Best in Beauty and Life Style 2020… My Favorites of the Year

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I woke up in tremendous physical pain but mentally I’m starting to feel better… I’m not completely out of the woods just now but I am starting to feel motivated again.

It’s the last day of December of the year of groans (A.K.A. Viruses, Natural Disasters, Hurt and Heartbreaks …. thank GOODNESS it’s over) and that means it’s time for me to inventory my makeup collection … take a look at what worked and what didn’t really make the cut … see what might need to be removed because it’s expired and see what needs to be replaced… So I decided to put out my Best of 2020 Favorites whilst I work on my inventory.

Last year’s Best of Beauty was published 1/2/20 and can be found HERE. Unlike last year this year’s Best in Beauty does not have winners in some categories … not because I didn’t enjoy products in those categories… it’s just simply that nothing in those categories stood out as a clear winner for the year.

* Please note that my 2020 favorites are just the things I’ve enjoyed in 2020 and are not necessarily things that came out in 2020*

So let’s jump into the winners for 2020

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Up First : Life Style Favorites:

  1. Favorite Candle of 2020:
Sadly no longer available. Thank goodness I purchased 3.

The Strawberry Pound Cake 3 Wick Candle from Goose Creek is a 14.5 ounce lead free cotton wick, soy blend candle that has 35+ hours of burn time. The scent notes are: At the top: Dense Strawberry Cake and Vanilla… In the Middle: Sugary Icing and Mixed Berries… and the candle rounds out with base note of: Vanilla Bean Sugar. Goose Creek’s 14.5 ounce 3 wick candles run for $24.99 however Goose Creek does run sales frequently and I got mine when I placed a huge first order for 50% off. The throw on the Goose Creek candles, in my opinion, is better than the throw you get with the Bath and Body work candles because the throw is cleaner (without after scent) and lingers longer when candle is extinguished. The throw on these candles is so powerful that if I light a candle in my bedroom (which is at the back of my house, down a small hallway) I can still catch the scent in my dining room which is 2 rooms over. Goose Creek (a family owned brand located in Liberty Kentucky)sells candles, wax melts, room sprays, body lotions, hand creams, hand soaps and hand sanitizers in both the U.S. and in 6 European Countries (the U.K., Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Belgium).

2. Favorite Decorative Item of 2020:

EQUSUPRO Glass Wax Tart Burner $23 on Amazon

This wax tart burner is handmade glass 4.5×5.8 inches long and ways about 1 pound and has a 120 volt power cord. This is a light bulb wax warmer that throws soft light throughout the room and also works well with fragrance oils. It’s made of multiple-color glass and since they are handmade the each are different with unique patterns.

3. Favorite Household Helper of 2020:

Ready America Museum Gel $23 on Amazon

Museum Gel is a clear adhesive gel that is removable, reusable, and non-toxic and won’t stain or otherwise mark furniture or walls. I use it to keep my utensil storage from moving around in the drawers, to keep my place mats on my dining table from moving around, and I use it in my beauty room to keep my makeup storage from shifting around on the shelves and in my drawers. This stuff works so well that it even keeps my drawer liners from shifting around and curling up. I have also used this gel to temporarily tack notes to my makeup mirror for projects I’m working on. Most recently I used it to temporarily tack blanks (place holders for pictures) on my walls in my beauty room for my remodel for 2021’s new beauty room look. This stuff is amazing. It’s not sticky in anyway and yet still manages to hold things in place perfectly.

4. Favorite Kitchen Gadget of 2020:

Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Electric Stand Mixer (I got it on Amazon on sale for $99.99 original price $149.99 but can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond for the $99.99)

2020 has been the year of self exploration … and in doing so I have learned I have a passion for baking!!! This was my birthday present back in September and I have used it at least 4 times a week since receiving it! This one came with a whisk, dough hook and a splatter shield. It has a tilt-able head and 8 speeds. It has made baking such a joy… I wasn’t able to makeup breads and rich pastries because I can’t hand knead for very long because of my Fibromyalgia and having this mixer has meant the world to me!!

5. Favorite Book of 2020:

The Mortal Instruments Series

I have done a ton of reading this year. I was reintroduced to Mortal Instruments book series this year and haven’t been able to put Cassandra Clare’s works down! My favorite book of the whole series is The Red Scrolls of Magic because of the interactions between Magnus and Alec … In the book series Magnus and Alec are my favorite love pair (in the tv series it’s actually Jace and Clary) and this book is all Magnus and Alec and I just couldn’t put it down. The mortal Instruments series is a Y.A. series that is all about the magic realm and a race of 1/2 Angles 1/2 humans called Shadow Hunters that protect regular humans (which are called mundanes in the series). If you only read 1 Y.A. series this new year …. PLEASE make it the Mortal Instruments series … I promise you wont be disappointed.

6. Favorite Movie of 2020:

Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a Korean Zombie movie that was first released in 2016 that centers around a father and is daughter trying to escape the zombie apocalypse on a train that is overrun by zombies. This year was the year I decided to watch more international horror movies … I’ve always loved Japanese horror films but rarely have I ventured past that for my foreign horror fix. This movie is phenomenal!!! It’s well written, excellently directed, and superbly acted!!! I am dying to see it’s sequel… which I will be watching this weekend. If you are a zombie lover and don’t mind subtitles (which were very easy to follow in this movie) than Train to Busan is perfect for you.

7. Favorite Show of 2020:

ShadowHunters on Hulu

I know this one is a bit of a cheat because actually started watching this last year and dropped off and then picked it back up this year on Hulu… but SHADOWHUNTERS I think will always be my favorite TV show of life!!! It’s perfectly written and expertly acted! ABC Family/Freeform did an amazing job casting for this show. Trust me you wont be disappointed this show is amazing! It’s based on the Mortal Instruments book series and does an amazing job at adding little Easter eggs to the books. You can catch it now on Hulu.

8. Favorite Song of 2020:

Gone too Soon by Andrew Jannakos

I first learned about Andrew Jannakos through TikTok a few months ago. He was on the show called the Voice and has an amazing Country vibe to him. This song is so soothing and I love the hook!

8. Favorite Homemade Goodie of 2020:

Homemade puff pastry and Guava!! I love these with coffee and has always wanted to try and make homemade puff pastry and I have got to tell ya…. WAY BETTER than store bought pastry. I make Pastel de Guava at least 2 times a week. The pastry takes 2 days to make so I typically make triple batches so that I can have the pastry on hand ready for the Guava goodness!

9. Favorite Gift of 2020:


I know… I know, I’ve only just received him but I wanted this little cutie since February so it counts and a 2020 favorite!! He is just so stinkin’ cute that I just cant stand it.

Next, Top 7 Favorite Face of the Day Looks of 2020:

  1. Favorite Glam Look of 2020
This was the look I did for my Mature Beauty Series.

I did this look for the Glam post of my Makeup for Mature Beauties series. I did this one on 10/9/2020 and it was the first time I nailed a halo eye look. I’d been practicing halo eyes most of the year and then finally this day it was perfect.

2. Favorite Smokey Eye Look of 2020:

This look was created on 8/26/2020 and was titled Smoky Berry Eyed . There is so much depth in this eye look that I recreated it several times when wanting a smoky eye look.

3. Favorite Fall Inspired Look of 2020:

This look was created on 6/10/2020 and was titled Sunset Inspired. I’ve always loved sunset shadow looks. There is such a warmth to them.

4. Favorite Everyday Look of 2020:

This look was created on 7/29/2020 and was titled Simple Everyday Makeup. Most of the times when I do an everyday look I don’t ad as much depth to the outer v as I did with this one. I really loved how subtly understated the look was.

5. Favorite YouTube Inspired Look of 2020:

This look was created on 8/13/2020 and was titled YouTube Inspired. I did a bunch of YouTube inspired work this year but the one that stood out the most to me was this one inspired by Kathleen Lights. This was another of this year’s looks that I wore more than once.

6. Favorite Colorful Look of 2020:

This look was created on 9/13/2020 and was titled Peacock Inspired. With all the colorful looks I did over the past few years this one by far is hands down my favorite ever. It was super fun to create and hubby really liked it too.

7. Favorite Ethereal Look of 2020:

This look was created on 9/8/2020 and was titled 2nd Look Featuring The ColourPop Wild Nothing Palette. I just oved how light and airy this look turned out.

And Finally, Favorite Beauty Products of 2020:

  1. Favorite Primer of 2020:
Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Always An Optimist Illuminating Primer $26 for .94 fluid ounces of product at Sephora *travel size option available*

The Always An Optimist Primer is billed as a weightless, silicone-free, water-based gel primer enriched with ultra-fine pearls for a lit-from-within glow that hydrates and illuminates and has a botanical blend of lotus, gardenia and white waterlily. It is simply put perfection in a bottle. It gives a glow from within look to the face that is simply sublime. I purchased it back in September and had to repurchase it when I ran out because I just couldn’t stand being without it. It helps foundation stay put all day, is light weight and super hydrating. When I first reviewed this one I gave it my highest rating of A+++!!! and at the end of the year I stand by this grading. If I could grade it higher I would it’s like I said perfection in a bottle.

2. Favorite Foundations of 2020: * I have 3 for the year*

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation $29 for 1 fluid ounce of product at Sephora

Liquid Touch is billed as a weightless foundation with concentrated pigments packed in a serum-like base that feels barely there while providing buildable medium-to-full coverage with a natural finish with a botanical blend of lotus, gardenia and water lily, featuring a convenient doe foot applicator that comes in 48 shades…18 of which are for deeper skin. I had originally graded this foundation a A+++!!! and I stand by that grade. It’s just such a beautiful finish as long as you use a denser foundation brush to apply it. It’s ok with a sponge but this serum foundation is very light weight and a sponge sheers it out a bit. I prefer a denser brush to a sponge but it’s nice to have a foundation that I could use and have it be full coverage when I want or sheer when I’m just running errands. There is a strong reason this is my ONLY primer pick for 2020, it’s that damn good.

 Fenty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation $35 for 1.8 fluid ounces of product at Sephora.

Pro Filt’r is billed as a hydrating, natural finish foundation that delivers comfortable, long-wear in medium-to-full coverage perfect for normal to dry skin. This foundation comes in 50 shades with 16 shades for deep skin tones, 17 shades for medium skin tones, and 14 shades for lighter skin tones. I had given this foundation a solid A+++!!! and I stand by that grade. I believe my review said Oh my sweet baby unicorns!!! This foundation is AMAZING, PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL!!!”. My makeup looks “Chef’s Kiss” every single time I use this foundation… so much so that I’ve gone through 2 since July of this year… and I have heaps of foundation and still cant put this one down.

Believe Beauty Skin Finish Foundation: $5 for .85 fluid ounces only at Dollar General Stores.

Skin Finish comes in 18 shades with 5 for deeper skin tones and is billed as a medium to full coverage foundation that blends effortlessly for a flawless look. Its blendable formula blurs imperfections while smoothing your skin. When I reviewed this foundation back in February 2020 I said “This foundation surprised me I truly didn’t believe that this was going to be a good foundation, however it is a FANTASTIC foundation and is  is a medium to full coverage. This is a semi-dewy foundation. What I mean is it’s just dewy enough to give you that youthful look without being to extreme. It lasts all day and doesn’t break down. I hope they never stop making this foundation!” and I still agree with that… I had graded it a solid A+++!!! and wish I had a higher grading system out of the 3 foundations I chose for this year’s best of beauty this one is my favorite!

3. Favorite Contour/Bronzer Products of 2020:

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand in the shade 2 Medium/Dark $38 at Sephora for .41 fluid ounces.

This has been my ride or die contour since April when I first tried it out! It’s billed as being lightweight, easy to blend and buildable and that it is a soft-focus, semi-matte contour that has treated pigments with good adherence and color uniformity that create shadows and define features for a natural finish. This product comes in 2 shades Light/Medium and Medium/Deep … unfortunately there are no shades in this range that would help our deeper skinned beauties but it is an amazing cream contour product. I tried to see what my reviews of this product graded it but I wasn’t able to locate any in my product review file… not sure if I just never truly gave it a grade or if somehow I managed to delete the review from my computer. At any rate I do know that my 1st impression says that I was impressed with how easy it was to use and I do know this was the product that sparked my interest in cream products. Since I can’t find where I gave this little gem a grade … I grade this one a solid A+++!!!! as I am sure I would have given it in other reviews.

Juvia’s Place The Shade Stick $16 on their website and comes in 29 shades with 15 shades for darker skin.

This stick foundation is billed as a 3-in-1 multipurpose, foundation stick that works as a triple threat–lightweight foundation stick, concealer stick and the best contour stick, too. Formulated to feel like your own skin with full coverage. I graded it a solid A++ I didn’t give it my highest grade only because it’s billed as full coverage when at best it’s a high medium coverage… but other than that it’s a beautiful product to work with. I use it as bronzer but there a grey toned shades that would work great as contour.

Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer $32 for .22 ounces at Sephora

The Freestyle Bronzer was given a solid grade of A+++!!! and with good cause! It’s billed as a light-as-air, non-greasy cream bronzer that effortlessly melts into skin for a natural-looking bronze or soft contour and claims to deliver a natural-looking bronze in a range of sheer, buildable shades designed for all. Easy to blend and impossible to overdo, this light-as-air, sweat- and water-resistant formula instantly melts into skin without disturbing makeup to bronze, define, or contour with its range of undertones. This one leaves my skin looking effortlessly sun kissed and I’ve even used it to warm up my face on days where I’m not wearing much makeup.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer $30 for .32 ounces of product at Ulta.

This was a limited edition product because it’s a huge pan of the cult favorite Park Ave Princess. It’s billed as universally flattering and can be used to add warmth, sculpt, or give skin an all-over radiant glow that is ultrablendable, pigmented, and never patchy (even after hours of wear) bronzer leaves skin hydrated, balanced and radiant with an Amazonian clay-infused formula. This was another one that I can’t find a review where I’ve given it a grade. I would grade this one a solid A+++!!! it’s not too orange based and has this amazing glow to it that just adds that extra something to the skin that isn’t quite visible. I understand why this one is a cult classic.

4. Favorite Highlighters of 2020:

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Highlighter Wand $38 for .40 ounces of product at Sephora

This wand is billed as a high-gloss highlight that plays with the light and stays dewy all day. Velvety silica has magical, soft-focusing powers, and sensorial oil gives skin a silky-soft feel. Lindera extract magically mimics the effects of light for a youthful glow. I graded this highlighter A+++!!! and with good reason. This highlighter gives the most natural glow tot he face that I have ever experienced and in my opinion it is the best cream highlighter on the market and well worth the $38 price tag. It’s may be a small amount of product however a very little goes a very long way. I squeeze out 1 pump worth and I can get 5 applications on just that 1 pump, I know that sounds unsanitary, however I do not use the wand directly on my face, I use a cotton bud to pick up product and dot that over my face, so I’m not contaminating my product… I do this with all my sponge tipped products. If you can only have 1 splurge for the New Year and you are in the market for a new highlighter I would say … pull the trigger and purchase this one …. you wont be disappointed!

BECCA Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter $38 for 1.5 ounces of product at Ulta and Sephora

This is a newer to me product from this year but has become my all time favorite new makeup find! It’s billed as billed as a liquid highlighter for face and body that gives skin an all over pearlized glow that is transfer and water resistant and has multi-dimensional micro-pearls suspended in a crystal-gel formula to give the skin a pearlized glow and comes in 5 shades. I had a deluxe sample of this one and it was the first time that I purchased the full size before I was out of the sample sized. I gave it a grade of A+++!!! and as I said in my review it’s super reflective and has a shine that seeps through setting powder perfectly without losing any of that shine and easy to blend in and set fully within a few seconds. This is one that is a body highlighter too and although I do not typically do body highlighter I did find myself mixing a little in with my lotion for my shoulders.

Benefit Cookie Powder Highlighter $30 for .28 ounces of product at Ulta and Sephora

What can I say about Cookie? There is a reason it’s my only powder highlighter on this post! It’s billed as a swirl of golden pearl I graded this A+++!!! This was the best impulse buy I’ve every purchased! It’s so reflective that it almost looks like wet skin.

5. Favorite Concealers and Correctors of 2020:

 Fenty Pro Filt’R Instant Retouch Concealer $26 for .27 fluid ounces of product at Sephora

This concealer is billed as a creamy, long-wear, crease-proof liquid concealer with light-as-air, medium-to-full matte coverage that brightens under-eyes and conceals blemishes and redness. It comes in 50 shades with 16 shades for deep skin tones, 20 for medium skin tones, and 14 for light skin tones. It’s so pretty! Never cakey, never dry and crusty, never sinks into my fine lines and stays put all day. When I reviewed this one on 7/26/20 on my post titled Purple With a Pop of Green I graded it a solid A+++ it has since become by #1 go to concealer and I now think the grade should be the highest at A+++!!! because I only did not grade it highest because it claims to be matte and claims to be medium to full when in fact at best you get a low medium coverage with it and it’s actual a satin finish … but this is by far my all time favorite concealer of life now.

HourGlass Vanish Airbrush Concealer $34 for .20 fluid ounces of product on the Beautylish website and also at Sephora

This concealer is billed as a weightless liquid concealer that delivers full coverage with a seamless, airbrushed finish. It comes in 23 shades with 8 shades for deeper skin tones. This concealer is super pigmented … a little goes a long way. It’s super pigmented and sets to a demi-matte finish. When I reviewed this concealer on 8/13/20 on my post titled YouTube Inspired I only gave it an A+, that was because it kept creasing… however I did note on that post that I did use a touch of the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter on my under eyes so perhaps this is why it creased and that I would revisit a review on it …. I never did do that review, though I had been using it almost as much as I used the Fenty one. I would like to finally give it a final grade of a solid A+++ as I learned how best to use this concealer… I use a tiniest hint loose setting powder.. I mean barely nothing and I only place it in the fine line area before I apply it and it works beautifully. Because of this I couldn’t rate it higher but it’s still one of my 2020 favs.

BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector $32 on their website for .16 ounces of product. 

This corrector is billed as billed as a full-coverage colour corrector that uses light to brighten dark under eye. It claims to nourish the under eyes and to have backlight technology that is infused with peach and apricot toned color correctors with light-reflecting illuminators that deflect light away from dark circles. It has become the ONLY corrector I’ve used since purchasing it. I have others but I just couldn’t seam to put this one down. I graded this one a solid A+++!!! and stand by that grade. I said in my review that it’s so soft and creamy and yet did not sink into my fine lines of my under eyes. The perfect shade to brighten the under eyes and it’s the right tone and the right amount of coverage that you can wear this alone under the eyes to conceal (a perfect product for no makeup days and light makeup days).

6. Favorite Shadow Base of 2020:

P. Louis Base 10 £ / $13.67 USD

It’s billed as a luxurious creamy base to create the perfect blank canvas ready for ultimate colour popping creations with a super thick consistency and ‘no cracking’ quality, full coverage formula helps to cancel out any unwanted brow hair and carve out those highly requested fleeky brows. It comes in 7 shades. I never graded this one because I purchased and reviewed it before I started grading my reviews so I’ll just grade it now a solid A+++!!!! and truly the only base I’ll ever need. A small pea sized amount is all you need to cover both eyes and carve out your brows. It’s a shadow base that can be used to help metallic shadows really pop!

7. Favorite Cheek Products of 2020:

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek $15 at Sephora for the mini (.21 ounces of product) and $28 at Sephora for the full size (1 ounce of product).

This cream blush is billed as billed as a two-in-one cream blush and lip color formulated with hydrating ingredients for a buildable, blendable tint. It comes in 5 shades. When I reviewed this on 8/22/20 I graded it a solid A+ and at the time I was really obsessed with my Fenty cream blush but as time went on I found myself reaching for this one more and more and would like to change my grade of the product to a solid A+++!!!! because it just melts into the cheeks so beautifully and layers well with powdered blush.

Revolution Blusher Reloaded $7 for .26 ounces of product. at Ulta and on the Revolution website.

This blush is billed as being a sheer velvet powder formula. I love all of the Blusher Reloaded blushes that I have however Coral Dreams hands down is my favorite blush of all time, this one is very pigmented and seams to be a bit less powdery than the Peaches & Cream one is. I never officially reviewed this one but it has a grade of a solid A+++!!! for me. It’s just the perfect shade for that just in from the cold cheek.

8. Favorite Lip Products of 2020:

It should be no surprise that my two favorite lippie picks of 2020 would be coral… I love a good coral lip!

BECCA Ultimate Lipstick Love $24 on their website for .12 ounces of product on their website

This is billed as an instantly moisturizing lipstick for pure colour in one swipe, infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate, comes in 30 shades and I have it in the shade Tulip (warm pinky coral). It’s really really creamy and pigmented with a satin finished product that has got great slip with no stickiness. I keep this in my purse because it’s effortless and a shade that matches everything I throw at it. I never really reviewed it past the first impression I did on 7/10/20 so I officially grade this a solid A+++!!!! and loved it so much this year that I purchased a back up.

HourGlass Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss $30 for .20 fluid ounces of product on the Beautylish website.

This one is billed as being deeply hydrating lip gloss plumps without the sting and adds shine without the stickiness. I never reviewed it but wore it so much I had to repurchase it a second time (and I only purchased it on 8/12/20). I graded it a solid A+++ this color (Unreal) is very pigmented, not sticky at all, long lasting and has a great slip to it… the reason I can not grade it higher is because it does not plump my lips at all and it has a mint toothpaste scent to it that I don’t particularly care for but it quickly dissipates so that’s ok for me.

9. Favorite Non Shadow Palette Eye Products of 2020:

Retro Paradise Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow (limited edition packaging) $5 for .10 ounces of product on the E.L.F. website. in Flirty Birdy (a spot on dupe for Kitten Karma from Stila). 

billed as a gel-based formula that is long-lasting, quick-drying where you can get an amped up eye look with one-swipe glitter coverage that is a comfortable wear with minimal fall out.

Believe Beauty Hi-Definition Skinny Mascara $4.50 only at Dollar General Stores

This mascara is billed as lets you create a number of captivating lash looks with its specially formed brush. The formula is both long lasting and nourishing with Calendula extract to soothe and revitalize lashes. When I first reviewed this mascara I graded it a solid B- and I didn’t give it that good of a review… because of the description I expected volume and wow … it’s not a good mascara for that … but I started to use it as a no makeup makeup look day mascara and instantly fell in love… For subtle definition this mascara is a solid A+++.

Flower Beauty Lash Warrior Mascara $9.99 for .35 ounces of product at Ulta and Walmart

It’s billed as having extreme lash volume, length and definition. When I reviewed this one again I gave it a solid B+ it doesn’t clump up, doesn’t leave the lashes feeling crusty but at the time I felt that I had other mascaras that were better. However as this one dried out a bit it quickly became the only mascara I would use. I would say after the fist 2 weeks this mascara is a solid A+++!!! It gives length and volume and I don’t really even need to use falsies when I’m wearing it. I just absolutely love it.

Sephora Collection 12hr Colorful Contour Eyeliner $11 at Sephora in the shade 14 Cocoa – shimmer warm brown

This liner is billed as a waterproof eye pencils formulated in a slick pigmented waterproof texture for an intense and flawless line in just one stroke. I never truly reviewed this one but have used it many times since purchasing it 7/7/20. I would give this one a solid A+++ it has the perfect tone for the waterline and stays on all day. It’s creamy and rich in pigment.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner $26 at Sephora in the shade  Sunset 74 – golden bronze shimmer

This liner is billed as  gel pot eyeliner in a crayon that delivers intense color and 12-hour waterproof wear and amazing glide in shimmer and matte finishes. I have worn this liner so much since 7/720 that I ended up having to repurchase it. I never reviewed it really so I give it a solid A+++!!! and would have to say that this is my favorite purchase of 2020. It’s creamy and long wearing and has got to be my favorite liner formula of life.

10. Favorite Shadows of 2020:

Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette $25 at Sephora

This one is billed as being  inspired by the Star Eyeshadow Palette featuring five shades from the existing Natasha Denona Star Palette. I am in love with this little baby. It’s got that beautiful pop of blue/brown with 4 everyday shades that makes this perfect for a weekend get away. The formula is amazing… soft, not powdery, and highly pigmented. The colors blend into each other seamlessly with out buffing away.

ELF 18 Hit Wonders Colorful Eyeshadow Palette $14 for an 18 pan palette.

Elf has it billed as a vibrant, colorful 18-pan palette containing only the best, most swatch-worthy shades, designed to inspire bold, vibrant eyeshadow looks. It’s a mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades. The luxe formula of this vibrant eyeshadow palette is smooth, creamy, blendable and ultra-pigmented for effortless application. I just love the way ELF has really been killing it with there 18 pan palettes! The formula is comparable with even some of my mid ranged ColourPop palettes. This palette has traveled with me on weekend get always because not only does it have great nuetral colors it has those stunning pops of color that make it a great travel friendly companion. The formula is wonderful and the colors for the most part blend into each other with out going patchy … all but the yellow … that’s a color that is hard to really produce an amazing blend with so I don’t mind so much … I just simply use it as the first shade before I buff it out and that keeps it from going patchy.

ColourPop So Jaded Palette $39 for 27.5 grams of product.

This one is billed as a collaboration with KathleenLights, introducing our biggest palette ever. 30 super pigmented shades, including the perfect combination of matte and metallic shadows, 1 Super Shock Shadow, and 2 Pressed Glitters. Inspired by crystals and gemstones, create a rich neutral eye or the perfect jewel toned monochromatic look – this palette is everything. I have not been able to stop using this palette with all these beautiful jeweled toned shades. They really did a great job with this one. By far my favorite palette that I’ve used in 2020.

Juvia’s Place The Nubian Eyeshadow Palette $20 for .63 ounce of total product at Ulta

The Nubian is billed as featuring the most essential collection of neutral colors. These highly pigmented colors blend flawlessly and deliver incredible staying power. This palette offers a seamless transition from subtle everyday looks to sultry night-time looks. This was my perfect neutral everyday palette. I didn’t even mind that there isn’t a brow bone highlight in it because these shades are rich and velvety and just delectable.

11. Favorite Scent of 2020:

Kate Spade Live Colorfully $95 at Ulta when I purchased it but now can be found at Walmart for $44 for 3.4 fluid ounces

This scent is billed as being designed to encircle a woman as she moves through the arc of her day. It expresses colorfulness and brightness with a complexity and depth to last all day long. The scent notes are: At the top: Mandarin and Pink Water Lily. In the middle: Tahitian gardenia (a.k.a Tiare Flower), Coconut Water and Star Anise, and the scent is rounded out with: Amber, Vanilla and Musk. This was the perfect scent for every thing I wore and anytime I didnt know what to wear I would just simply reach for this one over and over. It’s also one of my hubby’s favs.

Favorite Unsung Hero of 2020:

Cream Blush Palette $8 for .64 total ounces of product making each pan .16 ounces of product on their website.

This palette is billed as being richly pigmented and formulated to last all day and buildable, and give you gorgeous, customizable color with every use. I graded it a solid A+++!!! because the blush applied beautifully, did not lift the products underneath, and layered up perfectly. I even went back over my cheeks after I set my under eyes over the area when I had taken my powder too far down and it applied perfectly over the powder as well. It’s the perfect travel buddy.

Well there you have it dolls. 2020’s Best in Beauty and Lifestyle selections. Thanks for sticking with me I know it was a long post … I would also like to say thank you for embracing me into this community this past year … I truly felt like I have met some wonderful people and have developed amazing friendships and I appreciate you all for sticking with me through all the ups and downs and absentees this past year due to illness. I hope and pray that 2021 brings you all happiness, prosperity, new beginnings and plenty of breath taking moments. Happy New Year dolls.

That’s all for now dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health


XOXO, Nita