2 Week Update on Black Castor Oil Brows


Hey doll hey!!! Stopping in with my week 2 update on the road to fuller brows and lashes. As I have already told you, I have been using Jamaican Black Castor Oil to promote hair growth in my brows and lashes…. to refresh your memory this is what my brows and lashes looked like 2 weeks ago….

my left side lashes … yes I had some bald spots .
My left side brow … notice there is no hair on the tail or in the arch all that is there is the left over micro brow ink.
My right side lashes … they were fuller but still stubby
my right side brow … no hair in the arch and very little hair in the tail

Now let’s see how they are doing now ……

My right brow … the hair in the tale is longer and getting thicker and there is new hair growth in the arch…. also the hair at the front of my brow is thicker and more hair is growing. I have since plucked the hairs that shouldn’t be there.
my right side lashes are longer and are all growing in the same direction now. I am also growing hairs at the back of the lash line when I didn’t have lashes there before. 
My left brow … again more and thicker hair at the front …. the arch is getting thicker with hair and the tail has longer and more hair. I have since plucked the hairs that shouldn’t be there ….
My left lashes …. longer and growing in the same direction and fuller than they were 2 weeks ago.

Well there you have it dolls … progress …. slowly …. but it’s still progress…. I can’t wait to see what my brows look like in another 2 weeks.

Well that’s all for now dolls…. have a great day/night…. and remember …. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.