Full Face Milani Cosmetics Review


Hey doll hey!!!! Today I have a full face of Milani Cosmetics products to review for you. I purchased all the products off the Milani website so the prices you see listed are what i paid on the website. So let’s jump into it.



Primer Perfection Hydrating Face Primer ($9.99 for .68 fluid ounces): A                           This primer is OK. On the website it’s billed as being a moisturizing primer that eliminates the appearance of fine lines, large pores and flaws while also maintaining your skin’s natural moisture balance. This primer did NOT blur the pores or the fine lines. It was, however, pretty moisturizing. This is a white cream primer that leaves a tacky feel to the skin. So far it has kept my face pretty even and despite having face powder on my face feels nourished and not dry. I’ll use it up and then maybe repurchase it depending on how many new primers I discover this year.

Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer ($9.99 for 1 fluid ounce): A++!!             This foundation comes in 45 shades with 18 shades for deeper skin tones. This foundation is billed as being medium to full coverage. I found it to be a full coverage foundation. I had tried this foundation the week it was released and if memory serves me it was a drier more mattifying coverage however this time around it left my skin looking a tiny bit dewy. Now this could be because of the primer and my moisturizer but even on the back of  my hand it had the same finish. This is a beautiful foundation. I feel it’s too heavy of a formula to be used under the eyes as a concealer, but it does a phenomenal job as a foundation. You do need to set this foundation as it doesn’t set down on it’s own. This was a foundation that I had in my collection that I used completely up so I am glad to have it back in my collection. A little goes a long way I only needed 1 pump to cover my full face and a light pump for my neck. I don’t see me getting through a full bottle by the end of the year so I wont need to repurchase this for a while.

Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer ($8.99 for .24 fluid ounces): A+++!!!                       It comes in 7 shades with 3 shades for deeper skin tones. It’s billed as being a one-step wonder that will instantly erase the look of dark circles, defiant spots and unwelcomed blemishes, delivering striking coverage and a flawless finish and being formulated to give your face a brightening effect. This concealer has medium coverage that does in fact give enough coverage to cover dark circles. I didn’t need my color corrector today when I used this concealer. It isn’t a dry concealer but it isn’t a moisturizing concealer either, it’s someone in the middle of the two things. I purposely didn’t set my under eyes until I was done my brows to see if this would cease and it didn’t. It does have some slip to it so you do need to lightly set it but you don’t need very much powder to set it. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the sponge tip. I wish it would have been a doe-foot applicator instead. I can see myself repurchasing this one when I’ve finished using it up.

Conceal + Perfect Shine-Proof Powder ($10.99 for .43 ounces): A+                                             This powder is offered in 10 shades with 4 shades for deeper skin tones. It’s billed as being a lightweight mattifying powder that is  blended with Lily extract to tighten pores and keep skin fresh. Bamboo powder absorbs oil, ensuring you stay shine-free for hours. The vegan formula provides medium to buildable coverage, for shine control that’s perfect. I only used this powder to lightly set my foundation and it left my skin looking airbrushed. It did not emphasize my pores or my fine lines, and it didn’t emphasize any texture I have around the outer perimeter of the face. I didn’t need to do any touch ups all day. This is a finely milled buttery smooth powder that doesn’t leave you looking cakey, in fact I got up close to the mirror to see if I could detect the powder on my face and I couldn’t … It just buffs into the skin so beautifully. I have so many face powders that I don’t see me getting through this compact within this year so I don’t think I will need to repurchase this for a long while.

Baked Bronzer ($8.99 for .25 ounces of product): B+++!!!!                                                    This bronzer is offered in 3 shades. This is a satin finished bronzer that is subtle. I used 3 passes of the product and barely got a light coverage of this bronzer. This is a good natural makeup or no makeup day bronzer. This is billed that it will give your face a perfect glow and your complexion a bold, warm vibe that offers a streak-free glow with a smart shimmer finish. It buffed into the skin well without being chalky or cakey but like I said it’s a subtle color payoff. There isn’t anything bold or vibrant about it. It’s nice and I may use it on no makeup days and maybe even light makeup days but this is definitely not an every day bronzer for me. As a side note… for being a satin bronzer this one isn’t as shimmery as some of the ones I have recently tried … that’s a great benefit.


Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette ($19.99 for .43 ounces total): A+++!!!!                   This palette is billed as having 12 full-color matte eyeshadows that deliver captivating glamour. This palette is amazing!!! I have always shied away from Milani’s eyeshadows. I don’t know why, but I just always thought they weren’t going to be good. Boy was I wrong!!! They are pigmented beyond what most drug store palettes are. They are finely milled and not chalky. There is some kickback with in the pans but I had no fall out at all. The shades blend out beautifully and do not loose pigmentation when buffing the colors into one another. This is a great every day palette. I was so impressed that I am already planing on purchasing other palettes from Milani.

Stay Put Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil ($7.99 for .04 ounces of product): A- This pencil is billed as a waterproof gel formula with super-saturated pigments that stay and slay all day that stays exactly where you put it. I chose to give it an A- because this pencil does in fact transfer to the lower eye area (a problem I don’t normally have with eye pencils). This formula is so creamy and so super black that even though it does transfer I will work around that. It doesn’t smear. It doesn’t skip or tug at my lids. It is in face waterproof… I tried to get it off the inner corner of my waterline and had to go in with Bioderma to get it off, and even with that I had to rub pretty hard to get it off. This is a great Florida Heat eyeliner. I will definitely be reaching for this pencil a ton this year. I so wish they would come out with a nude eyeliner in this formula.

Stay Put Brow Color Pomade ($7.99 for .04 fluid ounces of product): A+                            This pomade is offered in 8 shades. It’s billed as  having superior staying power with up to 16 hours of wear time. There is a learning curve to this pomade but once you get the hang of it the result is pretty. I did notice that it tended to skip on the bald patches of my brows but with a bit of finessing I was able to get the bald areas filled in. I felt that it had the added benefit of sort of glueing my brows in place. I’m trying to grow my brows out so they are a bit long right now so I did have to go in with a brow gel. Even with that the pomade did not fade or move or lift off. The undertone of the color I chose is perfect. I don’t normally like to use pomades because I feel like my brows always come out harsh but because of the undertones in this pomade it doesn’t look that harsh. I really like it and can already tell i will be reaching for this one a ton as well.

Dangerous Lengths Ultra Def 3D Mascara ($9.99 for .27 fluid ounces of product): A       This mascara is billed as giving the smallest, sparsest lashes a dramatic lift featuring a weightless, blacker-than-black carbon pigment with a 3D, multi-edged spoolie brush that delivers audacious length with instant deposit — amping up the definition, separation, lift and curl of your lashes. My lashes look so wispy and long. I really like this mascara but I don’t like how heavy it feels on the lashes… I feel like I’m wearing false lashes with how heavy this mascara sits on the lashes. It’s still really good, but I think I will have to use this one only once in a while because of how heavy and noticeable the mascara feels. This is not one I will repurchase but I will use the one I have up.


Rose Powder Blush ($8.99 for .60 ounces of product): A++                                                    This blush is offered in 6 shades ( some mattes and some satins). This formula is a bit chalky and dusty but it buffs into the skin well. It’s not overly pigmented so you don’t have to worry about going in with a light hand. It has good pigmentation it’s just because of the formula it isn’t overly pigmented. I did notice some kickback in the pan but not a lot of kickback. I ordered 2 more shades of this blush. I like how it looks on the cheeks.

Hypnotic Lights Holographic Powder Highlighter ($12.99 for.30 ounces of product):A++!! It’s offered in 4 shades. This highlighter is Allure’s 2018 Best of Beauty Winner. It’s billed as being universally appealing, and compatible with a diverse range of skin tones, this glamorous holographic highlighter is designed with light-reflecting pearls to cast a captivating and hypnotic glow. I don’t understand the reason it’s called holographic because it’s more a duo chrom finish, but at any rate this is an AMAZING highlighter!!! There is no glitter and does not emphasize texture on the face. It’s super pretty and even more so when you go in with a damp brush. It buffs in well and melts into the skin when you use a setting spray. I have so many highlighters that I don’t see me going through this one anytime soon, however it’s so pretty that I am afraid it will get discontinued so I will be purchasing a back up.

Amore Soft Matte Lip Cream ($8.99 for .21 fluid ounces of product): A+++!!!!                        It’s offered in 24 shades. This lipstick is billed as having a revolutionary, super-saturated formula that dries to a soft, glamorous finish to give you fuller-looking lips. Its double-sided, flexible plush applicator hugs the contours of your lips, working to lock in bold, opaque color. Our soft matte lip cream is non-sticky, smooth and perfect for fearless, all-night wear. I love the way this lipstick smells, it’s got a cake batter scent to it. There was a small learning curve to this one too. At first when I applied it I had put a full on layer and when it dried down it was uncomfortable and crumbly. So I wiped it off, applied a lip balm, and then applied 1 thin coat and it felt amazing. It’s long lasting, having to only apply it 1 time more through out the day. I have tried several lip products from Milani but I had never tried the matte lipsticks. I really like them and have plans to purchase more shades. From the drug store this is my favorite matte formula.


Make It Last Setting Spray ($9.99 for 2.03 fluid ounces of product):A+++!!!                            This is a Primer+Corrector+Setting spray. This is billed as being a 16-HR setting spray that will lock in your makeup to make touch-ups a thing of the past. There is a scent to this spray that I can’t place but reminds me of my childhood… I don’t know what it is and that’s driving my crazy…. but it’s a pleasant scent. The nozzle on this one give a perfect mist of product. It dried quickly and left my skin looking perfected. I really enjoyed trying this setting spray and will be using this up and will definitely repurchase it, however I think I’ll be the 6 ounce bottle next time.

Well that’s it for this review. I thank you for sticking with me till the end. Stay tuned tomorrow when I review for you a full face of Physicians Formula makeup products. Until then remember my beautiful spoonies (and non spoonies) save a spoon for a but of makeup.