Hey doll hey!!! Hope you are having a great day/night. Today I come to you with another DUPE post. I love the Beauty Blender, but I have to replace them every few weeks at $20 a pop. I go through about 2 a month. I typically replace my Beauty Blender once every 2 weeks. I saw on a YouTube video by ShanShortcakeBeauty where she was using the huge beauty sponge that looked like an over-sized Beauty Blender. She explained where she purchased it and I promptly purchased 20 of them. It was time for me to replace my Beauty Blender and thought, if I’m going to spend $20 to replace it, I thought I might as well spend an extra $11 and purchase enough for 10 months right??? So let’s introduce you to my new favorite beauty sponge……

I grade this beauty sponge an A+++!!!!

The Paw Paw Wonder Blender by AOA Studio. Is latex free. Costs $1.55 per sponge, you can also purchase a 6 pack of these sponged for $9.30. Each purchase of any of the PAW PAW products in the AOA line donates a portion of your purchase to help with the protection of animals.

Right off the bat I could tell that this was a great quality sponge. When I wet it I was impressed that it was so much bigger than a wet Beauty Blender. It was also softer and the texture of the Wonder Blender felt much more expensive than the original Beauty Blender.

On the left is a slightly damp Paw Paw Wonder Blender and on the right is a slightly damp Beauty Blender. *NOTE: When they were first wet the Wonder Blender was a lot bigger than you see in this picture and the Beauty Blender was the same size as you see in this picture. 

The Wonder Blender applied my foundation flawlessly and so fast and did not soak up as much of the foundation as does the original Beauty Blender. I also observed that the Wonder Blender also stays damp longer than with the Beauty Blender making being able to blend out creams longer a breeze. Also when I went back in to pat out my concealer creases before applying powder, the Wonder Blender still being damper than the Beauty Blender made blending out those creases so much easier. I had noticed when I did this with the Beauty Blender, it tended to pick up some of the concealer or move some of the foundation and concealer around but with the Wonder Blender this doesn’t happen because it stays damper creating a perfect storm for re-blending.

When it came time to bake the high points of my face, I noticed I needed to pick up less powder to bake with than when I use a Beauty Blender to bake, also because the Wonder Blender is much bigger in size when damp, it also covers a bigger amount of the face for baking making it easier to create sharp lines for baking.

Lastly, After I set my face with setting spray I typically go back over my face with a sponge to press the products into the skin further… when I would do this with my Beauty Blender I noticed it sometimes picked up product or it would cause my face to go patchy… but with the Wonder Blender this doesn’t happen, again because it remains damper longer and the texture of the sponge seems less porous on the surface so the texture is smoother and glides over the skin with out catching on patches.

Well there you have it dolls. A great dupe for a pivotal makeup helper that costs 13 times less than the original and whose proceeds go to help animals!!!

If you are interested in trying one for yourself, you can find them here.


Well thanks for stopping by dolls. Hope you have a great rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits. See ya tomorrow…. remember, save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.