deposit a lot of product…. It didn’t. A very small amount was dispensed and I thought no way was this going to cover my under eyes… just that little bit of product not only covered, but also brightened my eyes… It set down wonderfully…. no need to set this powder. Normally when you have a concealer that sets down itself it is drying under the eye or will settle into the fine lines…. this is not the case with the Magic Away Liquid Concealer… it’s a thin formula with high coverage that sets but stays nourishing. It blends into the skin so well you can’t even tell you are wearing concealer.  This is the concealer you want to have in you arsenal for those days were you want to spot conceal but not wear a ton of makeup….. I can see using this under the eyes, around the nose, and blemishes and nothing more…. it melts into the skin so seamlessly that you wont be able to tell where you have placed it…. I already reordered a back up so I don’t run out. I am in the color 5.5 Medium (Light olive for medium skin with neutral undertones)  however I think 5 Medium (Sand for light and medium skin with all undertones) would be better for my under eye… not that 5.5 looked bad, I just like my under eye just a tad more peachy toned.

Magic Foundation A+++!                                                                                                                This is a frosted glass bottle with a plastic pump. I paid $44 for 1 fluid ounce. It comes in 20 shades with 8 shade dedicated to deeper skin. I had heard nothing but good things about this foundation… It’s billed as a full cover foundation. It is in fact a full coverage foundation but the difference between most full coverage foundations and Magic Foundation is that while it does fully cover the imperfections of the skin it blends in almost to nothing …. I used the zoom side of my mirror and still couldn’t tell I was wearing anything … my skin just looked flawless. This foundation doesn’t set down so you will need to use a powder, but even with that my face still looked like skin not makeup. The color I have is 4.5 Medium (Golden yellow for light to medium skin with warm undertones) and it is spot on the perfect foundation color for me. For being a full coverage foundation my face feels amazing. I normally shy away from full coverage foundations because I hate the way my skin feels in them… like I’m wearing a face mask… with Magic Foundation my skin just feels like skin, it feels like it can breath. The skin feels flexible. I tested my face after setting it with powder to see if there would be any transfer and there was none. How I test this is I take a tissue and separate it so that it’s only 1 ply and I press the tissue into the side of my nose, my forehead, and my chin. If product comes off onto the tissue then I know that there is transfer with that foundation. There was no color, no grease, no product on the tissue when I tested it…. I am in love with this foundation…. I have only used it once and I can already tell it will be that foundation that I reach for all the time. If there was a grade higher than A+++ I would totally be giving it to this foundation! Definitely will be repurchasing this one.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder C-                                                         I would have given this a high grade if there were more shades in the range. There are only 3 shades and none of them are for women of color. I also am not sure how I feel about this product yet… I’m in the color 2 medium (Sheer medium beige). We all know I am a ride or die lover of the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder and that one not only has more product (1 ounce verses .28 ounces of the Charlotte Tilbury one) , it’s also $6 cheaper. I paid $45 for this product and I couldn’t find anything all that special about it. It does melt into the skin but so does the Laura Mercier powder. It’s finely milled and silky, but again so is the Laura Mercier powder, however with that said where I did see the big difference was when I used it to set my under eye (which I totally didn’t have to do I was just doing it to test the product). With the Laura Mercier powder it leaves my under eye a bit chalky…. the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder left my under eye looking flawless…. now with that said I don’t feel as if the price tag is worth the outcome.  I’ll use it more and see if there is anything special about it, but I don’t see me repurchasing this compact.

Instant Look in a Palette A+++!!!                                                                                                        I was having a hard time pulling the trigger on this product. The price for this product is $75 and you get 0.07 ounces of eye shadow and 0.21 ounces of face product. I thought it was a deep price to pay for a limited edition item. But after using this product I changed my tune. Now I thought this was a neutral brown palette, in fact it is a plum based palette. You get 3 eye shadows, 2 blushes, a highlighter, and a bronzer in this palette. I was in a rush today so I skipped a few steps in my makeup routine, like eye liner, drop shadow, and super blown out crease colors…. but even with that this palettes eye shadows are amazing… They have other eye shadow palettes that have 4 colors for $53 and I thought no way will I pay that kind of money for just 4 shadows…. but after trying this palette I have already ordered 2 eye palettes… these shadows are so buttery and glide on so beautifully that even when you are pressed for time, like I was today, you can put together a great eye look. The shadows blend so effortlessly that it took me 5 minutes to do my eye look today, The rest of the palette was equally amazing. The Bronze shade is a demi matte that leaves your bronze look glowing. The highlighter is hands down my favorite highlighter of life, and I have only used it one time. It’s so creamy and so beautiful. It glows so nice without emphasizing texture on the face, and the best part there is zero glitter in this highlighter.  The blushes in this palette are so pigmented, they do not skip, they do not pull or pill. This palette was well worth the high price tag.


The Classic Eye Pencil B-                                                                                                                      I didn’t get to use this pencil today since I was running late. I had tested this pencil on the back of my hand…. I paid $22 for .04 ounces of product. I purchased the color Audrey ( a deep brown). Now this pencil glides on smoothly and blends nicely, however it does not set. I was able to draw a line and blend it away to nothing. This pencil would be good for a smokey eye but not to line the eyes unless you set it with a shadow. Since I rarely smoke out my eye line I chose to give this a B-. But make no mistake, this still is a great eye pencil. It’s creamy and pigmented. It only comes in 2 colors, both are browns. I’ll have to play with this pencil a bit more before I decide if a repurchase is in order or not.

Full Fat Lashes A++                                                                                                                              If you have been reading my blog posts you know my die hard favorite mascara is Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black. I wear it on no makeup day… high fashion look days… just any day of the week. However this Charlotte Tilbury mascara is so damn good!!! It builds beautifully. I paid $29 for .287 ounces of product. You get a natural look to your lashes with this one… there was no transfer, no crunchiness, no lash clumping. I really love this mascara so much. This will definitely be my go to mascara for light makeup and no makeup days. And yes, I have ordered a back up so I don’t run out.

Lip Cheat A+++!!!                                                                                                                                   I have already purchased this product. I paid $22 for .04 ounces of product. This pencil comes in 15 colors, I own 2 and will be purchasing more. They are so creamy and go on smoothly with no skips or pulling. There is no smudging or transfer with this lip pencil. Everyone knows my favorite lip pencil was NYX Suede Matte Lip Pencil… but Lip Cheat is definitely my top favorite. It’s super pigmented… I don’t need to cancel out my lip color to get color payoff with these pencils. I have already stocked up on my 2 favorite colors in this line.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G A+++!!!                                                                                                                                 I can’t say enough about these lipsticks! I paid $34 for .12 ounces. These lipsticks are so creamy and so pigmented. There are 10 shades in the line, of which I own 4. They wear down evenly and remain shiny. There is no feathering with this lip product. These are not long wearing lip products because they do transfer to coffee cups and what have you but that’s OK for me. I really love the colors in this range.

20191217_130242  Hollywood Lips A++                                                                                                                             I changed to this lip product so I could review it for you. I paid $34 for .24 fluid ounces of product. This is the first liquid lipstick I own by Charlotte Tilbury. There are 10 colors in the range. Out of all my liquid lipsticks, this by far is my favorite formula. Again, I didn’t need to cancel out my lips to use this lip product. It went on true to color. It doesn’t feel drying on the lips. It’s not sticky. Upon drying down it does not transfer. It does emphasize my lines but the color and formula is good that I don’t even mind. I will definitely be purchasing more colors.

Final Thoughts…..                                                                                                                                  I was apprehensive in purchasing any products in the line, but after trying them I am full blown in love with this line. There is such great quality and such pigmentation and the the packaging is so well done that I now understand the price tag that comes with her products. Charlotte Tilbury is luxury makeup and it’s finest.  I have tried many luxury brands and normally their products are hit or miss for me. This is not the case with the Charlotte Tilbury line. I am looking forward to purchasing more products in her line.

Well thanks for sticking with me dolls… as always save a spoon for a bit of makeup.