My Mask Proof Makeup Routine

Hey doll hey!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday but still am feeling a bit sluggish.

I’m not sure if I will have the energy it takes to do my makeup still, but just in case I have set up 2 new posts scheduled for Sunday and Monday just in case I can’t do a Face of the Day post for a few more days.

I had a request from a friend called Shelby from twitter for a post on how I manage to keep my makeup from smudging away when I’m wearing a mask and she also asked for a how to do a Florida humidity proof makeup.

So let’s start with my mask friendly makeup routine….

I start by stating:

  • I am not a professional makeup artist
  • I am only showing how I do my makeup to keep it from smearing under my mask … this isn’t the only way there is but it’s the way I do it and that is what i was asked to write about so here we are…
  • Any items I suggest are just simply items I have tested extensively and have found them to be the best for the out come I am looking for… I am in no way affiliated nor am I sponsored by the companies and products I suggest.
  • Please note that there is still a very light amount of makeup that gets on my mask 😷 but its the slightest bit of makeup that does. Normally this happens when I’ve scratched my nose or had a sneeze but other than that this routine is basically indestructible.

Believe it or not the way in which you prep your skin for your makeup can be the key to longevity for both a mask wearer and someone in the Florida humidity.

How I prep for mask days:

  • I start by double cleansing my face (typically I don’t double cleanse in the A.M. but I find this helps keep a grip on the products I will be putting on later). I first use Bioderma and then I use a foaming gel wash (It has to be a foaming one … it’s not a hydrating but that’s what I go for when I’m trying to keep my makeup in place)
  • I then follow up with my daily skin care routine …. An update to my routine is coming soon.
  • I then wait 1 hour before I put my sunscreen on (this gives the skin plenty of time to absorb and retain all that skin loving goodness I just slathered all over my face).
  • I then wait 15 minutes for the sunscreen to sink in before moving to a prep spray.
  • When the 15 minutes are up I spray my face with a mattifying spray.
This is the spray I use it’s called Matte Blotting Mist by E.L.F. it’s $8 for 3.8 fluid ounces of product on their website

I spray a very light layer and I let it dry completely before I move in with the next step.

Before I go in and start my makeup I take advantage of the fact that my skin is matte from the prep spray and I apply my 1st primer…. this is normally a moisturizing primer that I will apply all over the face … under and on the the eyelids as well.

  • I always start with my brows and eyes first so that if there is any correcting needed I can simply take a small amount of the primer I just used to clean up the area that needs it (I learned this trick from makeup artist Robert Welsh from YouTube).
  • Before I begin to apply my complexion products I will spray the face from nose to chin (including my cheeks) with the mattifying spray again (this time a little heavier than before … but don’t over do it) and I let that completely dry down.
  • I then use an illuminating primer for my face from bridge of nose to forehead (and the high points of the cheek bones…. think the area where you blush and highlight) and for the face from bellow the bridge of the nose to chin (including the lower area of the cheeks… think the area were you contour and bronze) I use a sticky primer … currently my 2 favorites are E.L.F. Jelly Pop Dew Primer and Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer.
  • I will immediately go in with my foundation. On days when I want the maximum pay off that stays put I ALWAYS use a dense foundation brush and I try to avoid foundations that are dewy… opting for a demi matte or full matte foundation instead.
  • I then go through and do my cream contour, bronzer and highlight for the upper part of my face …. I leave the mask region untouched until a bit later.
  • I then go in and do my cream blush and concealer. (I do not conceal around my mouth or chin area on days when I’m wearing a mask … the extra cream products will only make the makeup slip and smudge)
  • I then will go in and spray face with a non dewy setting spray (I don’t like matte setting sprays because they tend to leave little white splotches behind so I instead go for a long wear setting spray such as Urban Decay All Nighter Long Last Makeup Setting Spray (note: the original not the glow setting spray)or the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray Prime + Correct + Set (note: the original NOT the illuminating one). I will let this setting spray lightly set and then dampen my beauty sponge with a bit more of the setting spray and bounce the sponge over the whole face. This helps push the foundation and other cream products into the skip better creating a barrier between the foundation and cream products and the powder products I will use next.
  • I then set my whole face with powder (for mask days my favorite 2 options are Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder and NYX Stay Matte Powder Foundation.
  • I will then go in and use a powder contour and bronzer for the hollows of my cheeks (the area where the masks touches) and I go in with a powder blush and lightly dust a bit over the lowest part of the cheek bones (that’s typically where my masks rests).
  • I will then spray my lower half of my face with the E.L.F. Matte Blotting Mist 1 last time and this time I will let it set all the way down before bouncing my beauty sponge over the entire mask area 1 last time to seal in the set. (if I’m going to be out and about for more than a few hours I will normally follow the blotting mist with the lightest of layers of hairspray … yes I know … it’s not for the face but it’s a tip I picked up from Drag world and darn it if it doesn’t work the best).
  • I then will go in with a lip liner that I’ll fill my whole lip in with and than add just a hing of matte lipstick over the middle of the lips. (there are times I will just skip a lippie and go for a balm instead).

There you have it dolls …my full proof mask approved makeup tricks. (I typically get a good 5 hours wear with these method …. this is also a good routine to use if you want to beat the humidity … although it’s not the method I use …. since more often than not I prefer a dewy or satin foundation as opposed to a demi or full matte foundation).

Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health.

XOXO, Nita