Taupe Smokey Eye Face of the Day and Fresh Look at My Makeup Collection

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I woke up around 8 AM today refreshed but in pain because it’s raining here in Florida.

This morning hubby surprised me with an amazon gift! He purchased me some new makeup storage units! Now all of my lip pencils have their own place and every palette has it’s own place. Before I was doubling up on slots for my palettes. He purchased me 4 more so now I have a total of 60 slots for palettes. He also purchased me 2 more small compact storage units too but they will not get here until Saturday … but then I will have enough storage units to sort my bronzers, face powders, blushes, and highlighters all in their own units!

Needless to say I spent the morning re-organizing my whole makeup collection … so I thought I’d share how it turned out with you before I start my Face of the Day ….

I took my brush collection off my vanity to make it less cluttered. I now only keep the brushes I’m using for the week on my vanity. I moved all of my face serums and creams to my beauty fridge, and the only makeup I’m currently keeping at the vanity is my daily makeup basket (every night while I do my nighttime skin care routine I collect the makeup I’m going to wear for the next day and put it in this wicker basket). I will be ordering a clear acrylic desk case for my daily makeup to make it streamline with the rest of my collection. I also have a small jar of concealers and mascaras that I am going to force myself to use over the next few weeks to see if they will remain in my collection or not. 
I moved all of my palettes (minus the 4 huge palettes that do not fit in the new units) to 2 shelf units that I was given this weekend by a friend. So now I keep all my lip products on the top shelf of this baker’s rack. I keep my bronzers and face powders in the first unit, more face powders and my highlighters and my speaker bomb on the second unit, and all my blushes in the 3rd unit all on the second shelf. On the third shelf I have my 4 big palettes and all of my loose powders in that little letter sorter on the left and then all of my lip pencils and 1 lipstick (that doesn’t fit in the lipstick organizer on the 1st shelf).
I forgot to take a picture of my setting sprays, primers and foundations but this is basically my set up .. I just now have all the shelves completely filled and I’ve organized them a little better now.
I re-organized my right Alex drawer I find that this set up really streamlines and makes the best use of the space in the drawer. I got these containers at Target a few years back. Starting for the left side…. the first little unit holds all of my cream gel pot liners, my glitter glue, and my single shadows. the next unit holds all of my brow pomades, brow pencils, and brow gels. The next unit is smaller in length and holds all of my current mascaras and my open tube of lash glue (next to that unit I have my Neutrogena Glycerin Soap Face Bar that I use when I do the soap brow technique). In the back part of the drawer on the left side I store all my back up mascaras and back up brow pencils. The big unit in the middle of the drawer are all my concealers, under eye correctors, and my contour wand from NYX. In the first unit on the right side I have all of my pencil eyeliners (sorted by color, with all of my beige pencils on the top, color pencils next, brown pencils next, and finally all the black liners on the bottom. The final unit on the right is a plastic drawer organizer I had left over from my craft room and it holds my lash primers, a few backup pencil eyeliners, and my backup lash glues.
In the left Alex drawer I organized my false lash collection…. I decluttered a heap of lashes that I just knew I wouldn’t ever use. I also keep my pencil sharpener in this drawer along with the my charger for my face fan that I use to dry my setting spray and lash glue, my 2 false lash cases, and then all the way in the back I have my homemade rice powder for exfoliating and homemade rice powder for my honey and rice powder mask, along with 2 other face masks, and a case of collagen eye patches.
These 2 shelf units were given to me by a friend over the weekend. they are a little scuffed up and not the right color for my room but I plan to refurbish them in the next couple of weeks. On the top I have my makeup brush collection, the Disney anniversary plate that my hubby gifted to me when we went to Disney for our anniversary, my perfume tower and then my Light Lacquer nail polish collection.  On the first shelf of each unit I have 2 of the new palette units hubby purchased for me and the ones in the middle were my original palette units. These units can be stood up or laid flat like you see here. Each unit holds 10 palettes, I have mostly eyeshadow palettes in these units but I do have a few smaller face palettes peppered throughout. I will be ordering some new drawer units and an false lash unit so I will be moving my lash collection to the next shelf row and then I will be using the lash drawer for something else.

For today’s perfume I am wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle. So, let’s get into today’s Face of the Day ….



I first primed my problematic pore areas with Tarte Clean Slate Timeless Smoothing Primer ($39 at Ulta) and then primed the full face using Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer ($37 at Sephora) in Smoothing. For today’s foundation I am wearing AOA Buildable Satin Foundation Drops ($1.88 on the Shop Miss A website) in the shade 305 pure beige. I chose not to add a glow primer today. I contoured using Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand ($38 at Sephora, on the Beautylish website, and on the Charlotte Tilbury website) in the shade Medium Dark to contour the perimeter of my face and down the bridge of my nose. I highlighted the tops of my cheek bones, bridge of the nose, center of the chin, and high points of my forehead using Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Glowgasm Light Wand ($38 on the Beautylish website, The Charlotte Tilbury website and at Sehora) in the shade Goldgasm and then I went in with just a touch of Benefit Boxed Highlighter ($30 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade cookie to set the high points of my face. I concealed my under eyes using Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer ($28 at Ulta) in the shade 15N (fair/light skin with neutral undertones). I chose not to use a cream bronzer today.  I set my under eyes using Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes ($28 at Ulta) in the shade 1 and then set the rest of my face using the  Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder ($33 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Translucent. I then topped off  the perimeter of my face using a light layer of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ($36 at Ulta and MAC) in the shade Give Me Sun (light smmer peachy tan). I chose the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Perfecting Powder ($13.99 at Ulta) in the shade Beige L4-M1.



I set my brows using Believe Beauty Eyebrow Styling Gel ($4 at Dollar General) in clear and then filled in my brows using Joah Brow Down To Me Precision Brow Pencil ($9.50 on their website) in the shade Brunette. I carved out the brow line using BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brow Highlighter ($5 on their website) on the matte side and then I primed my lids using P.Louise Base ($10 pound sterling/ $12.08 USD on their website… can also be found on the Morphie website for $15) in the shade Rumour 0.5. and then set the brow line using Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Shadow ($.99 at Walgreens) in Sugar (icy white pearl). For today’s eye look I used the new ColourPop Mulan Palette ($22 on their website). I started with the shade Imperial (nude taupe matte) all through the crease up to the brow line. I then went into the shade Honor (cool deep brown matte) on the outer 1/3 of the mobile lids and the outer v of the crease. I then went into the shade Warrior (warm terracotta undertone with silver/ green/ gold duo-chrome effect metallic) over the remaining 2/3 of the mobile lids. I then went over the outer 1/3 of the mobile lids again with more of the shade Honor to blend out the demarcation of the inner 2/3 of the mobile lid. I then intensified the very outer part of both the outer 1/3 and the outer v of the crease using the shade True (cool blacked brown matte). I highlighted my inner corners using the shade Like A Girl (silver taupe metallic). For the lower lash line I created a soft drop shadow using more of the shade Imperial. I deepened the drop shadow using more of the shade Honor and then deepened the lash line with more of the shade True. I then took a clean fluffy blender brush and buffed over the whole look to blend and soften the whole eye look. I tight lined my upper and lower waterlines using L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner ($8.99 at Ulta) in the shade Black and then created a micro-wing on the upper lash line using Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($22 at Ulta) in the shade Intense Black (jet black). I coated my upper and lower lashes with Physicians Formula Lash Contortionist Mascara (discontinued) in the shade Ultra Black. I popped on a pair of ObsidiancosmeticsUS  handmade false lashes ($7.99 on her Etsy shop) in the style Beauty Queen.


Cheeks and Lips:

For blush today I am wearing ColourPop Pressed Powder Blush ($12 on their site) in the shade Good Luck Charm (soft terracotta with gold pearl satin). On my lips today I  lined and filled in my lips using ColourPop Lippie Pencil ($6 on their website) in the shade Brink  (terracotta rose) and then I filled in my lips with ColourPop Creme Lux Lipstick ($9 on their website) in the shade Hua Mulan (rosey pink).


Final Thoughts:

I purchased 3 styles of handmade false lashes from Obsidian Cosmetics US’s Etsy shop and I am so in love with them!!! The 3 styles I purchased was Barbie, Beauty Queen (the pair I am currently wearing), and Princess.  These are some super great quality synthetic fiber lashes! The bands are light and thin, the lashes themselves are extremely soft and light weight, they were easy to apply, and I did not have to cut them down at all. I can honestly say that Beauty Queen is hands down my favorite style of lashes I have ever tried! I so have to purchase more before she runs out! I would give these products a grade of A+++!!! They came super quick and packaged so cutely. I love indie brands and love to support home grown companies anytime I can and am very pleased with this purchase. Highly recommend this Etsy Shop. 

I am still awaiting my NYX order … It’s taking forever but I do understand that with this Covid-19 thing happening that the processing time is going to be slow.

Whilst I was re-organizing my makeup collection I set aside a few concealers and mascaras that I haven’t been liking much. I want to test them out over the next few weeks to see what if any I will be keeping or getting rid of…. more to come in a separate post about this.

Well that’s all for now dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health. Remember … Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.