The Road to Beautiful (Tag)

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Hey doll hey!!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’ve been having a really bad fibro week so, except for 1 day, I haven’t been able to do my makeup …. that’s the reason most of my posts this week have been beauty tags.

Today I’m going to do the Road to Beautiful beauty tag that I saw on Youtube. I saw it on Glitzy Fritzy ‘s YouTube video call Road to Beautiful … What Do I Think … it’s a tag that was started by YouTuber Little Poet her original video is titled The Road To Beautiful Tag – Questions & Confessions.

So with out further ado let’s dive into this beauty tag….

Question #1 : When you were a little girl did you feel pretty? Were you ever teased in school and how did it affect you?

As a little girl I did feel pretty yes. I wasn’t really teased in school much, in my 3rd year I was and I never let it bother me. It wasn’t until middle school when I had gotten my palatal expander to realign my upper jaw and it created a gap in my front teeth… and I wasn’t really good at doing my hair (I have very curly hair and at the time it was short so I had a bit of an Afro) and my dad was super strict and would not let me shave my legs … so I was picked on a bit for all of that …. that made me feel a little bad but I didn’t let it change who I was so it did not truly effect me.

Question #2: Men find these 3 traits the most beautiful in a woman, do you agree with these finding bellow?

a) Having independence : Yes! I think there is a strength and a beauty in a woman that can stand on her own without the aid of a man. I am a strong believer that in a partnership a woman should be able to pull the same amount of weight as her male counterpart.

b) Being good at something : Not necessarily, not everyone has a talent and that’s OK. It’s OK to just be a good person without having to have a “claim to fame”.

c) Being kind and nurturing : ABSOLUTELY! There is great beauty in a woman with a kind soul and nurturing spirit.

Question #3: Why do you wear makeup? Do you feel pretty without it?

I wear makeup because I love the artistry of what makeup can achieve. It’s my way of expressing myself artistically (like a painter). Yes, I do feel pretty when I’m not wearing makeup … Makeup doesn’t define me … I define myself … makeup is just an expressional release for me.

Question #4: What is your favorite trait in a woman that makes her truly beautiful?

Kindness, the ability to love, and the strength to endure even in the face of adversity. I find that all 3 of these things are small parts of the whole.

Question #5: What is your least favorite trait in a woman?

When a woman tears down another woman just to make themselves feel more important.

Question #6: What is it like in America or in your country for a woman growing older? Is it easy for you or is it a fight to be seen, heard, and feel beautiful?

It can be a little frustrating as an aging woman, Americans place a big value on youth and youthfulness so as a woman in her late 40’s it can be sometimes tough to get people to take me seriously when it comes to makeup and beauty. I never feel like I have to fight to be seen or heard, just sometimes I have to fight to feel beautiful because as we age here in the US people over look us. I like to think I am growing old gracefully but there have been a few times when younger people have made me feel out of touch with the beauty community as a whole.

Question #7: When do you feel the most beautiful? Do you look at aging as a fork in the road of choice? ( example, one road being bitter or sad and another road being hopeful and confident?)

I feel my most beautiful when I’m laughing and having fun with my husband and friends. I feel that happiness is the best part of beauty. Yes I do think it’s a fork in the road … I choose to travel the road of hopefulness and confidence instead of dread and despair at growing older and while I do dye my hair … I don’t feel upset over the greys that pop up … they are a sign that I have lived and I have lived a fruitful life. Growing older doesn’t mean I have to look back on my life and feel sad or bitter that I’m not a spring chicken anymore. It allows me to redefine what superficial beauty really is.

Question #8: What are your goals in the next year for a more beautiful you and a more beautiful life?

I never set goals for this topic … I think beauty is a state of mind and if you have a good, healthy state of mind now … you don’t need to work so hard to maintain it … I think the best I can come up with is to just keep myself educated, continue to be kind and loving, and to always make sure I lift others up … I’m a firm believer that I should always help straighten the crown of other women … not tear them down … and If I can maintain that … that is true beauty.

Well dolls … those are my answers to this super unique beauty tag … what would be your answers?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health.

Remember …. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.

XOXO, Nita