Finally Curated

Hey doll hey!!!! Hope you are having a great Valentine’s Day. Just popping in to say I finally curated my makeup collection!!!! I still have to reorganize my makeup desk and brush collection but I am out of energy so I will have to leave that for tomorrow. I also whittled down my nail polish collection. The only polishes I kept are the ones I purchased from Lights Lacquer.

On the left is my 4 current setting sprays and my face primers and my 3 foundation mixing mediums. On the right is my foundation collection minus 2 foundations and a BB cream that I keep on my desk
My lipsticks, Lip liners, eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, face powders highlighters, and blushes
My brow products, mascaras, eye liners, concealers, potted gel liners and gel liners and mascara back ups, and my makeup tools like lash glue and tweezers
My lash drawer … I whittled it down by 1/3.
My collecrion of Lights Lacquer… I’m only missing the Valentine’s Day Red …. missed out on that one.
My Face of the Day basket that sits on my makeup desk.

Well that’s all dolls. I hope you are having a great night/day. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Face of the Day. Remember, save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.