Makeup on the Chopping Block

Published May 18, 2020 by aspooniesmakeupbag


Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope.

I’m coming to you with another possible declutter post.

I re-organized my makeup collection today because hubby purchased me so new organization units and doing so came across a few items that I barely ever touch… so I am forcing myself to use them over the course of a few weeks to see if I will either start to like them or if it’s truly something I need to get rid of.

So let’s take a look at what items are on my chopping block…..


NYX On The Rise Volume Liftscara $11 at Ulta. I don’t really know why I don’t reach for this one much and I honestly can’t remember if I like it or not. 


The Balm What’s Your Type Mascara $19 on their website. I use to use this one a lot but for some reason I just have not reached for it in a few months so I want to see if I still like it or not. 


 Physicians Formula Lash Contortionist Mascara (discontinued). I used this one today and it was OK … but I am also wearing false lashes so I am going to try it a few more times to see if I will keep it or not. 


Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer $28 at Ulta. I truly hated this concealer the first 2 times I used it. I used it again today and I just really don’t like this one … I will keep trying it over the next 2 weeks and if I don’t change my mind I will declutter it.  


Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25-HR Breathable Light Weight Medium Coverage Concealer $4.99 at Target and Walmart. I truly can’t remember what I think about this concealer. Time will tell. 


AOA Paw Paw Liquid Concealer ($1.88 on the Shop Miss A website). I do love this concealer … but I have it in 2 shades by mistake. So this is the darker of the 2 shades and I want to test it out to see if the color works for me. If it does I most definitely be keeping it, if not I will gift it to my niece. 


Private Society Coveted Concealer $22 on their website. I think I’ve only used this concealer 1 time so I need to try it out a few more times to see if I like it or not. 


Joah Cosmetics Truly Yours Dark Circle Concealer $8.50 at CVS and on their website. This concealer doesn’t cover my dark circles well. I almost always need to have a corrector under it and at that this concealer just doesn’t sit well on my under eyes. I’ll give it one last go to see if I can get it to work for me. 


Physicians Formula Conceal RX (discontinued) I can’t remember ever using this one. I know I purchased it a few months back but I don’t remember ever reaching for it. 


Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer $4.49 at Ulta. I just never reach for this one. I used it maybe 2 times since purchasing it and that’s it. Time to test it out. 


Tarte Creaseless Concealer $26 at Ulta. This is my newest acquisition however I just really don’t like this one. I’ll give it a go a few more times but I really think I want to declutter this one. 


BH Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer $6 on their website. I can’t remember what I think about this one. I know I used it in my full face of BH Cosmetics but I can’t remember if I liked it or not.

Well that’s it … 12 items on the chopping block…. I’ll give them all 2 weeks to see if I like them or not …. and then I’ll do a follow up post about which ones I’ve kept and which ones I’ve decluttered.


Well that’s all for now dolls. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night.

Remember …. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.




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