Pass or Purchase 2021 Episode 1 : Makeup Revolution and BH Cosmetics

Hey doll hey!!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope.

Since I need to take a day off form makeup and as I said in my last post chose to use my extra spoons for a spa day … I thought I would revise my wish list for future purchases to streamline it a bit.

I had seen all over YouTube last year videos about what influencers would buy or pass on and though “well… since I’m in my wish list anyway… why not sort through what I would buy or pass on for the newer launches too”.

I will be doing a separate blog post about what’s in my 2021 wish list but for now I want to do a series on what I will pass or purchase of the new launches, rereleases and pieces I skipped over but really wanted from 2021.

I’m going to do this is parts starting with my top favorite affordable brands but first I want to talk about this weeks Ulta flyer and what I chose to add to my want list and the few stand outs that were just a hard pass for me. ….

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($26 at Ulta) Rebranding? Like come on Too Faced do BETTER! All this is is cash grab! It’s the same darn formula (which personally isn’t really anything to write home about … it’s just an OK mascara, there are plenty of drugstore priced mascaras that are way better.) So what…they expect us to run out and snap this up just because an influencer designed the tube?? Give me a break … hard PASS.

Loreal Skin Paradise Water Infused Tinted Moisturizer ($16.99 at Ulta)

It comes in 12 shades with only 3 being for deeper skin (and I use that loosely because the 3 shades are no where deep enough to be all inclusive).

It’s billed as featuring lightweight, natural coverage plus 24 hour hydration for a fresh, glowing complexion. This unique formula offers a 70 percent water-infused blend with aloe Vera plus witch hazel. It is suitable for sensitive skin, oil-free, and won’t clog pores.

It’s a product that intrigues me but I just can’t get behind a product that it’s more inclusive in this day and age! Come on Loreal! DO BETTER!!! I’ve put this one on my wish list but will not purchase unless they expand their skin range … for now it’s a PASS.

Tartelette Juicy Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette $45 at Ulta Is billed as the next-generation of Tarte’s cult-classic tartelette palettes featuring 20 brand-new rosy & bronze shades! (10 matte, 4 pearlescent & 6 metallic finishes).

The Shades are:

Water Lily (white champagne shimmer), Paradise (peach champagne shimmer), Rose (matte rosy pink), Orchid (pink shimmer), Dream Chaser (pink plum shimmer), Wishful (matte soft beige), Blossom (matte peachy pink), Wildflower (deep peach shimmer), Petal (matte soft rose), Luscious (matte cinnamon), Inspiring (matte rosy peach), Shine (deep copper shimmer), Fresh start (matte warm tan), Dawn (soft bronze shimmer), Charmed (matte warm medium brown), Reflect (golden champagne shimmer), Happiness (matte rosy tan), Dusk (rosy brown shimmer), Grounded (matte cool brown) and Euphoric (matte cool deep brown)

I have never really likes their eyeshadow palettes and the only one I did have was just lack luster for me… however THIS has me written all over !!!!Definitely a PURCHASE for me!!!

bareMinerals ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 $35 at Ulta. Comes in a whopping 30 shades with plenty of shade selection for fair, light, medium and deep skin tones. It’s billed as a clean, vegan mineral liquid foundation made with 88% naturally derived ingredients and is proven to visibly improve skin’s texture and reduce pore size instantly and over time.

I haven’t really dabbled in the world of bareMinerals I’ve only ever owned their liquid bronzer… however their products have been on my wish list for years now… I think this maybe where I start… I’m intrigued by the product and super excited to see a brand care enough about our ebony dolls out there that they would release an equal amount of undertones for them as they do for our snowy dolls too! This is a 100% PURCHASE for me.

  1. Miss Doir Rose n’ Rose ($85 for 1.7 fluid ounces and #115 for 3.4 fluid ounces) is billed as a fresh, sparkling fragrance. Vibrant and lively, the rose notes exude an irresistible scent that immediately transports us to the middle of a field of flowers. The abundance of rose notes is brightened by a note of bergamot zest.

The scent notes are: Top notes are Geranium, Bergamot and Italian Mandarin; middle notes are Grasse Rose and Damask Rose; base note is White Musk.

This one smells HEAVLEY!!! I had said I wouldn’t purchase any more perfume until I work my way through my huge collection but … this is a PURCHASE for me!!

2. Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum ($65 for 1.3 fluid ounces, $90 for 2 fluid ounces and $118 for 3.3fluid ounces at Ulta) is billed as a sparkling floral oriental fragrance infused with velvet peach and vanilla that gives way to a floral inflection of jasmine and red spider lily. The I Want Choo woman is a decision maker with a feel-good spirit who is here to have fun. I Want Choo, the perfect accessory for a modern and glamorous woman.

The scent notes are:  Top notes are Peach and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Jasmine Sambac and Red Spider Lily; base note is Vanilla, Benzoin (a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees) and Resinoid ( extracts of resinous plant exudates).

This one smells flirty and fun perfect for a afternoon date or hanging out with the girls… This one is a PURCAHSE for me.

3. Tiffany & Love Eau de Parfum For Her ($105 for 1.6 fluid ounces and $135 for 3.3 fluid ounces at Ulta) and is billed as a floral, woody scent. 

The scent notes are:  Top notes are Grapefruit and Blue Basil and Black Current; middle note are Neroli, Jasmine and Tuberose ; base notes are Cedarwood, Vetiver and Blue Sequoia.

This one has me on the fence. It’s pretty but there is something about that I just don’t know if I like it or not… I’ll have to get a sample and test it our for a few days before deciding (I think it may be the Tuberose that has me on the fence ) for now it’s a PASS for me.

4. Tiffany & Love Eau de Toilette For Him ($77 for 1.6 fluid ounces and $95 for 3.3 fluid ounces at Ulta) and is billed as a citrusy, aromatic fragrance with a wood-infused base.

The scent notes are: Top notes are Mandarin Orange, Ginger and Cardamom; middle notes are Cypress, Juniper, Geranium and Lavender; base notes are Vetiver, Sandalwood and Blue Sequoia.

This scent is so intoxicating!!! Worlds different from their female version! It’s sexy and mysterious and sophisticate all wrapped up in playfulness. This one is a must PURCHASE for the hubby!!!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax $23 and Anastasia Beverly Hills Iced Out Highlighter $34 both at Ulta.

The brow wax is billed as a customizable brow styling wax lifts, tames and sculpts every hair in place without a stiff feel, residue or flaking for the feathered-looking brow you’ve always wanted. The universal, easy-to-apply formula is mess-free and provides long-lasting, extreme hold-leaving you with full-bodied brows that last all day.

I love doing soap brows but it’s not always convenient. The idea of a ready to use non gel brow tamer intrigues me. I’m keen to try this product so this is a PURCHASE for me.

The highlighter is billed as an all-skin tone flattering highlighter with the perfect combination of smooth finish and ultra-beam effects for a lit-from-within radiance. With the feel of second skin, this refined highlighter delivers a multi-dimensional wet effect shine, with the high reflectivity of a liquid and the weightlessness of a powder. The Iced Out shade is universal and delivers buildable intensity, amplifying beautiful skin and taking you from subtle luminosity to a full, icy strobing effect. Highlighter can be used to highlight anywhere on the face, body, eyes and lips .

It’s the white cast of this shade for me. It just looks so stark and obvious. This is what ABH came up with as a “universal” shade? REALLY? This is tacky and harsh and a 100% PASS for me.

Let’s jump into Makeup Revolution PASS or PURCHASE:

It’s not secret that Makeup Revolution can be hit or miss at times… Most of what I’ve purchased, I’ve loved… but there have been some duds for me so I’m always a little hesitant to try their new launches and typically wait until I’ve seen a few YouTube reviews before I buy into the hype… but dooollllssss!!! This launch is so right up my alley!!! I mean come on it’s FRIENDS!!!! Even if I don’t like the performance I’ll still have some super cute conversational pieces for my collection right? Well I’m not keen on all the items there are several I have placed on my “UP Next” wish list. (That’s the list where I put the items from my wish list that I will purchase in the next few weeks or so)

Up first the main face and eye palettes:

(from left to right and up and down the palettes are…)

1. Revolution X Friends Grab a Cup Face Palette $25 for 3 highlighters and 6 face powders : It’s billed as the perfect warm toned face palette to wake up to! Feel completely full of beans with all your bronzing and highlighting needs in one extra hot palette and comes in 2 color ways Light to Medium and Dark to Deep.

This is a palette if I was to purchase it would be as a keepsake only, mainly because I just don’t need another huge bronzer/non shimmer highlighter palette. I’m still working through the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette and I never truly reach of it. Honestly unless you are a makeup artist you don’t need a huge palette like this. Sadly for me … this is a PASS for me.

2. Revolution X Friends Take A Drive Shadow Palette $25 for 21 shadows: It’s billed as a gorgeous smokey eye colour story palette featuring 21 shades. Bursting with rich browns, smokey greys, a pop of blue and golden shimmer shades, this palette has everything you need for a smokey eye that takes less time than Phoebe driving to the airport!

Revolution is notorious for hit or miss shadow palettes. In fact I don’t have any of their shadow palettes in my collection … however I really love this color story, it’s complete and well thought out… it has 2 brow bone shades several transition and definition shades and even has a black for outer v work…. this is a PURCHASE for me.

2. Friends Limitless Eye Shadow $25 for 27 shadows: It’s billed as the palette that contains everything from matte pops of blue, orange and pinks, plus shimmery olives, nudes and golds, all encased in a movie clapper board style for show stopping looks! Plus, with the inclusion of 3 planetarium worthy highlighters for an out of this world glow, this palette is perfect for travel to have all the colours you’ll need in one handy palette with no need to get off the plane!

This one just seems not well thought out … the pops of color are just all over the place, it’s a natural palette with a few pops of color that don’t look as if they will be very pigmented and why include 3 highlighters in an eyeshadow palette … this is a hard PASS for me.

4. Revolution X Friends He’s Her Lobster Shadow Palette $25 for 21 eyeshadows: It’s billed as a gorgeous warm toned, 21 shade palette. Bursting with rich browns, burnt oranges, corals, neutrals and golden shimmer shades, this palette has everything you need to create the ultimate “I can’t believe you did that!” eye look.

This palette is well thought out … has all my criteria for an all inclusive palette and it’s got cuteness without being overly “child” looking. These shades are right up my ally… Corals are my niche so this one is definitely a PURCHASE for me.

5. Revolution X Friends Open The Door Shadow Palette $25 for 21 eyeshadows: a rich colour story eyeshadow palette featuring 21 shades. Bursting with rich browns, vibrant pinks, corals, neutrals and golden shimmer shades, this palette has everything you need to create an eye look worthy of winning the Gellar Cup.

This palette is just odd. It has pastels mixed with jeweled berry tones and that odd single pop of purple. The art is rudimentary and child like. It looks as if these aren’t going to be very pigmented either …. this is a hard PASS for me.

Up next the girls’ palettes:

(form left to right and up and down)

1. Friends Palette – Rachel $15 for 9 shadows: It’s billed as an array of 9 neutral shades to help you create Rachel’s signature makeup looks. Plus, for those days you don’t want to be a shoe (Friends enthusiasts, you’ll know what we mean!) Add a vibrant pop of pink colour or some shimmer to your look. We guarantee you’ll never want to take a break from this palette!

This is such a cute little palette! I love that they have the sofa from Central Perks on the front. I even love that little pop of pink in it… it’s a well thought out neutral with a little kick. Sadly it’s out of stock on the US website… so I’ll be ordering from the UK site… this is a 100% PURCHASE for me.

2. Friends Palette – Monica $15 for 9 shadows: It’s billed as an array of 9 copper and warm neutral shades to help you create Monica’s 90’s inspired makeup look. Plus, for those days you may be proposing to your best friend (Friends enthusiasts, you’ll know what we mean!) add a sultry pop of burgundy or some shimmer to take your look to a SEVEN.

Ya this one misses the mark for me. If you take out the burgundy and the gold the palette is just flat to me. The art on this one is semi cute but I don’t know it just doesn’t do it for me… this is a PASS for me.

3. Friends Palette – Phoebe $15 for 9 shadows: It’s billed as an array of 9 neutral shades to help you create Phoebe’s 90’s inspired makeup look. Plus, for those days you may be bumping into your old Scientist love flame or adopting your Princess Consuela persona (Friends enthusiasts, you’ll know what we mean!) add a pop of coral or some shimmer to take your look to a “”Oh actually, no, I look good.” level.

This is just ok to me… if they had chosen any other shade for the inner and outer corner of the last row I would have been all over this palette. Those 2 shades just don’t call to me…. this is a PASS for me.

Up next the lip glosses Each are $6 and are billed as each high shine lip-gloss has a unique illustration design- Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross- designed to have you instantly screaming OH MY GOD at first sight! Each lip bomb lip gloss provides an intense colour pay-off, with a wet look finish- the perfect collection to take you from day to night! Great for your makeup bag or to gift to a Friends fan pal.

(left to right and up and down)

  1. Friends Pout Bomb Lip Gloss – Chandler (Coral Tone Nude)
  2. Friends Pout Bomb Lip Gloss – Joey (Brown Tone Nude)
  3. Friends Pout Bomb Lip Gloss – Monica (Medium Mauve Neutral)
  4. Friends Pout Bomb Lip Gloss – Phoebe (Deep Wine)
  5. Friends Pout Bomb Lip Gloss – Rachel (Clear Gloss)
  6. Friends Pout Bomb Lip Gloss – Ross (Deep Plum Toned Pink)

I’m a sucker for a good lip gloss… I’ve had lots of success with Makeup Revolution’s lip gloss formula so I’m excited for this launch…. however not every color is in my wheel house… so the ones that are a PASS for me are : Phoebe, Ross and Rachel. The ones that are a PURCHASE for me are: Chandler, Joey and Monica. I have learned over the years that just because I love a launch doesn’t mean I need to have ALL THE THINGS … it’s OK to just choose a few things from the collection and still feel complete.

Lastly the lipsticks: Each are $6.00 and are billed as lipsticks that feature a line up of our best-selling Satin Kiss Lipstick shades in a limited edition Friends design, to help transport you to your favorite Friends TV Show episodes! Whether you’re “powering through” a first date, heading to your favorite “”Central Perk”” style coffee spot or reluctantly celebrating a milestone birthday, these smooth, creamy and comfortable lipsticks offer a high pigment sweep of colour with a gorgeous satin matte finish for any occasion.

(left to right and up and down)

  1. Rachel (Soft Mauve)
  2. Monica (Soft Peachy Pink)
  3. Rachel (Soft Mauve)

Whilst the lipstick tubes a sleek and pretty in rose gold I just truly hate how lazy they were in putting this set together… I mean why repackage colors already in their inventory? If you’re going to do a “Friends” collection … take a page out of ColourPop repertoire and put out some new shades! This is a 100% hard PASS for me.

*There are several non-makeup related things in this collections that are all gimmick grabs for me and are all hard PASS items for me.

On to BH Cosmetics PASS or PURCHASE:

The Travel Series Collection: There is 8 color stories for a 16 pan palette that runs for $17 each on their website (about $0.95 per shade) and 4 color stories for a 6 pan face palette that runs for $17 (about $2.80 per shade).

Let’s take a look at the eyeshadow palettes first:

(from left to right and top to bottom)

1. Love in London: Billed as a sophisticated mix of rich neutrals and gleaming metallics to dazzle and define the eyes. In velvety matte and brilliant shimmer finishes, each pigment-infused shade delivers vivid color payoff and blends beautifully for chic effects that captivate like the city lights.

2. Chillin’ in Chicago: Billed as a vegan collection of silky-smooth mattes and lustrous shimmers—in bronze and gold hues, rich browns and pops of lush pink shades—offers high-pigment payoff and buildable intensity to create chic masterpieces that capture the vibrant artistry of the city.

3.Hangin’ in Hawaii: Billed as a  lush mix of richly pigmented hues and finishes—ranging from high-shine bronzes and golds to buttery-soft mattes in melon and spice shades—offers endless radiant looks for day and night.

4.Beautiful in Barcelona: Billed as chic mix of velvety smooth mattes and glistening shimmers in warm neutrals and deep smokey hues offers rich color payoff and seamless blendability for dazzling day-to-night effects that conjure the coastal city’s effortless sophistication.

5.Lost In Los Angeles: Billed as a palette that will stun all the way from bougie Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Walk of Fame with show-stopping looks from our Lost in Los Angeles – 16 Color Shadow Palette. Create best coast vibes with each stroke of this pretty-in-pastel array of lustrous shimmers and silky smooth mattes. Each vegan hue is inspired by selfie-centric street art and graffiti walls around the sprawling city of angels and influencers.

6.Summer in St. Tropez: Billed as a rainbow of island-inspired hues in lush matte and glimmering shimmer finishes. Whether you prefer a bright cut crease of pink and azure blue, blended sun-drenched shades or a wash of golden shimmer, infinite eye looks fit for paradise await.

7.Smitten in Switzerland: Billed as an elegant array of pigment-rich hues and finishes—ranging from lush shimmering greens and azure blues to velvety-soft mattes in violet and neutral shades—lets you create stunning eye effects to achieve the ultimate après-ski look.

8.Trendy in Tokyo: Billed as a striking kaleidoscope of buttery smooth mattes and lustrous shimmers in bold, bright hues inspired by the chic neon-lit metropolis.

I had previously purchased the Love in London palette and the quality of the shadows, the pigmentation and the longevity blew me away! I promptly put the Tokyo palette on my wish list but never realized there was a whole series until I found out about the Lost in L.A. palette that just released… so in true makeup junkie fashion I promptly PURCHASED the remaining 7 palettes… today… I couldn’t help myself really… the quality of this shadow formula is TOP SHELF!

The whole series is, as I said, a PURCHASE for me.

The 4 face palettes: These palettes are the same size as the shadow palettes… the pans are the size of 3 eyeshadow pans each.

(from left to right and top to bottom)

1.Glowing in Greece: Billed as having 6 pigment-rich shades that blend seamlessly into the skin for a smooth, radiant effect to accent cheekbones, inner eye corners, bridge of nose or cupid’s bow. Worn alone or mixed, layered and blended, the buildable formula lets you achieve a customized natural flush or a high-shine Grecian glow.

2.Illuminating in Ireland: Billed as a 6 Color Highlight Palette, featuring six highly pigmented shades ranging from warm coral to golden honey and pale champagne with green shimmer. Whether worn alone or blended, the buildable formula lets you achieve a gleaming sea breeze-kissed glow.

3.Apres in Aspen: Billed as a 6 Color Highlighter Palette. Gorgeous on every skin tone, these multi-dimensional frosty cool shades swipe on smooth and leave behind a resort-worthy icy shine that stays put. Apply to cheekbones, browbones, the inner corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose for that snowflake shimmer luminosity.

4.Blushing in Bali: Billed as a 6 Color Blush and Highlighter Palette. In silky matte and shimmer finishes, each richly pigmented hue sweeps on seamlessly to create a natural flush to the cheeks and face. Wear these flattering, blendable blushes and highlighters alone or layer for endless radiant effects.

I already own Glowin’ in Greece and absolutely love the palette. The pigmentation of this palette is insane, and the highlighters are pretty. Ireland and Aspen are all highlighters and Bali is 3 shimmer blushes and 3 highlighters. Although I love the Greece palette I’m not really in the market for another blush palette and I hate having a palette just dedicated to highlight… it’s not practical for just someone who is a beauty blogger… perhaps if I was a makeup artist and needed a variety of shades to choose from… and let’s face it Aspen is just a subpar Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit palette with impractical colors … under no circumstance do I ever intend to wear a purple, blue or pink highlighter. Ireland, Aspen and Bali are a hard PASS for me.

The Sweet Shop Collection: This is a limited edition 8 pan palette with 6 color ways and each palette runs for $18 each on their website (about $2.50 per shade).

(from left to right and top to bottom)

1. Sugar Cone : Is billed as  hot from the oven with a vegan assortment of decadent vanilla cream, brown sugar and cocoa hues in rich matte and lustrous shimmer finishes. Each ultra-blendable formula swipes on smooth with long-lasting wear and high-impact payoff that that hits the spot.

This palette is just flat for me … it has 8 shades but the 2 middle toned browns on the bottom row are virtually the same and the 2 middle shimmers on the top row and as well. There is just not enough variation in the shades to merit paying almost $2.50 per shade when you are basically paying for 6 shades and 2 back up shades right? I also just see the appeal in the shades selected for this palette they are lack luster and uninspiring. This is a PASS for me.

2. Cherry on Top: Is billed as a luscious and vegan hues in rosy pinks, juicy red berries and plump black cherry are extra-tempting in rich matte and complimentary lustrous shimmer finishes. Each smooth, blendable formula offers extra long-lasting wear and high-impact pigment payoff that will let you have your dessert and wear it, too.

Again this palette is uninspiring to me. There isn’t enough color variant to spark creativity for me and the 2 deepest shades just look odd in this palette. I don’t know perhaps I’m just over the monochromatic mini palette trend but this one too is a PASS for me.

3.Orange Sorbet: Is billed as a vegan mix of ultra-refreshing creamy corals, sun-ripened oranges and rich siennas are served in silky matte and lustrous shimmer finishes. Each smooth and blendable formula offers extra long-lasting wear and juicy, high-impact pigment payoff for a refreshing wash of color.

OK now this one is a bit better. It has corals so of course I’m intrigued and I don’t own many orange shadows. With that said I don’t like orange enough to own a full palette of just orange shades, not to mention I just purchased 3 mini palettes with peaches, corals and a splash of orange in them so this is a PASS for me too.

4. Pistachio: Is billed as a vegan shades ranging from soft mint to deep emerald. These velvety-smooth mattes and striking shimmers offer up extra long-lasting wear and high-impact color payoff to create endless indulgent looks that are hotter than summer itself.

Now we’re getting somewhere! This palette is so yummy! I love the fact that even though it’s a mini palette it has so much depth in shade range. I love a good green shadow and even though I have loads of green in my collection I don’t have an all green palette. This is a PURCAHSE for me.

5. Bubble Gum: Is billed as vegan mix of smooth mattes and striking shimmers in lip-smacking azure, rich cobalt, deep navy and sugary teal hues blend seamlessly and pack a flavorful punch of high-impact payoff that lasts and lasts.

I love blue eyeshadows!! I think you can go from playful to sophisticated and everything in be tween with a good blue color story. Sadly this isn’t it for me … When swatched the first 2 shades of the top row are identical in color, the 3rd shade of the top row has got too much green in the undertone to truly work with the mattes and the 4th shade of the top row is basically the 2nd shade on the bottom row in shimmer form… so you are paying $18 ($2.50 per shade) for basically 4 shadows… it’s a hard PASS for me.

6. Cotton Candy: Is billed as a carnival of sweet hot pinks, soft lavenders and deep grapes are spun in velvety-rich matte and lustrous shimmer finishes that offer extra long-lasting, high-impact color payoff. Each smooth, blendable formula allows you to create endless candied eye looks that dazzle.

Purples and pinks together are super adorable! This palette has the perfect variant of color and this is a palette that was well though out! This is a PURCHASE for me!!

The Weekend Vibes Collection: This collection has 3 color stories for 16 pan eyeshadows for $18 ($1.13 a shade) but 2 are currently on sale for $13.50 (making it $0.85 a shade) and 3 6 pan face palettes for $18 ($3 per shade) with 2 of the 3 on sale for $13.50 (making them $2.25 per shade).

(from left to right and top to bottom)

The Eyeshadow Palettes:

1.Avocado Toast (SALE): Billed as a vegan 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette, featuring perfectly-ripened green hues, creamy earth tones, and flattering neutrals! The shadows range from rich matte to shimmer finishes to satisfy all of your cravings, whether you keep it lowkey natural or dramatically extra.

2.Blueberry Muffin: Billed as a vegan 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette full of rich blues, toasty neutrals and smoke show hues that are perfectly blendable and buildable. The array of velvety matte and shimmer finishes provide unbeatable pigment payoff, and are versatile enough so you can flex on ‘em during every meal of the day.

3.Mimosa (SALE): Billed as a vegan 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette filled to the brim with warm neutrals, sparkling metallics and ultra-pigmented pops of peaches, pinks and reds. The velvety matte and lustrous shimmer finishes blend like a dream and last forever (ever) to keep bottomless going strong all day.

2 of the 3 palettes are right in my wheelhouse but the problem is that I have already purchased 7 eyeshadow palettes from BH for the month of February so I can’t purchase them right now. The Avocado palette is sublime! I love that there is this subtle pop of color with the baby pink and terracotta shades, I love the color variant in it, and come on … I love Avocados too … This one is on my wish list since November … so this one is a PURCHASE for me (it will just have to wait until March… unless I run out of inspiration in February that is). The Blueberry palette is super adorable and that little pop of coral and grey give it a hint of sophistication that helps break up all that blue. This one is another PURCHASE. Mimosa is where I draw the line… It would have been a really cute palette were it not for the orange, yellow and white shades and the odd cold toned pale pink in the palette. For a palette to be cohesive for me the palette has to be spot on with the color scheme for me. I would have preferred to see a deeper peach, a bone or light tan and maybe a little lime green shimmer or even a mid toned purple to give it little mystery. Mimosa is a PASS for me.

The Face Palettes:

1.Bellini: Billed as a vegan 6 Color Blush Palette inspired by the bubbly brunch cocktail. The silky peach and coral hues are perfect for every skin tone and glide seamlessly for a sweet, sun-kissed flush. In these matte and shimmer shades, you’ll look hydrated and extra fresh (even if you’ve had one too many).

2.Belgian Waffle: Billed as a vegan 6 Color Baked Bronzer & Highlighter Palette features irresistible warm and cool-toned blends with buttery matte and glistening shimmer finishes for all skin tones. Get lit with a simple sweep onto the jawline, cheeks, chin and nose. Decadently delicious, no syrup needed.

3.Frosé: Billed as a 6 Color Highlighter Palette featuring an iced-out array of vegan, shimmering shades for every skin tone, ranging from fresh pinks to sparkling berries and rosy champagnes. Each pearlescent swipe goes on smoothly and stays put so you can feel the frosé fantasy all day. Apply to the highest points of your face and accent cheekbones, inner eye corners, bridge of nose and cupid’s bow to shine from every angle.

I have so much blush that I really truly shouldn’t purchase blush for a while but I just can’t help myself!!! The Bellini palette is right up my alley!!! I am a sucker for a good coral or peach shade and to have 6 distinct peach shades in 1 palette is a dream come true!! I’m really not in the market for another blush palette but I think I may have to make an exception for this little baby… this is a tentative PURCHASE for me. I’m going to hold out for a bit to see if it’s a passing fancy or if I truly desire to have it as part of my collection. Belgian Waffle is pretty but I don’t really need another bronzer palette when I’m still working through the Kat Von D palette and 2 of the bronzer shades would be too light and 1 of the highlighters would be too dark so I would be hard pressed to spend any part of my beauty budget on a palette where I’m only getting use out of 3 of the 6 shades … especially when the shades cost $3 a pan ($2.25 on sale). Belgian Waffle is a PASS for me. Frose is another one of those palettes where I would only get use of 3 shades and again there is pink as a highlighter and I just feel the trend for colored highlighter is past it’s prime. Frose is a PASS for me.

Lunar New Year: 2021 Edit: 21 pan palette for $21 ($1 a shade)

This Collection also has a liquid eyeliner, 2 different set of false lashes and 2 potted loose glitters… The eye palette is billed as a wealth of luxurious mattes and opulent shimmers in pearlescent neutrals, festive pops of color and smoky tones, all with unbelievable color payoff. Gift this vegan, deluxe palette to a loved one (or yourself) to show some major luck in the new year.

Nothing about this collection appeals to me. The lashes look flimsy and not really worth the $10 price tag, The eyeliner is a repromoted and we all know how I hate glitter let alone loose glitter so all 2 of those items are a hard PASS for me. The eyeshadow palette just feels all over the place with the color story. There are muted tones, deep tones and bright all in one palette but the color story is just boring and odd all in one… and then there are the 3 pressed glitters in the palette. Nope … not interested… this is a PASS for me.  

Drop Dead Gorgeous Collection: There is a 8 pan ($14 making it $1.75 per shade) and 14 pan eyeshadow palette ($19 making it $1.36 per shade) , an 6 piece brush set ($18) and a red glitter gel ($12)

Let me just say right off the bat that this whole collection is a hard PASS for me…. glitter is a no for me, I’m not in the market for a brush set and I’ll explain the palettes now…

(from left to right)

1.Lil’ Bit Psycho: Billed as a compact collection of vegan high-impact eyeshadow pigments, with mattes and shimmers in dark hues, cold-blooded bolds and smokey essentials. Eyeshadow goals to die for. Ain’t her fault, it’s just her way. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

2.Full-On Crazy: Billed as a vegan array of sultry mattes and shimmers in killa pops of color with huge pigment payoff. Slay your look with deep, devilish red shades and wild, bright blues with this professional eyeshadow palette that will make heads roll. Temptation has never been so deadly.

In the palette these look vampy and goth but still feel a bit out of touch… now if you remove the packaging … as the pictures above show … the color stories are just confused… the Psycho palette would have been ok with out that odd white and ugly mustard wanna be in the second row. Perhaps this palette would have been better suited with a deep antiqued gold and maybe an evergreen or blackened olive shade that would have tied the palette together with a more cohesive look than the white and yellow does. This is why it’s a PASS for me. The Crazy palette again is ok in the palette but again feels odd … until you remove the packaging and and compare the shades… The reds in this palette are stunning the blues are too but they throw in that odd pale pink, bright pink, yellow and purple that just don’t help the palette round out at all, it’s as if goth makeup is trying to play at being sophisticated… there is just a big disconnect with both of these palettes. The crazy palette could have benefited from removing the yellow, the 2 pinks and that purple and instead opt for a grey, deep brown, rusted orange/terracotta and perhaps a deep orange based mustard yellow… and again the Crazy palette is a PASS for me.

The final series I was waning back and forth with is ….

This is a 12 color story collection of 7 pan palettes for $9.00 (making each shade cost $1.29). They will release a new color story each month of 2021… starting with January 2021

Garnet for January: Billed as a multi-faceted vegan mix of fiery glitters and staple shades. Each smooth matte and dramatic shimmer offers extra long-lasting wear and high-impact pigment payoff so you can rock endless eye looks.

The shade called Garnet is a bit too pink for my liking and there is that black glitter shade that I’m just not into. Now with that said I really think this is cute palette. It’s well thought out… there is a well rounded variety of shades that work well together and ties in to the theme expertly. It’s just not a color story that I’m interested in having as part of my collection and as I’ve said in the past you don’t need to purchase every piece of a collection to be a collector. January is a PASS however I am looking forward to February, March, May, August, September (obviously since it’s my birthday month), and December. I also intrigued to see what they do for April, June and October.

Well dolls. That’s it for this episode of PASS or PURCHASE…I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health.

XOXO, Nita