Humidity Friendly Makeup Routine

Hey doll hey!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing OK.

I was asked by a friend on twitter called Shelby how I keep my makeup from going up in flames during the thick Florida humidity. Basically what I do to keep my makeup from melting off my face is…

  • I double prime my face… I use a moisturizing primer first and then I use either a glowy primer (if I’m feeling sassy) or a mattifying primer (like the Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer in smoothing). I apply the first primer and let it seep into my skin whilst I do my brows (which I always use a pomade during the humid months as it doesn’t slip and slide all over the place once set with a brow gel) and eyeshadow. I then spray my eyeshadow with a matte setting spray (I make sure to only set the eyeshadow and not the whole face.) I will then grab a little bit of the same primer I used in my first step (the moisturizing primer) and I use it to clean up the under eye area of any eyeshadow fallout and I use it to shape my outer part of my eyeshadow to create a more crisp outer edge. I will then go in with my glowy or matte primer and I will let that sit for 5 minutes before moving on.
  • I do my cream contour and then I apply my foundation (always with a foundation brush in tapping a slight buffing motions).
  • I spray my whole face with my setting spray (making sure to get a nice amount on) and then I spritz my beauty sponge maybe 2 times with the same spray and pick up whatever is left of my foundation off my palette and I wait maybe 30 seconds and then bounce the sponge all over the face to push the foundation and cream contour into the skin more. This helps the foundation look seamless and smoother. It also helps lock that setting spray into the foundation better.
  • I then move on to the rest of my cream products…. bronzer, highlighter, blush, and then concealer (always in this order… I find that this helps me get a more cohesive look).
  • I will then take the tip of my beauty sponge and spritz it with my setting spray and tap in on the back of my hand a few times to get out any excess setting spray and then I pat that tip onto my under eyes to help meld the concealer into the under eye area better. I then immediately dip the other side of the tip of the sponge into a loose powder and pat that into the under eyes to set that concealer. TIP: the best way to find a loose setting powder that is perfect for the under eye is to tap a little bit into the palm of your hand, hold your hand out in front of you and blow the powder off your palm… if it dissipates into the air it’s the perfect weight and texture for your under eyes, if it immediately floats down it’s way too heavy for this delicate eye area
  • I then set the rest of my face with a loose powder (in the humidity skip a pressed powder and go for a more high impact coverage that isn’t going to cake up… think Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder or E.L.F. Loose Setting Powders – the Halo one is AMAZING).
  • I will then use a powdered version of my products to help support their staying powder… bronzer, blush, and then highlighter (yes… in that order, the order helps ensure you don’t end up looking like you have stripes of Neapolitan ice cream on your face).
  • I will then opt for a water proof mascara (the only time I use a waterproof mascara is when I’ll be out in the humidity or if there is a reason I will be crying, say a funeral or wedding).
    I skip liquid liner when I’ll be out in the soupy mess that is Florida humidity and opt instead for a powder product (such as a dark eyeshadow or a cake eyeliner instead).
  • I will then set my whole face with setting spray (a liberal amount of it… you should be able to feel the spray on your skin… don’t skimp on the spray it’s your best friend to beat the humity with after all) I will then use my hand held makeup fan to set the spray down to almost dry… you need it to be the slightest bit damp… then grab your beauty sponge give it a quick 2 or 3 squirts of setting spray and pounce it lightly over the enter face (don’t forget the undereye area).
  • Once the face is completely dry and set take a hint of pressed powder and press it into the sides of your nose for added reinforcement.
  • I typically take a touch up powder with me… but often find that I don’t need to use it hardly ever with all the steps I’ve already done.
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There you have it… my full proof HUMITY busting makeup routine.

XOXO, Nita