New Beauty Room Set up

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m still not feeling very well, very low energy/very high pain.

What little energy I had left I used to set up my new beauty room …. I now have a dedicated space for all my makeup and blogging needs with enough room left for growth.

The first picture is my vanity that now sits across from the window in this room. There is a space next to the vanity on the left side that is open for more shelves or perhaps I will get an Alex drawer unit for that area. The second picture (on the right at the top) is of the longest wall of the room and you can see there is a huge area right next to the shelving units where I fully intend to place a cute little chair. Right at the window (although from this picture you can’t really see it) is my blogging desk that sits right at the window (I still need to purchase some cute little curtains). On the final wall I placed my baker’s rack where I keep my perfumes, skin care fridge, nail polishes, extra makeup brushes, clean beauty towels to use to wipe my brushes off on in between uses, and on the bottle level (which can not bee seen from this angle) I keep an empty cardboard box to store used beauty towels, my 2 decorative pillows hubby purchased for me a few years ago, the pillow I use to take pictures of my hauls, and another cardboard box which I use to store brushes that need to be cleaned (since I have such a vast makeup brush collection I rotate through the collection and wash my used brushes every 3rd or 4th rotation).

I’m looking to get some super cute wall art up on the walls and a super cute area rug, along with some floor throw pillows and potted plants.

I love this set up so much more. Before the set up was a little nook style set up in my bedroom and now I have a whole room dedicated to beauty and that makes me happy.

XOXO, Nita