Rimmel London Makeup Review

I haven’t used Rimmel London products for the past 6 years… I use to use their foundation all the time (even though the color was not a good match.) I also always used their stay matte powder…. I hated most of their other makeup products… so now it’s 6 years later… do I still hate them? or did they get better with age???

Let’s get started….

Lasting Finish Breathable Primer: B-                                                                                                I remember their older primer had this annoying scent to it so I was really happy to see that this primer does not have a scent. It’s one of those tacky primers that leave the face feeling sticky. Its great at holding on to the foundation but because it’s so thick it emphasized ever pore on my face. The bill it as a light weight primer … this it is not….It also causes the skin to stay sticky even after you powder your face…. I don’t hate it …. but I definitely don’t love it either …. I’ll use it up but I will not repurchase this primer.

Lasting Finish Breathable Concealer: A++                                                                                  This concealer comes in 6 colors ( 2 colors for each light, medium, and dark). It’s one of those concealers that has a sponge tip applicator (I never use the applicator on those things, I always use the back on my hand). It’s billed as a medium coverage, long lasting concealer… It is in fact medium coverage. This concealer wears beautifully. The color was spot on for me and didn’t sink into my lines. My under eyes don’t feel like I am wearing makeup … This formula is light weight and sets well with powder. I could see myself repurchasing this concealer.

Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation: A+                                                                                This foundation has 16 shades, 7 of which are for deep skin. It’s billed as Rimmel’s most lightweight long-lasting formula with medium buildable coverage. This is not a ligt weight foundation …. it is a medium build, but it is a medium thick formula. It’s one of those foundations with the doe-foot applicator. I love the tone to this color … it’s perfect. Upon application my skin looked dewy. Between this foundation and the primer my face never set down. I used 3 rounds of powder and still my face feels a bit tacky. It looks for pretty on the skin that I don’t even mind that it remains tacky. I probably wont be repurchasing this foundation, not because I don’t like it, but because so little is needed that it will take a while for me to go through this bottle.

Stay Matte Pressed Powder: B+                                                                                                          It’s billed as getting up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals and that it helps minimize the appearance of pores. It’s bogus on both claims. I find I have to reapply this powder every 2 hours or so and it does nothing to minimize the appearance of pores. I like this powder. It’s a drier formula but still finely milled. It melts into the foundation so it doesn’t look cakey, but it doesn’t last very long either. I wont be repurchasing this one, not because I don’t like it, but because it’s a pain in the butt to have to reapply every 2 or so hours.

Natural Bronzer: B-                                                                                                                            This bronzer comes in 4 colors.  It’s an OK bronzer. There is nothing special about it. It gives a nice sun kissed look to the skin but it is a bit orange based. It’s finely milled and smooth. I might repurchase this one in the future and I will definitely use it up.


Magnif’eyes Eye Shadow Palette: C-                                                                                            This palette comes in 12 color ways. Each palette comes with 12 shades. I don’t like this palette. All the tones in the Nude Edition palette have grey undertones. There is tons of kick back with this palette and little color payoff. I had to build the shadows way too long to get just a sheer wash of color payoff …. There are other drug store palettes that are way better than this one. I will say the metallic shades are very pretty and easy to apply with a finger (you will get no color payoff if you try to use these metallic shades with a brush … the finger is the only way to get a nice deposit of color). There are no real transition shades and nothing really to use as an outer v shadow. This isn’t a stand alone palette and this isn’t a palette with enough of a color story that would allow you to get a variety of looks… you’re going to get the same  look each time you use this palette. I probably wont be reaching for this palette much, except for the metallic shades. I wont be purchasing any further eye shadow palettes from Rimmel.

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit: B-                                                                  I have the color 002 Coral Glow. I believe this palette is discontinued now, but you can still find it at Target and on Amazon. The contour color is abysmal. There is no real tone to this contour it’s just a grey tan mess and it’s chalky. The blush shade is pretty but takes some time to build up and the highlight has GLITTER …. ugh I know,…. I know, I say it all the time but I HATE GLITTER… this highlighter looks great on the cupid’s bow but I hate how it looks on the top of the cheek bones. I wont repurchase this palette. I do like the blush and maybe I’ll reach for it again …. it just left me underwhelmed.

Extra Super Lash: F                                                                                                                               I hated this mascara! It’s billed as being a plumping formula that separates lashes & adds length, volume & curl and that you can get buildable volume …. This mascara does none of that in fact I had to apply 5 layers just to get the lashes to look like they do in the picture. This mascara does nothing it wont even give a natural look … it’s like applying water to the lashes. I will not be using this mascara again and I definitely wont be repurchasing it.

Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour: A                                                                                                     It’s a matte that dries down with no transfer. It’s comfortable as long as you only use 1 layer… it does go on slightly patchy but if you tap your finger on the lips to smooth it out it makes a great lip stain. I liked it enough that I will use this one but not enough that I need other colors. It’s long lasting, it lasted through pancakes and coffee and then lasted after sipping on my water.


Final Thoughts ….

All in all after a ton of finessing I was able to put together a understated look. While I loved the concealer, liked the foundation, bronzer, and lipstick… there wasn’t enough of a wow factor for me to say the company is great …. at best I’d rate them a C+.

Well that’s it for now dolls … Remember save a spoon for a bit of makeup…