Soft Focus Cut Crease Face of the Day

Hey doll hey!!! Hope you are having a great day/night. I woke up so late today…. around 9 am and had a hard time getting going today. I did not sleep very well last night and I woke up in so much pain. I also kept running out of energy and had to rest a ton today…. that’s why I’m so late posting my Face of the Day … not my favorite look by the way … and there were a few products that I used that just gave me trouble and I am decluttering them, also I could not get my brows to cooperate today. Well …. let’s jump into this Face of the Day ….


Base: I primed my face using Physicians Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer ($11.99 on Amazon). I color corrected just the very inner corners of my under eyes using Believe Beauty Brighten Up Color Correcting Concealer ($4 at Dollar General) in the shade Light/Medium. For foundation today I am using a combo of 4 droppers full of Catrice Cosmetics Light Correcting Serum Primer ($10.99 at Ulta) in the shade Candlelight and 2 squeezes of Annika Maya Cosmetics BB Cream ($14 on Brigette’s Boutique) in the shade Medium. I concealed my under eyes using Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-HR Breathable Concealer ($4.99 at Target) in the shade 200 Light. I set my full face using Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder ($33 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Translucent. I warmed up my face using Rimmel Natural Bronzer ($3.99 at Target) in the shade 022 Sun Bronze. I did not bake today because of how horrible the foundation ended up looking on my face …. more about that in Final Thoughts.


Eyes: I primed my lids using NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($30 at Sephora) in the shade Medium 1 Custard and set that using RCMA No Color Powder ($15 on the Beautylish website). To create today’s soft focus cut crease look I used the Catrice Basic Bae Palette ($14.99 at Ulta). I used the shade #Squad (a dusty light peach matte) for my transition color. For my crease and outer 1/3 of the mobile lid I used the shade #MCM (a mid-toned brown with red undertones matte). I then created a cut crease on the inner 2/3 of my mobile lid with more NARS concealer and used the shade #ExtraAF (a yellow gold metallic) on the cut crease. I used the shade #WCW (a taupe based brown metallic) and blended the outer edge of the cut crease into the outer 1/3 of the mobile lid. I then took an angled liner brush and more of the shade #MCM and buffed the remaining edges of the cut crease out to create a soft focus crease. I buffed the shade #MOTD (an orange based tan matte) onto the lower lash line and then used more of the shade #Squad to blend the harsh edges and then I used more of the shade #MCM to deepen the lower lash line. I highlighted the inner corners of my eyes using a combo of the shade #Twinning (a pale gold metallic) and the Hikari Cosmetics Creme Pigment ($15 on their website) in the shade Honeydew (an icy pink with a purple flip). I set my brows using Believe Beauty Eyebrow Styling Gel ($4 at Dollar General) in clear and filled in my brows using ELF Ultra Precise Brow Pencil ($5 at Ulta and on the ELF website) in the shade Deep Brown. I carved out my brow line using BH Studio Pro Brow Highlighter ($5 on their website) on the matte side and set that using the shade #Basic (a bright vanilla matte). I lined my lower waterlines using NYX FauxWhites Liner ($8 at Ulta) in the shade Linen (a vanilla nude). I popped on a pair of KoKo Lashes ($7.99 on the Lady Moss website) in the style Goddess and then coated my upper and lower lashes with MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash ($20 at Ulta) in black.


Cheeks and Lips: For blush today I am wearing AOA Studio Perfect Blush ($1 on the Shop Miss A website) in the shade 262 Wispy (a bright coral pink matte). I highlighted the tops of my cheeks, Cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, and center of my forehead using Milani Hypnotic Lights Highlighter ($12.99 at Walmart) in the shade 04 Flashing Light (a champagne with a rose gold flip). I lined my lips using ColourPop Lippie Pencil ($7 on their website) in the shade Lumiere ( dusty mauve pink) and filled in my lips using Becky G x Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip ($8 on the ColourPop website) in the shade Mija (rosy nude).


Final Thoughts:

Annika Maya Cosmetics BB Cream: F!!!!                                                                                           I have really tried to like this product, really I have. I want so desperately to find a good BB or CC cream that I can use on light makeup and no makeup… makeup days. There is just no redeemable qualities to this BB cream. First off it oxidizes 3 shades darker than what I start out with (when I first start out it’s my perfect shade match, when I finally finish blending it in it’s so dark it looks like I smeared bronzer all over my face). I had to bring this BB cream down my chest just so that it wouldn’t look bad in pictures. Next this BB cream feels so thick and heavy on the skin that once I applied it I was desperate to remove it. Next, This BB cream refuses to set down, even with powder (I had to put 3 layers of powder on to get this to set). Lastly upon closer inspection this BB cream bunched up around my eyebrows and sides of my nose as well as the corners of my mouth (I have never had any issues with foundation clinging to patches of my skin, I don’t have dry patches or deep seated creases around my face…. there is no reason for the bunching to have happened). This is the 3rd time I have used this BB cream and I just have such a bad time with it EVERY TIME I’ve tried it. I have decluttered it from my collection.

KoKo Lashes In The Style Goddess: A+++!!!!                                                                                Oh sweet baby pickles!!! These lashes are so pretty and, for being as glam as they are, they are light weight. They have a thick band that made it a little hard to apply at first but I was able to get them on with the second try and they do not pinch at the ends. I only ordered 2 pairs of these lashes…. I have them on my list to purchase more later this month.

Milani Hypnotic Lights Highlighter In The Shade Flashing Light: C-                                          I love Milani highlighters, but this one is the strangest thing I have ever tried. One day it looks super gold, the next day it looks purple, and today it looked rose gold… I can’t get this one to pull a shade that is flattering on me so I have decided that I will declutter it from my collection.


Well that’s all for now dolls. Stay tuned… I have a makeup haul and empties post that I will be putting out tonight. I hope you have a great rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits. Remember, save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.