My Little Makeup Nook

Hey doll hey!!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope ….

We finally moved our bedroom around and in doing so I have my very own makeup nook now!!! I am so in love with the set up. The only thing that I’m waiting for is to get new my new cubby shelf units in the same finish as the rest of my bedroom. I’ve decided to use some of my beauty budget from next month to get the units. Other than that this is the new set up! Let’s take a closer look at the collection….
I dedicated my baker’s rack to: On the first shelf my perfumes (because that corner is furthest from the window and will protect my perfumes’ integrity better)… next to that are pictures of my God Daughter and God Son, and next to that is a basket full of my AOA Studio Paw Paw Makeup Sponges. The next shelf is the 50th Celebration Disney Collector’s Plate that hubby purchased as an anniversary present when we were there for our anniversary that year, the vanilla chi candle I’m currently burning, my Lights Lacquer collection, and my beauty fridge (which has all of my current beauty serums and moisturizers). On the next shelf are all of my makeup brushes (minus the ones that I have on my vanity that I’ll be using for the week) and 3 tiny perfume bottles that my best friend, who pasted away last year, had given me 2 Christmas Eves ago and then on the final shelf is just a makeup train case that houses all of my Fibromyalgia and RA medication and a small hand held mirror. Right next to the baker’s rack are 3 pillows… the big yellow one was a stocking stuffer 2 Christmas ago from hubby, the little pink one was a Valentine’s gift from 9 years ago from hubby (we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day but he just saw the pillow and a fuzzy blanket that came with it and new I’d love it so he got it for me) and the dark brown one in the back is the pillow I use as a back drop for when I do swatches.
Right next to the baker’s rack I have these two nail polish racks that I’ve repurposed to be a face primer and foundation rack. The one on the top houses all of my primers (minus the one I have at my desk for tomorrow’s makeup application), a few of my back up setting sprays, a little sample of some face serum that I received as a gift with purchase from Beautylish, a liquid bronzer, I normally keep my 2 Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Light Wands on the top shelf as well (they are currently at my makeup vanity for tomorrow’s makeup look).
Underneath the face primers I keep my foundations (minus the one I will be using tomorrow and the Pixi by Petra one that I keep at my vanity because it doesn’t come with a cap and so I can’t store it up right).
My Alex 2 drawer desk that I purchased from Ikea . In the left drawer I keep all of my lashes, face masks, and the pencil sharpener form my eye pencils. In the right drawer I keep all of my concealers, under eye correctors, mascaras, eye liners, brow products, single eyeshadows, some lash glue, my Duraline, My lash primers, and my glitter primer. On top of the vanity I have my 2 spot lamps, there is a small picture of my best friend that committed suicide 7 years ago on the lamp on the right side, all of my tools (lash curler, beauty spatulas, ect), the brushes I’ll be using for the week, a little jar with makeup products that I want to make sure to use that are on the chopping block, a jar of q-tips, my face fan, 2 makeup sponges (I use one for cream contour/ cream bronzer and one for foundation and concealer), and 2 trays (the rose gold one on the left holds the makeup I’ve picked out for the day … I chose my makeup right before bed for the next day, since I’ve taken the past 2 days off from doing makeup it’s just sitting there waiting for tomorrow and the one on the right up against my big mirror holds my face essences, bioderma, hair skin and nails supplement, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, face sunscreen, face halo, a few reusable cotton rounds, rose and coconut water face spray, and my current setting spray (along with a small bag of candy that I keep at my desk for snacking on while I’m doing my makeup, and I also normally hold my current lip treatment balm in this tray but I forgot to pick it back in the tray so it’s just in front of it. Next to that basket I have a small jar with the Pixi foundation, my NYX pro foundation mixing mediums, and a pair of hair scissors. The last thing on my vanity is my battery powered 2 sided makeup mirror (I’m thinking I may replace it with a USB powdered vanity mirror in rose gold next month as well (depends on how much I have left in my beauty budget once I purchase the cubby units and a few makeup products). The chair I’m currently using I purchased off it’s called a Mainstays Vinyl and Mesh Task Office Chair and it’s offered in several colors.
This is the 2 (3) shelf units that a friend gave to me last weekend. They’re old and pretty beat up, but they will do for now. On the top of the left one I have my BlackWeb blue toothed speaker bomb, my crystal tear drop jewelry holder, all of my ColourPop lippie sticks that I purchased in the Big Box Of Lippie Stix Vault (currently sold out), and all of my ColourPop lippie pencils that I purchased in the BIg Box Of Lippie Pencils Vault (currently sold out). On the top on the right one I have all of my bullet style lipsticks, a picture of my God Son, my lip liners that are not by ColourPop, a small I love my wife plaque, and all of my lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. On the first 2 shelves of the left unit I have all of my eyeshadow palettes (peppered in with a few face palettes) on the first shelf of the right unit I have all of my bronzers and blushes (minus the one at my vanity for tomorrow), on the second shelf of the right I have all of my loose face powders (minus the one that’s at my vanity for tomorrow) 1 face palette, and my 3 big eyeshadow palettes, all of my highlighters (minus one that I have at my vanity for tomorrow) and all of my pressed face powders (minus the one I have at my vanity for tomorrow). On the last shelf of the right unit I have a small box with all of my extra face halos and reusable cotton rounds (and a small amount of extra AOA Studio makeup sponges that didn’t fit in the basket on my baker’s rack), the rest of my back up setting sprays, and a small container that holds my empties for my next empties post. On the last shelf of the right unit I have a basket full of my makeup back ups and my backup replacement brush heads for my Clarisonic face brush. I also have 3 stuffed bears that hubby has given to me over the years.

Well dolls… that’s my whole set up. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health.

Remember dolls …. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.