Revolution (Makeup Revolution) Full Face Review


Hello dolls. Today I’ll be review a full face of Revolution (Makeup Revolution) makeup. I purchased all the products on the Revolution website. So let’s get started.



Revolution Coconut Dream Hydrating Primer ($8 on their website): A                               You get .91 fluid ounces of product in the tube. It’s a nice primer. There is nothing special about it, but it is a sticky primer so it grips foundations nicely. It does not smell like coconut in fact there is no scent to this primer. It’s a white primer. It doesn’t blur pores or fine lines. It’s just a basic primer. I’ll use it up but am unsure if this is a product I will purchase again or not.

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation ($12 on their website): A+++!!!!                           It comes in 50 shades with 16 shades for deeper skin tones. You get .7 Fluid Ounces of product in this pumped bottle.  The shade I purchased was a spot on match for my skin tone. I was in love with this foundation even before I finished blending it in. This is light weight full coverage foundation. It’s very hydrating a melts into the skin seamlessly. Even though it is a full coverage foundation it leaves the skin looking like skin but better. I only needed 1 pump of this foundation to cover my full face and neck. It does not set down so you do need to set it with powder. It did not emphasize my pores or my fine lines.  Because it is so hydrating you do need to spend a little more time blending it in and a sponge is best for this foundation. This was such a good foundation that I can already see myself reaching for it a ton this year and when I’ve used it all up I will be repurchasing it. I might have to go out on a limb here and say this is the best drug store priced foundation I have ever tried.

Revolution Conceal & Define Supersized Concealer ($10 on their website): A++                   You get .45 fluid ounces in the doe-foot tube. It comes in 24 shades with 10 shades for deeper skin tones. I originally thought I had purchased the Conceal & Hydrate concealer so when this one came I was disappointed. I thought this one was going to be like the Tarte Shape Tape. There are similarities to the Shape Tape…. they both have over sized doe-foot applicators, they are both highly pigmented, with both a little goes a long way, and they are both on the thicker side of concealers. However I will say the Conceal & Define is more hydrating than the Shape Tape, doesn’t settle into fine lines, and doesn’t crease. I didn’t need to add powder (even though I did so I could see if it would go crepey… and it didn’t). I used 3 small dots on both under eyes and that was enough to cover the whole area completely. I didn’t even need color corrector. This concealer covered my dark circles beautifully. This is a concealer I will most certainly be keeping in my rotation and I can already tell I will be repurchasing it when I run out. 

Revolution Pro Powder Foundation ($7 on their website): A+++                                           You get .28 ounces in this compact. It comes in 18 shades with 8 shades for deeper skin tones. This powder foundation has high coverage and high pigmentation. If you use a light hand you can use it as a setting powder and if you go in with a heavier hand you get great coverage. This is one a few powder foundations that actually give coverage. It’s finely milled. Mine looks like it would be chalky or have a lot of kick back but it doesn’t, mine just happened to come broken so I had to put it back together and that left a lot of powder dust on the compact. I set my whole face with this foundation this morning and have not had to touch up my makeup at all. I really like this powder foundation a lot.

Revolution Bronzer Reloaded ($6): A++                                                                                     You get .53 ounces of product in this compact. It’s offered in 3 shades. This is a satin finished bronzer but it doesn’t go on super shiny like other baked bronzers do. It has the perfect undertone to warm up the face without looking like you used a bronzer. It’s a lighter coverage bronzer so you may need to go back in with a second layer, like I did, but unlike other satin bronzers it doesn’t add extra shine to the face. I really enjoyed this one a ton and can already tell that I will be reaching for this one a lot this year.


Revolution Re-loaded Basic Mattes ($7 on their website): A+++!!!!                                        You get .6 ounces total in this palette. It’s a 15 pan eye shadow palette. I’ve got to say when I first got this palette I was betting that it was going to bomb. I mean it’s $7 how could could it be right? Boy was I wrong! This is an AMAZING palette!!! The shadows are finely milled and very pigmented. In the pictures above this is just 1 dab of the finger into the palette and 1 finger swipe of each color. There was no kick back in the pans and no fall out on the face. Each shade blended out effortlessly and did not lose pigmentation when buffing the colors into each other. I was so impressed that I stopped doing my makeup and ordered other palettes to try out. I think I like this one more than I like the ELF The New Classic  Palette and that is saying a lot because I haven’t been able to put that one down ever since I purchased it. This is an amazing core palette to own.

Revolution Supreme Pigment Gel Eyeliner ($5 on their website): A+++!!!                          You get .04 ounces of product in this pencil. This eyeliner is so creamy and so pigmented. It’s also the perfect tone of nude for the waterline. It did not skip, did not go on patchy, and I haven’t had to touch up the waterline all day. I am so impressed that I will be ordering a brown and a black as well.

Revolution Pro Define & Fill Micro Brow Pencil ($8 on their website): A+++!!!!                You get .04 ounce of product in the self sharpening pencil. It’s offered in 2 shades. Oh my GOSH!! Dolls…. this is hands down the BEST drug store priced brow pencil I have ever used and after 1 use is my second favorite brow pencil ever!!!! It’s very pigmented, is just the right amount of creamy, doesn’t skip, doesn’t tug at the hairs, doesn’t pill up, doesn’t crack, it’s just perfection! I already ordered a back up. Hands down the stand out product for me of this whole review.

Revolution Pro Volume and Sculpt Brow Gel ($10 on their website): A++                                You get .2 fluid ounces of product in this spooly applicator tube. It comes in 3 colors and a clear. This is a pretty good product. It holds the brows in place without making the brow hairs feel crunchy. When you pull the spooly out there is just the right amount of gel on the applicator. It didn’t smear or transfer. It didn’t lift the brow product underneath. I really like it. I will use it up and probably will repurchase it too.

Revolution The Mascara Revolution ($10 on their website): A+++!!!!! I’m not sure how much product you get in this wand, there isn’t anything on the tube or the website to tell me, but this is a very large mascara. Dolls…. when I tell you I am hooked…. I really mean I am hooked!!! This one is even better than Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black!!!! It’s even better than the Pixi by Petra Lash Booster Mascara! I can already tell I’ll be reaching for this one a ton this year!


Revolution Blusher Reloaded ($5 on their website): A+++!!!!!                                                You get .26 ounces of product in this compact. It’s offered in 3 shades. This is a full matte blush. It is very pigmented and finely milled. It went on beautifully. There is no patchiness and it’s buttery smooth. The color I purchased is so beautiful! I loved this blush so much that I have already purchased the other 2 shades. It buffed into the skin so well that it looks like I have a healthy flush of color on the skin.

Revolution Highlighter Reloaded ($6 on their website): A+++!!!                                              You get .35 ounces of product in this compact. It’s offered in 4 shades. FINALLY!!! a high shine highlighter that doesn’t have glitter!!! This is a very metallic highlighter. I love this highlighter so darn much!!! It didn’t emphasize texture in my skin. I went in with 1 tap of the brush and I got high coverage with it. This isn’t the type of highlighter that you can go in with a light hand and get a subtle glow, this is definitely a high shine product. I loved it so much I have already purchased a back up. Highly recommend this highlighter.

For left to right the colors are Naked, Control, and Featured…..Going in order from left to right I will review them now ….

Revolution Powder Matte Lipstick ($7 on their website): A+                                                     There is no info on how much product you get. It’s offered in 12 shades. It has a hard to place scent to it, it’s a pleasant scent, I know I have smelled this scent before but I can’t place it.  This is a comfortable matte. It’s not that long wearing. I have had to reapply several times today, but it’s so pretty that I don’t even mind. I’m on the fence on whether or not I will purchase more of these lipsticks, but I will definitely use this lip color more.

Revolution Matte Lipstick ($5 on their website): C-                                                              There is no info on how much product you get. It’s offered in 42 shades. This is a comfortable matte lipstick, however it goes on patchy and streaky and needs a lot of finessing to get full coverage on the lips. It’s best used with a gloss topping it to hide the areas of the lip where it just refuses to adhere to. The color I purchased is beautiful so this one was a let down for me. I will use up the one I have but will not be purchasing anymore.

Revolution Sheer Lip ($4 on their website): A                                                                          This is another product that doesn’t say how much product you get. It’s offered in 42 shades. This is a very glossy lip product. It’s a thicker formula with lots of slip to it. A few pats on the lip is all that is needed. It’s very comfortable and has scent that reminds me of starburst candies. I like it… and do plan on purchasing other shades.


Final Thoughts…

For the brand as a whole I would rate them an A++. They have super great quality products at an affordable rate. I have to say I took a long time to pull the trigger on purchasing any of these products because I thought they wouldn’t be that good. All I knew about the brand is that they had a lot of products that were dupes for higher priced brands. I thought they wouldn’t be any good. I was very surprised at just how much I enjoyed working with these products. I think this must be my favorite purchase of the year so far. (I know it’s 2020 now, however I purchased the products in 2019… so it is my favorite 2019 purchase.) My top 3 favorite products of the line are The Brow Pencil, the blush, and the highlighter.

Well that’s all for now dolls. See ya tomorrow when I review a full face of Flower Beauty products. Until then, remember save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.