1st Beauty Haul of May 2020 (Quick Haul, Swatch, and Review)

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Photo by Beatrice Cornejo on Pexels.com

Hey doll hey!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I received my order from No. 7 (also called Boots No.7 outside the US) today. I’m only hauling the foundation I purchased and not the face serum since it’s the same serum I’ve used everyday for the better part of 3 years…. Let’s check out the foundation I purchased….

No. 7 Protect & Perfect Advanced All in One Foundation ($15.99 for 1 fluid ounce) in the shade Calico. I purchased mine directly from the No.7 website but it can also be found at Walgreens (and their website), Target (and their website), Amazon, and theBoots website.  This foundation comes in 12 shade with 3 for deeper skin (though it would be for the lighter skin ebony beauties… there are no shades currently sold for our deeper skinned ebony beauties) and again I purchased it in the shade Calico, which is the 2nd lightest shade, however this foundation appears to have a grey undertone so for our lighter skinned dolls out there the lightest shade is Porcelain but because of the grey undertone I don’t believe that this shade will be good for lighter than my skin tone as it will give an almost muddy cast to the skin.

This foundations boosts that it instantly perfects the appearance of skin, concealing blemishes and blurring the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores while providing 24 hour hydration and that it is enriched with age-defying skincare ingredients from No7s Protect and Perfect ADVANCED Serum, No7s most effective anti-wrinkle technology. It claims that with continued use it reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores while SPF and antioxidants protect the skin.

The picture on the left is without flash and the one on the right is with flash.

The review:

I give this foundations a grade of A-: I would score it higher but the shade range is deplorable …. it’s 2020 I don’t understand a brand that launches products that are not all inclusive and our ebony beauties deserve better!

Now … what I love about this foundation:

I love that this comes in a plastic tube because when I get low all I have to do is snip the tube with a pair of scissors and presto … I have access to the last little bit of the foundation remains.

I love the grey undertone … I thought I would hate it but I really don’t. It gives the areas of my face that have some sallowness to it life again.

I love that you really don’t need much to completely cover your face, neck, and ears.

I love that it is medium coverage that builds up to high medium…. I don’t always want a full coverage foundation.

I love how dewy and healthy my skin looks in this foundation… even after setting the face with loose powder (for reference I use Too Face Born This Way Ethereal Loose Setting Power in translucent) my skin still looked healthy and dewy.

I love that it has SPF 50 sunscreen in it. I personally choose to use only 50 SPF or higher (I’m in my 40’s so sun protection is a must for me). I love that this product has this SPF in it because foundation is typically one of my last items I put on and by the time I’m done my makeup a minimum of 1 hour has lapsed so the added SPF means I have a little more time with my sun protection. *side note: layering items with SPF in it does not give you more SPF protection… let’s say you use a sunscreen with 60 SPF and then you use a foundation with 30 SPF in it …. you are still only being protected at the 60 SPF level.

I love that there is no scent to this foundation what so ever… you can’t even smell the SPF in it.

I love that even thought there is SPF 50 in this foundation… there is no flash back in pictures taken with flash.

Now … what I don’t love about this foundation:

I don’t love that this foundation doesn’t set down… it remains very tacky, so much so that I had to go in with 2 light layers of loose powder … normally with foundation I only ever need 1 layer of loose powder… I never go in with 1 heavy layer of powder because that gets dry and cakey it’s best to go in with 1 light layers of powder giving a little resting time between the layers so that the first layer soaks in a bit before you add an additional layer.

I don’t love that this foundation has such a terrible shade selection. There is not enough shade differential for for our paler skinned dolls and there is most definitely not enough shade differential for our ebony skinned dolls. This is one of my biggest pet peeves for makeup faux pas.

I don’t love that it seemed to not want to grab onto the skin around my nostrils. I had to go in with a detailer brush and pat extra product onto that skin area wait a few moments…. and then pat more product onto those areas and then immediately set that area to get the foundation to stick. (this is not the first foundation that I have this problem with but it’s nonetheless still annoying).

Final Thoughts:

While there are a few things I didn’t like about this foundation over all I really love this foundation. I will continue to use this tube and I more than likely will repurchase it when I’ve used it up.

Well that’s all dolls. I hope and pray that you have a great rest of your day/night and that you have both good health and spirits.

Remember dolls … Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.