Full Face Shop Miss A Makeup Review


Hey doll hey!!! How are ya today??? Good I hope. Today I want to review a full face of Shop Miss A makeup. I purchased all products that I will review from their website. Shop Miss A is an online Dollar Store that sells a variety of stuff. I got the idea to do this post from a few YouTube videos I had seen on how good the makeup from this site is. So what wowed me? What was underwhelming? Let’s jump into it and find out…..


AOA Studio Wonder Skin Illuminating Primer ($1 for .67 fluid ounces): A-                            It’s billed as a gorgeous light pink primer that just melts into your skin to illuminate, blur pores and fine lines, and leave your face with this AMAZING GLOW!! You can also mix in with your favorite foundation to get a super natural, dewy finish! This primer gives you such a glow with out glitter in it. It reminds me of the Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer. Now I may have used a bit too much primer because my skin was very disco ball like, however after foundation that made the glow much better. This primer does not blur pores, in fact it emphasized the pore much more. It’s a primer that dries down to a slightly tacky finish. It performed wonderfully for being only $1.00! I will definitely use this more.

AOA Studio Drop Liquid Foundation ($1.88 for .64 fluid ounces): A++                                  This foundation comes in 15 shades with 5 shades for light, medium, and deep skin tones. It’s billed as having a lightweight, natural formula that leaves a gorgeous satin finish. This is a dropper tip bottle. I used 2 dropper fulls to completely cover my full face and neck, with just a little left over to add more coverage as needed. This foundation impressed me so much. It is in fact a satin finished foundation. It took a little bit of effort to completely blend into the skin but once it was blended in my face looked so dewy and so flawless. This foundation doesn’t set down at all so you do need to set it with powder, but even with setting my face with powder my face still looked dewy… now that could be because of the primer I used being an illuminating primer, but I do believe that this was also because the foundation is so hydrating. I really liked the finish and will continue to use this foundation. I can’t get over the fact that it was only $1.88!!

AOA Studio Paw Paw Liquid Concealer ($1.55 for .34 fluid ounces): A+++!!!!                    This concealer is offered in 13 shades with 4 shades for deeper skin tones. It’s billed as a super creamy, medium to full coverage concealer, that lasts all day without settling into fine lines.  This concealer is so good!!!! I can’t get over how good it is. A very small amount is all that is needed. The above swatch picture is with just a pin head sized amount of concealer. I waited a bit to see if it would crease before setting it with powder, it did not crease. It’s got medium coverage, but I still needed a color corrector because you could see my dark circles through the coverage. I’ve had it on all day and it has not creased or settled into my fine lines. I know I’ll be reaching for this concealer again.

AOA Stuido Perfect Pressed Powder ($1 for .28 ounces): B-                                                   This powder comes in 12 shades with 3 shades for deeper skin tones. It’s billed as being a  A velvety, finely milled soft powder that you can use to set your makeup, brighten, contour, blur out pores and more. This powder is just OK. First of all there is a ton of kickback in the pan as you can see from the 2nd picture on the left side. It is finely milled and smooth. I thought because of all the kickback that this was going to be a chalky powder and it wasn’t. Second of all this does not blur out pores, in fact it actually emphasized my pores even more. It’s a lightweight powder that you can’t feel on you face. I don’t hate it but I also don’t love it either. It’s just an OK powder that I will use again if I can remember I have it, it’s nothing special that I would actively choose it.

Malibu Glitz Powder ($1 no info on how much product you get): B++                                This powder is offered in 5 shades. It’s billed as a powder foundation that can be used as a foundation or setting powder. Its lightweight, non-chalky texture blends seamlessly with your natural skintone for a long-wearing, flawless complexion. If this is a powdered foundation it doesn’t have nearly enough coverage. I used this as a bronzer and had to go over the perimeter of my face 3 times to build it up. With that said this is a nice powder to use to bronze the skin, it wasn’t too orange, didn’t go on patchy, and buffed into the skin well. There was also no kickback at all in the pan. It’s a descent powder to use to bronze, I wouldn’t use this as a setting powder because it’s just too sheer.


A2O 25 Color Eyeshadow Palette ($10 for 1.25 ounces of product total): A+++!!!!            This palette is offered in 5 color ways. It’s billed as being a  palette that is made up of matte and shimmer shades that are all SO pigmented, buttery, and smooth! This was the most expensive this I purchased from the website, and I still had doubts that it would be a good palette… yup, I was wrong!! The formula of these shadows is buttery and very smooth. The shades blend out easily and do not go patchy or chalky. There is some kickback in the pans but zero fallout. The shades do buff into each other seamlessly and there is no muddiness when you buff the edges out. The shimmer shades are so pigmented and so smooth. There was zero glitter fallout with this shimmer shades and they went on so good. I am truly impressed with this palette. I can’t wait to try the second palette that I purchased from this line.

AOA Studio Sculpting Brow Pencil ($1 for .008 ounces): A+++!!!!                                         This pencil is offered in 5 shades. It is billed as a triangular-tipped, retractable pencil to shape and fill in brows. it’s a very smooth formula that has the perfect amount of pigmentation to build your eyebrows to the most natural shape and color. Easy to use for anyone! This was one product that I thought for sure was going to be a dud not to mention I hate triangle tipped brow products. This pencil worked so well…. I am speechless. It’s on the waxier side of the brow market, but it did not pull on the hairs or tug at the skin. It completely filled in my brows and did not pill or skip. It was just a bit tough to get a clean line on the underside of my brows but that was just because I am not used to using a triangle shapes pencil. I really like this pencil so much I ordered another one as a back up.


AOA Studio Go Brow ($1 for .11 ounces): A+                                                                             This brow product is offered in 4 shades and is billed as a brow mascara to apply to your brows as a final step to coat your brows and hold them in shape! It’s a nice brow gel. I did not notice any fibers even though the bottle says it is a fiber gel. It held my brows in place well without being crunchy. The brush is a bit chunky but it still works well. I can see me using this more.

AOA Studio Shadow Stick ($1 for .18 ounces): A++                                                                      This is a waterproof pencil that is offered in 13 shades. These pencils are so creamy and pigmented and they last a long time on the waterline. I thought this would be a very waxy pencil since most dollar pencils are, but it was super creamy. It sits nicely on the waterline without feeling heavy. There isn’t much to say about it, it’s a basic shadow pencil. I will use it again and may even repurchase it.


AOA Studio Fat Lash Primer ($1 for .35 ounces):  B+                                                               This lash primer is billed as able to prime lashes to leaves them fuller and longer. It’s OK. I mean it’s a primer there really aren’t that many bells and whistles with a lash primer. It did make my lashes look longer. I just didn’t like the brush I think it should have had a brush similar to the mascara wand but other than that it’s an OK product that I will reach for again.


AOA Studio Fat Lash Mascara ($1 for .34 ounces): A+                                                             This mascara is billed as a mascara that gives length and volume to your eyelashes. It’s a long-lasting formula that won’t ever run on you. This smudge-proof mascara is good for sensitive eyes and leaves zero clumps. I really liked the way it left my lashes looking. It lengthened my lashes a ton and there was in fact zero clumps. I used 2 coats and my lashes don’t feel like I am wearing anything. It’s a nice everyday mascara. I will definitely reach for this mascara again and may even repurchase it.


AOA Studio Perfect Powder Blush ($1 for .10 ounces): A+                                                           It comes in 12 shades and is billed as a fine, smooth, pigmented powder blush that glides on so naturally! The color is buildable from super natural to super bold. The finish to these blushes is a satin, and that satin is done right with this product! There is just a hint of sheen to the blush and not a full on glow fest. This blush is pigmented but not too pigmented. It’s got just enough to give you good color payoff without going over board. The pans are tiny, the size of a single shadow from Loreal, but a little goes a long way. I already have purchased other shades. This is a great little travel blush.

AOA Dewy Duo-Chrome Highlighter ($1 of .12 ounces): A++                                                   It’s offered in 6 shades and is billed as a unique cream highlighter that reflects the most beautiful colors in a subtle way. This was the thing that surprised me the most. Every cream highlighter I have every tried from the dollar store or drug store has been a bust. They are either too waxy or they have chunky glitters in them. I have a hand full of cream highlighter products and I am going on the record to say this one is my favorite cream highlighter. I’m not sure why they call it duo chrome because it’s not, it just has a reflect to it. It was easy to blend into the skin and highly reflective. It did not emphasize texture on my face at all either. The only place it didn’t last long was my Cupid’s Bow, but cream products do not tend to last long on my Cupid’s Bow anyway. I ordered a back up on this highlighter.

AOA So Smooth Lipstick Bora Bora Collection ($1 for .18 ounces): B-                                  This lipstick comes in 3 collections of 4 color choices and is billed as an ultra creamy, soft, satin finish lipstick. With a delicious coconut fragrance, these lipsticks feel so comfortable on your lips all day long! This is a cream satin finished  lipstick that does in fact smell like coconut. This is not a very long wearing lipstick, I’ve had to reapply about 9 times since this morning. It’s lightweight like a balm. I ordered 4 more shades. It’s an OK lipstick to just have in your bag for a bit of color wash. It is not a moisturizing lipstick though, not at all.

Well that’s all for now dolls. Stay tuned tomorrow for a Shop Miss A revisited post, when I test out the second eyeshadow palette and the BB cream I purchased. Hope you night is going well and as always remember to save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.