Makeup Haul and Future Reviews

Hey doll hey…. I just received 3 of my  orders in the mail so I thought I would haul them for you….. and a way we go ….

Full face of Pixi products…. Review coming 1/9/2020

The only thing I did not purchase was a blush because 2 blushes come in the Hello L.A. Angel Palette. I will be doing 2 reviews that way I can try the foundation and also the Beauty Balm. I purchased all the products off the Pixi Beauty website.


Full face of Revolution Beauty products… review coming 1/11/2020

I thought I had purchased a black eyeliner too but I didn’t and I also purchased the wrong concealer I wanted the conceal and hydrate concealer but I purchased the conceal and define concealer. I also forgot to purchase a setting spray. I purchased all the products on the Revolution Beauty website.

2 new palettes and a new highlighter swatches and review coming later next week.

When I did my full face of ColourPop I couldn’t buy the primer because it was sold out… so I picked it up and then couldn’t resist the highlighter and other products…. I purchased all the products on the ColourPop website.

I still have a full face of …. Shop Miss A makeup products … Flower Beauty makeup products ….Physicians Formula makeup products …. and Loreal makeup products coming in the mail later this week. I am also going to do a full face of Milani makeup products, I’m just waiting on the last 2 things to be delivered through Amazon. 

Well that’s it… hope your day is going good and remember save a spoon for a bit of makeup.