ColourPop Makeup Review


Hey doll hey …. welcome back …. Today I review for you the full line of ColourPop products…. I have 3 palettes so I did not purchase a new one for this review, I just used my Karrueche X ColourPop Brown Sugar Palette, the full review of this palette can be read here -> ColourPop Neutral Palette Review  . I messed up and thought that I had ordered a mascara and eyeliner, but I didn’t so I wont be able to review those obviously.

So lets get started….

Base Products:

Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer: A+++!!!!                                                                    I normally shy away from tinted moisturizers because I have my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops that I mix in with my daily moisturizer when I want a light cover day … but for the purpose of this review I decided to test it out…. so freaking glad I did! This product is billed as having skin-perfecting, lightweight coverage for fresh, healthy looking skin. Spot on truth! You get 1.45 fluid ounces of product.  I only used 2 pumps to cover my full face and neck it left my skin looking evened out and healthy. I applied a second layer to see if I could build the product up, it layers evenly but really didn’t give me any further coverage. I waited for about 10 minutes to see if it would oxidize and it didn’t. It also remained tacky to the touch so it’s definitely needing a setting powder. It comes in 24 colors with a whopping 12 shades for deeper skin (WAY TO GO COLOURPOP!!!) I ordered the shade Medium 10N and it is a spot on skin match. There is no scent to this product and it does not catch on dry patches. I am going to have a great love affair with this tinted moisturizer. This is one that I am already going to repurchase so that I don’t run out.

Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer: A++                                                                                    This concealer is billed as having  full coverage and a fresh, natural finish that lasts all day. Super blendable and loaded with skin-loving hyaluronic acid (aka HA) and coconut water. It comes in 30 shades with 15 for deeper skin (I am so proud of ColourPop! finally a drugstore brand included all the subtle nuances to deeper skin!!) You get .30 fluid ounces of product. I picked up the color Medium 85N and I think I could have gone 1 step lighter but it was a perfect skin match. This concealer is really pretty on the under eyes. I waited to powder the under eyes for 5 minutes to see if it would crease or oxidize and it did neither. I powdered the under eyes to see if it would go crepey and it did not. It was the perfect consistency, not too dry , not too emollient…. it was just right. This will definitely be one that I keep in my rotation.

No Filter Loose Setting Powder: B-                                                                                                This product is billed as a smooth, weightless loose powder sets makeup for all day wear without creasing, caking, or flashback. You get .30 ounces of product. It comes in 3 shades …. translucent, banana, and translucent deep. This is a weightless powder the does give you a blurred effect, however this product does not last very long at all… I only had my makeup on for about 2 hours when I had to reapply this powder to take down the shine…. now this could be because I used my daily moisturizer and then used this product so my skin is just a little over moisturized…. I will have to test it out tomorrow when I test another one of ColourPop’s foundations… but for now I am giving it a B- …. I also did not notice any flash back with this powder (that’s pretty good considering most translucent powders, even my beloved Laura Merier, gives flash back. For now, based on today’s performance I would say I wont be repurchasing this product.

Pressed Powder Bronzer: A                                                                                                           The bronzer I chose out of the 7 shades they have was one from their Going Coconuts collection called Talk to the Palm. You get .25 ounces of product in this compact…. there are 2 bronzers in this collection and they both come in a compact …. the remaining 5 are single pans…. it’s billed as being  buttery soft and super blendable. This is true. It is finely milled and ultra smooth. This buffed into the skin like a breeze. I liked this bronzer a lot. It’s not too orange, not to taupe …. it’s just a perfect combination of both. I will more then likely be repurchasing this bronzer.


Eye Products…

I forgot to pick up a mascara and eyeliner, I already purchased them and will review them when they get here… in the mean time all I have for the eyes is brow products….

Brow Boss Pencil: D-                                                                                                                        You get .003 ounces of product. It comes in 9 shades. I purchased Dark Brown. It’s billed as having buildable color in a mistake-proof pencil and being all you need for perfectly feathered brows. I wanted to love this product so much, truly I did…. I truly HATE this pencil …. The color was perfect but the pencil is too waxy. It pulled at my brow hairs, skipped, went on patchy, and faded even before I was done blocking my brows out. It seemed to bead up around the arch of my brows, I even tried to use the brow gel to set the brows like the website says to do and the brow product kept disappearing. I got so frustrated that I ended up switching to a brow powder to finish my brows. I would have given this product an F but the color was spot on perfect so a D- it is. I will definitely not be repurchasing this product, I find myself hard pressed to even finish the one I have.

Brow Boss Gel: B+                                                                                                                                  It comes in 4 colors and a clear. You get .11 fluid ounces of product. I purchased Dark Brown. It’s billed as a lightweight, comfy, non-crunchy hold that lasts all day. It is lightweight, it is non-crunchy and so far it’s holding well. It’s just not super pigmented like my ELF Wow Brow. I will definitely use this product up, but the Wow Brow gives you .01 ounces more for $1.50 less and it’s more pigmented, so I think I’ll just stick with it for now and not repurchase it.

Cheek and Lip Products…

Super Shock Blush: A++                                                                                                                      It comes in 20 shades, of which I own 2 now. You get .15 ounces of product. It is billed as having a bouncy texture that delivers a healthy luminous glow that’s weightless, buildable, and super blendable. It is all of that, however… it did go on a bit patchy in the center of my cheeks … now this could be because my skin was super emollient and so the powder probably skipped over this spot on my cheeks, I’ll have to test it out tomorrow with the other foundation and see if it still skips. Even though it skipped over a spot on my cheeks I was still able to buff the product in and get a full wash of color on my cheeks. I am so looking forward to purchasing more colors.

Super Shock Highlighter: A+                                                                                                              It comes in 24 shades, of which I have 1. You get .15 ounces of product. It’s billed as having a bouncy texture that creates the ultimate glow. It’s buildable, blendable, and so buttery soft.  It’s all those things. This went on so creamy and so effortlessly… but it has glitter in it, nothing too bad that I just can’t wear it … but it’s there …. and I HATE GLITTER…. but this color and the shine is so darn impressive that I just know this is going to be a staple in my collection… I’m going to purchase more colors. It’s long wearing, and layers over cream or powder perfectly. A little goes a long way with this one so it will take me some time to use it up, but make no mistake I am definitely repurchasing this one.

Lippie Stix: A+++ There are 65 colors to chose from. You get .035 ounces of product. This product is billed as a one swipe pigmentation in a full-coverage, ultra matte finish in a comfortable formula. I am obsessed with this product. I own several and plan to purchase more. It truly is a one swipe product. and true to color. They aren’t very long lasting but I don’t mind so much it wears down evenly so I still get color for a while so reapplying isn’t that much of a bother for me. For being a matte it layers on itself nicely… not cakey or crumbly. It’s so compact that traveling with them is a piece of cake. I definitely will keep this product in my collection.

Lippie Pencil: A++                                                                                                                                It comes in 57 colors (some match spot on with some of the lippie stix). It’s billed as being able to prevent feathering disasters with their  long-wearing and super pigmented lip liner. You get .035 ounces of product. I have a few shades, but keep forgetting I had them. Dare I say, I think I love this lip pencil MORE than I love the NXY Suede lip liner. I think I even love it MORE than I love the Charlotte TIlbury Lip Cheat. THis product is creamy and super pigmented and, for the most part, it matches the Lippie Stix perfectly. I don’t know how I feel about the newest shade I own … Oh Sis …. but I think it’s pretty. I definite repurchase for me.

Creme Lux Lipstick: A+                                                                                                                    There are 39 colors in this range. You get .12 ounces of product. It’s billed as being a creamy, long-wearing lipstick that glides on the lips with rich pigmentation in a comfy, lightweight formula. All true. This lipstick wears down evenly and has a vanilla cupcake scent. I only own 1 but I already have 5 more in my basket ready for purchase. This lipstick doesn’t feather and doesn’t bleed. It does transfer, but that’s OK. I truly adore this lipstick.


Well that’s all for now dolls…. thanks for sticking with me … and tell me, what products would you like to see me test out next? …. Ta ta for now and remember…. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick….