The Drug Store Makeup Tag

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing pretty well today.

I was catching up on YouTube and came across a new fun makeup tag that I wanted to do…. I originally saw it on Jessica Braun ‘s video titled There’s a lot happening at the drugstore right now…. Drugstore Makeup Tag. She included 4 additional questions to the original tag that was created by Jen Phelps in her video titled THE DRUGSTORE MAKEUP TAG! đź’ś .

So let’s dive into this fun little tag ….

1. If you could only use one drugstore/affordable brand, what would it be?

Not only is it super affordable with nothing being over $5, but it’s also really incredible quality! I have yet to try something from this brand that hasn’t been a grand slam home run for me!

2. What’s the most underrated drugstore/affordable brand?

Catrice really does have some amazing products. Their eyeshadow quality is sublime and their HD Foundation is so pretty. So far everything I’ve tried from Catrice I love.

3. What’s the most overrated drugstore/affordable brand?

Milani for me is just hit or miss. There are some really great finds but there are also some really bad flops too. Their Conceal and Perfect 2-in-1 foundation isn’t as great as it seems to be hyped up to be, the eyeshadow quality varies from palette to palette, some of their releases have just been boring … I just don’t really get the hype around this brand.

4. What is your favorite drugstore product under $5

Eyebrow Styling Gel by Believe Beauty is freaking amazing!!! I will never again purchase a high end brow gel because this one is just absolutely perfection.

5. What is a hidden gem from the drugstore that no one talks about?

No one ever talks about this mascara and it’s a really great one! I get great volume and length and it doesn’t flake or smear or transfer and it holds a curl all day.

6. What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?

Believe Beauty Skin Finish Foundation. Hands down the best foundation on the market (both high end and drug store! It’s full coverage, has a satin finish, lasts all day (even in the Florida heat), and never lets me down.

7. What products do you tend to buy more at the drugstore vs. high-end?

8. What drugstore brand do you think is overpriced?

Hands down the most overpriced and over hyped brand on the market. This is another one again that is hit or miss… some of the products are good – but in my opinion not good enough to warrant such a high price tag.

9. What’s your favorite drugstore dupe?

Hands down my favorite dupe of this year has been the Alter Ego Artemis Palette. It’s a dupe for the Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette. But as a bonus you get extra shades in the Artemis palette. The quality of the shadows and pigmentation is amazing.

10. What’s the best drugstore eyeshadow formula?

Hands down the winner of the best eyeshadow formula at a drug store price is ColourPop! I have more ColourPop in my collection than any other drug store brand … and for good reason. The quality, pigmentation, and uniqueness of ColourPop’s shadows is beyond comparison.

11. What’s the worst drugstore eyeshadow formula?

Every eyeshadow I have tried has been a flop. They are dry, poorly pigmented, patchy, dusty, and just really terrible.

12. Drugstore brand you used to love but aren’t crazy about anymore?

I use to be such a NYX junkie that I would go to visit the NYX store at least 4 times a week to buy something. There was a time when I had a whole drawer in my dresser filled with NYX products.

13. Drugstore product you didn’t expect to like but totally wowed you?

The ELF Cream Blush Palette in the color story Soft. When I first purchased this one I really thought I would end up hating it. It looked dull and lackluster and at first glace looked like it would be dry and stiff. This is the most amazing cream blush formula ever and the shades are just super pretty on the cheeks.

14. Favorite affordable eyeshadow palette right now?

The palette I build myself from ColourPop … It has all the shades I could ever need from brow bone to intense glam shadows. I could use this palette everyday for 6 months and never have the same look twice.

The additional questions Jessica added for fun:

15. What brand is most improved?

ELF has 100% improved through the years. The quality has become so great that , at times, their products rival some of the higher end brands. I have grown into my love for makeup with ELF … it was the first real “boutique” style makeup I ever tried.

16. Best new line of products released at the drugstore?

17. Brand you feel like is dying out?

When I was in high school Almay was really a big deal. Now a days they don’t really seem to have any traction.

18. Drugstore product you’ve loved for years?

Well, that’s all for now dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health. What would be your picks for this tag?

XOXO, Nita