Soft Valentine’s Day Makeup Face of the Day

Hey doll hey!!! How is your day/night going? Great I hope. I woke up seriously late today and really didn’t feel like doing anything when I got up. I really wasn’t feeling like doing my makeup but hubby encouraged me to at least try. Everything that could go wrong… went wrong with this makeup today. My brows wouldn’t cooperate, I have patchiness all over the skin, and the foundation I thought I was getting in the mail wasn’t the foundation I wanted. I wanted the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Dewy foundation and what I ended up ordering was the original one…. not to mention that it was the wrong shade, way too light for me. I ended up throwing it out and ordering the correct foundation. I smeared black eyeliner all over my cheek and had to clean that up, my lashes wouldn’t stay down, my eyeliner got out of hand, and wont stick to the inner corners because I got glue on them…. Today just wasn’t a good makeup day at all and I started not to do a post on today’s look because I just am not happy with it, but then I thought…. for our beginners… that it would be nice to see that not everyday is a good makeup day and that not everyday is a great application day either….. so here it is. Well let’s get into the Face of the Day ….


Base: To prime my face I used Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Dewy Face Primer ($5.99 at Ulta). I color corrected using Tarte CC Undereye Corrector ($25 at Ulta) in the shade Light-Medium. My foundation is Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation ($2.79 at Walmart) in the shade Nude Ivory. I concealed my under eyes using Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer ($4.49 at Ulta) in the shade Fair Neutral. I set my face using Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder ($39 at Sephora) in the shade Translucent. I really went in hard to warm up my face to try and deepen up the complexion using Revolution Beauty Bronzer Reloaded ($6 on their website and on sale at Ulta for $4.49) in the shade Take a Vacation. I set my under eyes and baked my jaw line, bridge of the nose, and center of the forehead using RCMA No Color Powder ($15 at the Beautylish website).


Eyes: I primed the lids using NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($30 at Sephora) int eh shade Medium 1 Custard and set that using more Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. For today’s look I used the ColourPop All That Palette ($18 on their website). As my transition color I used the shade Come Thru (mid-toned pink with hot pink reflect sequin shadow). In my crease and on the and outer 1/3 of the mobile lid I used the shade Wink Wink (a dusty red matte). On the inner 2/3 of the mobile lid I used the shade BB Girl (a true baby pink matte). I then went in with the shade Silhouette (a muted burgundy matte) to deepen the outer v. I created a drop shadow on the lower lash line using more of Wink Wink and then deepened the lash line with more of Silhouette. I highlighted the inner corners using a combination of Risque (an icy pink with silver reflect metallic) and Urban Decay Single Shadow ($20 at Ulta) in the shade Urban Cowboy. I created a winged liner on the upper lash line at first using ColourPop BFF Creme Gel Liner ($6 on their website) in the shade Swerve (a deep black). I popped on my KoKo lashes in the style Queen B ($7.99 on the Lady Moss website) and then went over the winged liner using Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum ($8.79 at Target) in the shade Ultra Black. I then tight lined the upper lash line using BH Cosmetics Power Pencil ($8 on their website) in the shade black. Because I got glue on the inner corner of my mobile lid I had to go back in using Stila Smudge Pot ($20 on the Beautylish website) in the shade black to deepen that part of the lash line. I lined my lower waterline with ColourPop BFF Creme Gel Liner ($6 on their website) in the shade Get Paid (rose gold metallic). Part of the Smudge Pot transferred to my lower lash line so I took a little more of the Smudge Pot and smudged it into my lower lash line all the way to the corners. I did the soap brow technique and filled in my brows using ELF Ultra Precise Brow Pencil ($5 on their website) and then I set the brows down using Pixi By Petra Brow Tamer ($10 at Target) and I think I may have used too much soap at the start because the brow pencil kept lifting off the tails, so I went in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo ($23 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Dark Brown. I carved out my brow line using BH Studio Pro Brow Highlighter ($5 on their website) on the matte side and set that using the shade Uncuffed (a pale baby pink matte). For mascara I used Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black ($6.79 at Target).


Cheeks and Lips: For blush today I am using Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-HR Blush ($29 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Blushing Bride (a rosey pink matte). I highlighted the tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, and Cupid’s Bow using Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder ($44 at Sephora) in the shade Highlight-01. I lined my lips using ColourPop Lippie Pencil (regularly $6 on sale for $4.20 on their website) in the shade Oh Sis (a smokey paprika) and filled in the lips using BH Cosmetics X It’s My Raye Raye Lipstick (was a limited edition lipstick no longer offered) in the shade Rosey Raye (a warm coral pink cream).


Final Thoughts:

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Dewy Face Primer: A+++!!!!                                                            DUPE ALERT!!! This is a spot on dupe for the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in the shade Dew You. It’s got the same shimmer, the same shade, and the same shine. This is a great primer. I really like it, I have ordered a back up.

Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation: B-                                                                                            I just don’t like this formula anymore. It leaves my face looking flat, and around the nose, and lip area it lifts away too easy. I have decluttered the new shade I purchased.

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer:C                                                                                           This is a medium coverage concealer. It’s a bit drying. It just feels stiff under the eyes. It’s just an OK concealer. Not my favorite but not the worst by any means.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder: A+++!!!!                                                               I was testing this one out to see if I would declutter it or not. I keep forgetting just how beautiful this highlighter is on my face. It’s not glittery and it’s not too gleaming. It’s the perfect highlighter for work or school. It’s a very subtle lit from within glow. I will not be decluttering this one from my collection.

Well that’s all dolls. I hope you have a great rest of your day/night and I hope that the day finds you in good spirits. I do have several items I ordered to review for you coming this week, so stay tuned. In the mean time this is the last Valentine’s Day look I will create… I’m ready for a new palette (ha ha). Hope for those of you who are spoonies that you are having a low pain/ high energy day/night. Remember save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.