Gold & Cranberry Soft Cut Crease Face of the Day

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m feeling better from my RFI treatment but I’m in a heap of Fibromyalgia pain.

My makeup didn’t turn out as good as I had imagined it but I think the colors together are really pretty. Also I’m wearing a ball cap because I can’t wear any hair products or wet my hair today because I’m dyeing my hair today but because I’m out of energy I am going to rest and do it an hour before bed tonight. In the meantime … I brushed out my hair, since it’s super curly it turned out super puffy and so today is a ball cap sort of day.

I am not wearing any perfume today because I used my favorite body wash and wanted that scent to linger (my favorite body was is Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel).

For today’s eye look I used Tarte Eye and Cheek Palette and a few shades from my Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette. Let’s dive into today’s Face of the Day …..


I primed my face using HourGlass Mineral Veil Primer ($54 at Sephora) and then a layer of VDL Lumilayer Primer ($32 at Ulta) and then prepped my pores using Tarte Clean Slate Timeless Smoothing Primer ($39 at Ulta and Sephora). I contoured using Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand ($38 at Sephora and on the Beautylish website) in the shade Medium/Deep. For foundation today I am wearing BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation ($44 at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Cashmere 1N3 (neutral beige, neutral undertones). I bronzed up the face using Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer ($32 at Sephora) in the shade 05 Teddy (tan skin tones). I highlighted the high points of my face using the BECCA Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter ($38 for 1.5 fluid ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Passion (pale, iridescent pearl that reflects gold). I color corrected using BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32 on their website) in the shade light/medium and then concealed my under eyes using BH Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer ($6 but on sale for $3 on their website) in the shade #111. I set my under eyes using ELF Smooth and Set Eye Powder ($4 on their website) in the color sheer. I set the rest of my face using ELF Halo Glow Setting Powder ($8 on their website) in the color Light. I touched up the bronzer on my face using the KVD Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette using the shade ShadowPlay (the 2nd shade of the 2nd row). For touch ups I am using Catrice Cosmetics Prime & Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder ($7.49 at Ulta).


I set my brows using Believe Beauty Eyebrow Styling Gel ($4 only at Dollar General Stores) in clear and then filled in my bows using ELF Lock On Liner & Brow Cream ($4 on their website) in the shade Medium Brown.  I carved out my brows and primed my lids using the P.Louise Base ($10 GBP/ $12.79 USD on their website) in the shade #02 Rumour. For today’s eye look I used the Tarte Treasures Collector’s Palette (was $50 and is no longer avaible was Limited Edition) and a few shades from my Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette (discontinued). I started with the Tarte Palette and set my brow line using the shade Wonderland (a creamy vanilla – matte). For my transition shade I used the color Nutmeg (camel tan – matte). For the outer 1/3 of my mobile lid and the outer v of the crease I used the shade Hot Cocoa & Chill (dusty chocolate brown – satin). To deepen the very outer part of the outer v of the crease I used a combo of the shade Giving (a deep mulberry – matte) and the shades Faith (medium yellow base tan – matte), Lockout (dusty dark brown – matte), and BlackJack (dusty black – matte). I cut the crease on the inner 2/3 of the mobile lid using more of the P.Louise Base ($10 GBP/ $12.79 USD on their website) in the shade #02 Rumour. For the inner 1/3 of the cut creased mobile lid I used the shade Gilded (a true deep gold – metallic). For the middle 1/3 of the cut creased mobile lid I used the shade Cranberry Kiss (bright cranberry pink – metallic). I then used the shade Buttered Rum (Slight Golden Champagne – metallic) to blur the demarcation line between the inner and middle 1/3 of the mobile lid. For the lower lash line I used the residual shadow from the transition brush and also the outer v brush. I then highlighted the inner corners of my eyes using the 2 highlighter shades Glow SZN (Champagne) and Drippin’ (Light Gold) from the Tarte Palette. I tight lined my upper lash line using Sephora 12HR Colorful Contour Eye Pencil ($11 at Sephora) in the shade Cocoa (Chocolate Brown) and tight lined the lower water line using Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner ($26 at Sephora) in the shade Sunset 74 (golden bronze shimmer). I did two coats of ColourPop BFF Mascara ($8 on their website) in the shade Black on Black.

Cheeks and Lips:

For blush today I chose the 1st shade of the 1st row (the coral shade) of the ELF Cream Blush Palette ($8 at Ulta and on the ELF website) and then set that with a slight tap of the shade Always Nice (poppy pink – shimmer) from the Tarte Palette. I touched up my highlighter on the high points of my face and my Cupid’s Bow using the shade Glow SZN (Champagne) from the Tarte Palette. I lined and filled in my lips using ColourPop Lippie Pencil ($6 on their website) in the shade I Heart This (red fuchsia). I topped that with Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick ($34 at Sephora) in the shade Glastonberry (a deep berry – matte)and tapped on a bit of lip balm.

Final Thoughts:

I give this foundation a grade of A++ : BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation ($44 at Ulta and Sephora). It comes in 42 shades (14 shades for light, medium, and deep skin tones). It’s billed as a lightweight, full-coverage foundation for up to 24-hour wear with a breathable, natural finish that’s good for blemish-prone skin.

I didn’t like this foundation the first time I tried it. I found it too thick and heavy on the face. It settled into my pores and just did not sink well into the skin. However, I tried it again today using my new foundation routine and was able to get it to look beautiful on the skin now. It still feels a little heavy on the skin but doesn’t look heavy on the skin…. because I can feel it on my face I couldn’t give it my highest rating however I think I would like to use this one again. I am not sure if I will ever purchase the full sized bottle, mainly because I have so many foundations and already have a BECCA foundation I am using …. perhaps sometime in the future I may but for now I’m happy just to use the sample size that I have.

I placed all my beauty buys for the month of August. In total I spent 532.41 (including taxes and shipping going over my beauty budget for the month by $32.41…. however I did the flex pay option for most of these purchases … so I only truly spent $234 out of pocket leaving me $266 left in my beauty budget …. however I will let that roll over to next month).

The first purchases I made were from Beautylish :

I purchased the HourGlass Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss in the shade Solar (coral), The HourGlass Vanish Airbrush Concealer in the shade Creme, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in the shade Girly (coral), a Double Z Palette and a Large Z Palette, Good Molecules Silicone Free Priming Moisturizer, and the following 4 Natasha Denona Mini Palettes:

Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette

The shades from left to right are: Orion (deep blue brown – duo-chrome), Atika (sandy beige – matte), Bellatrix (rose gold – metallic), Earth (dark chocolate brown – matte), and Cosmo (golden olive – metallic)

Natasha Denona Mini Nude Palette

The shades from left to right are: Bronzage (bronze – metallic), Quion (peachy tan – creamy matte), Lumino (pinkish white – metallic), Sienna (copperish champagne with a silver flip – metallic), and Soil (deep reddish brown – creamy matte).

Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette

The shades from left to right are: Lodge (creamy deep grey toned beige – matte), Dark Sepia (deep brown – shimmer), D’Or (rich gold – metallic), Bia (soft olive green – matte), and Antheia (golden green – duo-chrome)

Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette

The shades from left to right are: Golden Flesh (bronzed gold – metallic), Harlow (dark beige – matte), Anjo (cool grey brown – metallic), Seed (deep brown – matte), and Faye (sparkling champagne – metallic).

The next order I placed with through Alter Ego.

I purchased the 8 piece Eye Brush Collection, a pair of false lashes in the styles Flare, Plush, and Hipster, a matte liquid lipstick in the shade Crush (pinkish coral), the eye shade base, and the following 2 palettes:

Goddess 15 Pan Palette (This is a spot on dupe for the Natasha Denona Gold Palette)

The shades from left to right and up to down are: Artemis (peacock blue – metallic), Athena (rich mustard – matte), Pandora (sheer champagne – metallic), Iris (cool yellow beige – matte), Lyssa (cool bronze gold – metallic), Aura (medium brown – metallic), Hera (warm pink beige – matte), Valkyrie (green-toned gold – metallic), Gaia (deep teal – matte), Venus (warm gold – metallic), Freya (sheer vanilla gold – metallic), Juno (medium brown – matte), Luna (cool gold – metallic), Avalon (dark brown – matte), and Cassandra (golden apricot & green – duo-chrome).

Artemis 28 Pan Palette (This is a spot on dupe , plus extra shades for the Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette)

The shades from left to right and up to down are: Hunt (sun yellow – matte), Provoke (copper with flecks brown – metallic), Entice (smooth sand – matte), Obscure (pale taupe – metallic), Ravage (coral pink – metallic), Catch (shimmering gold – metallic), Trap (soft orange – matte), Silent (olive green – matte), Scent (gold with flecks of copper – metallic), Camouflage (light sparkling gold – metallic), Victory (sparkling azure blue – metallic), Stalk (peach pink – metallic), Quiver (neutral brown – matte), Snare (warm, musky orange – matte), Thrill (soft chocolate brown – metallic), Spear (radiant yellow – metallic), Chase (taupe – metallic), Pursuit (dark turquoise – metallic), Captivate (soft brown – metallic), Pluck (bronze with warm undertone – luxe metallic), Bow (gloomy navy – matte), Ambush (mystifying navy – matte), Prowl (tobacco greyish brown – metallic), Stealth (dark green – matte), Pounce (soft orange – metallic), Lure (deep walnut – metallic), Conquer (deep red – metallic), and Quest (dazzling olive with soft taupe undertones – metallic)

My next order I placed was from ColourPop.

I purchased another Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer in the shade 30N, the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Foundation in 2 shades : 30N and 20N (I couldn’t decide which would be the right shade), an Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Spacemaker (pinky coral), an Ultra Blotted Liquid Lip in the shade Doozy (warm rose), (1) 12 pan build it yourself palette with the shades : Baseline (periwinkle – metallic), Tiki (warm yellow with flecks of gold – sequin), Formation (teal – matte), Kk (orchid – matte), Friendly (lavender lilac – matte), Oh Ship (bright orange red – matte pressed pigment), Hop On (true red – matte pressed pigment), For Shore (neon warm pink – matte pressed pigment), Flowerboy (hot peachy pink – matte), Say I Do  (baby pink – matte), Bratty (vivid orange – matte), and Monarch (cool toned pink with a silvery sheen – metallic). And the following 4 palettes….

Through My Eyes Palette

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: lucido (light gold – metallic), wild soul (dusty mustard yellow -matte), mesmer-eyez (orange gold – metallic), sandalwood (soft light beige – matte), in a wink (soft pastel peach – matte), euphoric (bright true orange – matte), canela (soft terracotta sprinkled with gold glitter – sequin), lomo (bright coral red – metallic), emerald dream (vivid emerald green – metallic), muze (bright warm gold sprinkled with silver glitter – sequin), divina (deep blackberry -matte), flecks (icy taupe packed with silver glitter – sequin), nostalgia (mid-tone warm rose – matte), moody (rich forest green – matte), nocturne (rosy red – metallic) and missbehave (rich wine red – matte)

Wild Nothing Palette

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: crystal cove (warm ivory with pinpoints of silver and gold pearl – sequin),
salton (white gold with pinpoints of gold and silver pearl – metallic), coastline (icy tangerine – metallic), top down (peach – matte), morningside (muted peach – matte), seashells (icy moss with pinpoints of silver pearl – metallic), alcove (icy orange with pinpoints of silver and pink pearl – metallic), spirited (warm taupe with pinpoints of silver and gold pearl – metallic), vagabond (warm saddle brown – matte), hot springs (soft berry with pinpoints of silver and gold pearl – sequin), come together (mid-tone brown – matte), and no bounds (blackened brown – matte).

Garden Variety Palette

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: deserted (ivory – matte),
herbivore (pastel peach with silver and gold pearl – sequin), synergy (icy pink with a teal shift – metallic), wavelength (opal with a gold shift – metallic), prickly please (pastel coral – matte), third eye (soft green gold -metallic), best buds (icy vibrant green – metallic), smudge off (pinky purple with silver pearl – metallic), don’t leaf (soft coral with pink, silver, and gold pearl – metallic), over the bloom (true coral with silver and gold pearl – sequin), stay sharp (warm mid-tone brown – matte), succa 4 u (brown plum with silver and gold pearl – sequin), stuck on you (plum – matte),
clay day (dusty rose with silver and gold pearl – sequin), and root ‘em up (green brown – matte).

So Jaded Palette

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: diamond (icy champagne with blue reflects – metallic), rose quartz (soft neutral mauve – matte), ruby (crimson red – metallic), royal jewels (neutral peach – matte), fluorite (icy lavender with a pale green flip – metallic), moonstone (silvery taupe with purple and blue sparkle – metallic), my precious (pale peach – matte), sunstone (pale peach – metallic), pearl (pale gold – metallic), citrine (true mustard yellow – matte), garnet (garnet red – matte), ametrine (dusty mauve purple with golden flecks – sequin), peridot (bright chartreuse – metallic), you’re a gem (burnt terracotta – matte), topaz (bronze with copper flecks – pressed glitter), tiger eye (antique bronze – metallic), opal (multidimensional silver with multicolored flecks – pressed glitter), aquamarine (icy baby blue – metallic), geo dude (mid-tone neutral yellow brown – matte), carnelian (brunt orange – matte), stoned (cool deep brown – matte), jasper (red brown – matte), turquoise (true turquoise – metallic), onyx (charcoal with silver pearl – sequin), emerald (true emerald – metallic), jade (olive green – matte), alexandrite (eggplant – metallic), smoky quartz (icy taupe – metallic), amethyst (vibrant purple – metallic), and sapphire (navy blue – matte).

And that is all for my beauty buys for the month of August … it’s very eyeshadow palette heavy, I know, but I haven’t really purchased eye palettes in a little while so I thought it was time to pick some new ones up.

Well that’s all dolls. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good health and spirits.

Remember …. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.

XOXO, Nita