Valentine’s Day Inspired Face of the Day

Hey doll hey!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I had so much running around to do today (I felt like I had plenty of spoons today!! I got everything done and still had some energy left) that I wasn’t able to do the Valentine’s Day look I had planned out so I decided to do a soft romantic Valentine’s Day inspired look instead.

I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not and had thought of just not blogging the look but almost everywhere I had to go today (the sewing machine and fabric store, the Spanish produce store, the food shops, Ulta and Ollie’s ) I had people (both women and men) stop me to compliment the look. Whilst I still don’t know how I feel about the look it would appear that it’s a nice one since I had complements about it.

It was nice to get the complements… made my day really….

Our first stop was the Sewing Machine and Fabric Store … sadly my Brother CS6000i is acting up… it’s out of alignment (I didn’t even know that was a thing) so I had to leave my baby behind and be patient for 3 weeks (sad panda). But whilst I was there we got to see some amazing antique sewing machines … like the one bellow…

I love this machine so much!!!!

Our next stop was to Ulta because I had to return a Makeup Revolution blush (I accidently purchased 2 of the same shade) and swap it for a new shade …. the one I chose is called Rose Kiss

Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded in the shade Rose Kiss – $7 at Ulta (shade not sold on line)

Today’s scent is Gucci Bamboo, it was first released in the Spring of 2015 and remains a classic to this day.

Gucci Bamboo $74 for 1 fluid ounce, $95 for 1.6 fluid ounce, $119 for 2.5 fluid ounces at Ulta and Sephora

The scent notes are:

  • At the top: Italian Bergamont, Ylang-Ylang, Casablanca Lily and Tahitian Vanilla
  • Heart Notes: Orange Blossom and Amber Accords
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood and Ambergris (you might not want to know what this is … but it’s the a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish colour produced in the digestive system of sperm whales… yuck but hey the perfume smells AMAZING)

This is a super sultry, dazzlingly sophisticated scent. Pairs amazing with any romantic look you do, a power suite, jeans and a nice top with flip flops… it’s just one of those scents that makes you feel sexy and powerful.

Well enough prattling on about my day… let’s jump into today’s Valentine’s Day inspired Face of the Day….

For today’s look I used the ColourPop Ooh La La palette ($12 for 9 pans making it $1.33 a shade) and the ColourPop Cloud Spun Palette ($12 for 9 pans making it $1.33 a shade).


I primed my face using the Makeup Revolution Fix & Glow Ultra Glow Primer ($12 at Ulta) and also the E.L.F. Poreless Putty Primer ($8 at Ulta) around the cheek area. I contoured using the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand ($38 at Sephora and on the Beautylish website) in the shade Medium Dark. I highlighted the high points of my face using BECCA Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter ($38 at Ulta) in the shade Passion (pale incandescent pearl that reflects gold ). I color corrected using the BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32 at Sephora) in the shade Light to Medium (pearlized peachy-pink). My concealer today is Makeup Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Radiance Concealer ($10 for .45 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade C3 (fair with cool undertones). For foundation today I tested out the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Glow Illuminating Foundation ($12 at Ulta) in the shade F6 (light/medium with neutral undertones). To warm up the perimeter of my face I used bareMInerals Bare Pro Glow Bronzer ($29 on the bareMinerals website) in the shade Warmth. I did my cream blush (I’ll circle back to that in the Lips and Cheeks section) and then I set my undereyes using BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($32 at Sephora) in the shade Light to Medium (pearlized peachy-pink) and set the rest of my face using ColourPop No Filter Setting Powder ($10 on their website) in Translucent. For touch ups today I am using Catrice Prime & Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder ($8 at Ulta).


I started with my brows… I used the E.L.F. Ultra Precise Brow Pencil ($5 for .002 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Dark Brown and then primed my lids using P. Louise Base (£10/$13.70 USD for .5 ounces of product on their website and also on the Morphe website) in the shade Rumour. To set my brow line I used Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Single Shadow ($0.99 at Walgreens) in the shade Sugar (icy white shimmer). For my eyes today I used the ColourPop Ooh La La Palette ($12 for 9 pans making it $1.33 a shade) and the ColourPop Cloud Spun Palette ($12 for 9 pans making it $1.33 a shade). Started with Cloud Spun and I used the shade Candy Fluff (baby pink – matte) as my transition. I chose to do a second transition today and used the shade Soft Core (warm pink – matte) from Ooh La La. From the same palette I used the shade Poodle (vibrant true pink – matte) as my crease shade and then added a bit of Pillow Mint (coral pink – matte) from Cloud Spun. I deepened the outer v and the outer 1/3 of the mobile lid using the shade Turkish Delight (rosey pink – matte) from Cloud Spun. That wasn’t dark enough so I layered the Trove (raspberry – matte) from Ooh La La over it. to deepen the outer v further I mixed the shade Caddy (vibrant deep violet – matte) with Trove (raspberry – matte) from Ooh La La and went back over the very outer part of the outer v. I used NYX Glitter Glue ($6.50 for .33 ounces of product at Ulta) to clean up the inner 2/3 of mu mobile lid. On the middle 1/3 of the mobile lid I used the shade Big Sugar (bright bubblegum pink with a silver sheen – metallic) from Ooh La La and for the inner 1/3 of the mobile lid I used the shade Glow Pop (true pink – metallic) from Cloud Spun. I added a hint of the shade Pixie Stick (mid-tone pink – metallic) from the same palette at the very inner part of the inner 1/3 of the mobile lid. I then used the shade Bon Bon (hot pink – matte) from the same palette over the middle 1/3 of the upper crease area to add a bit more dimension to the look. For the bottom lash line I created a deep drop shadow using the shade Pillow Mint (coral pink – matte) from the same palette. I then deepened the lash line using the shade Trove (raspberry – matte) from Ooh La La and then buffed the whole lash line using the shade Opulent (bright fuchsia with a blue sheen – metallic) from the same palette. To highlight the inner corners I used a combo of the shades Chicle (iridescent light pink with hot pink flecks – super shock) and Cotton Cloud (pale blush pink – metallic) from Spun Cloud. I originally used the NYX Epic Wear Liner ($8 for .043 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Pink Spirit (vibrant pink matte) on my lower waterlines but that didn’t give much definition so I went back over my waterlines using the NYX Slide On Glide On Liner ($8 for .04 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Purple Blaze (vibrant blue based purple metallic ). I used 3 coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara ($11.49 at Ulta) in the shade Blackest Black. I then waited a few moments and decided to test 1 more coat because I wanted to give my lashes a break from the falsies.

Cheeks and Lips:

On my cheeks I used E.L.F. Putty Blush ($6 for .35 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Tahiti (a dusty rosey pink). I touched that up after I powdered my face using Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded ($7 for .26 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Pink Lady (rosy pink). I touched up my bronzer using HourGlass Ambient Lighting Bronzer ($52 for .39 ounces of product at Sephora) in the shade Radiant Bronze Light (Ideal for medium/deep complexions) and my highlighter using Benefit Box Highlighter ($30 for .28 ounces of product at Sephora) in the shade Cookie (golden-pearl). I lined and filled in my lips using ColourPop Lippie Pencil (typically $6 but this shade only available in the Big Box of Lippie Pencils Vault … current out of stock on their website) in the shade Dial Up (vibrant hot pink) and topped it with the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Ultra Blotted Lip ($9 on their website) in the shade Usagi (mid-tone pink) and then topped the whole lip off with Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Lip Gloss ($12 for .17 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Glaze (clear). I set my face using Pixi Skintreats Makeup Fixing Mist ($15 at Ulta) in the scent Rose Water and Green Tea.

Final Thoughts:

  • Please note that all links to these products will be in purple and are NOT affiliate links… they are provided just to make it easier for you to find the products on line.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Glow Illuminating Foundation ($12 for .8 fluid ounces at Ulta)

I give this foundation a solid A+++ :

This foundation is billed as “You asked. Makeup Revolution listened. Get ready to GLOW with Conceal & Glow Foundation.” with buildable coverage foundation has been pumped with brightening Vitamin C plus light reflecting pearl particles for the ultimate skin-loving, radiant finish. Simply blend over the complexion and watch your skin appear effortlessly illuminated, brightened and gorgeously glowing all day long. It comes in 8 shades (2 each for light, fair, medium and deep skin tones).

The only reason I did not grade this higher is because of the scent. It is truly potent. It has a heavy paint thinner like smell to it. Worse than the Wet N Wild Photo Focus. However I sprayed my face with setting spray before I blended it in and that made the scent almost completely dissipate. This is a high medium coverage foundation with 1 application so I believe this may be full coverage with a second pass. It is a very glowy foundation so I don’t think this would be a good one for oily skin but the finish of this foundation is super pretty! It does not set down so you do have to powder set it but even with powdering the glow still shines through. I got a good 12 hours of wear time with only having to touch up 2 times out of just one coat of this foundation too. Typically with glowy foundations I get maybe get 5 to 8 hours wear time and I almost always have to touch up about 4 to 5 times.

Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded $7 for .26 ounces of product at Ulta

I give this blush a solid A+++!!! :

This blush is billed as a pressed sheer velvet powder. It comes in 10 shades, however Ulta only carries 3 shades currently… you can purchase the other shades on the Makeup Revolution website or Beauty Bay in the UK.

If you have been following me for any length of time you already know how head over heels I am for this blush formula! It is by far my favorite drug store blush formula EVER… dare to say may even been my all time favorite powder blush formula ever… I find myself reaching for the Blusher Reloaded over my beloved Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes. I don’t typically don’t gravitate toward pink blushes often but this formula just buffs into the cheeks so well that the pink comes off winter kissed on my cheeks instead of just a heavy mess. I loved the way this shade looked so much that when I went back to Ulta today to exchange the duplicate of this shade I ended up picking another deeper pink to try out.

E.L.F. Putty Blush ($6.00 on their website) in the shade Tahiti. (the second shade)

I give this cream blush a tentative B- :

It’s billed as a velvety, lightweight putty blush that melts into your skin having a highly pigmented, creamy formula that is lightweight and buildable that transforms from cream to a semi-matte powder finish. It comes in 8 shades.

I had a hard time working with this blush today. It was patchy and didn’t build up nicely and was pretty nonexistent once I set my face with powder. Later in the afternoon it seemed to separate and streak. Now in all fairness I was out and about which means I had a face mask on for the better part of the day so it is possible that it could be a combo of the kind of brush I used and the fact that my mask was rubbing my face and I didn’t follow my mask proof makeup routine. It could also be the type of foundation I used too. So I want to try this blush again to see if I get better results.

ColourPop Ooh La La palette ($12 for 9 pans making it $1.33 a shade) on their website.

I give this palette a solid A+++!!! and if I could grade higher I totally would :

It’s billed as a pink monochromatic palette that is really pretty! Features a mix of matte, metallic, and satin shadows, this palette is your go-to for the trendiest pink looks.

Every shade I tried was heaven! High pigment meets easy buttery blendability. Each shade melted into the next seamlessly and there was no patchiness whilst buffing shades together. There was no fall out on the face and only moderate kick back in the pans. There wasn’t a shade in this palette that I did not love. Most of the shadows only needed 1 pass… the only one that needed a second pass was Soft Core and I believe that was because it is a white based pink so it needed more coats to build intensity.

Cloud Spun 9 Pan Palette ($12 for 9 pans making it $1.33 a shade) on their website

I give this palette a solid A+++! :

It’s billed as the baby pink palette that is sweeter than candy! Featuring a perfect mix of Super Shock, Pressed Glitter, matte and metallic finishes and a range of pinks to create the sweetest looks!

If these two palettes were sister Cloud Spun would be the baby sister. It’s bright yet softer than the Ooh La La and yet has a subtle sophistication about it. The only reason I did not give this a higher grade was because of the same stupid pressed glitter! I so wish ColourPop would stop with the pressed glitters in their palettes and just stick to selling pressed glitter singles instead. I would have preferred they throw in a sequin matte instead if they wanted a bit of glitter in a palette over the stupid pressed glitters. There was no fall out on the face but for some reason this palette had more kick back in the pans than the Ooh La La. The shades blended effortlessly and there was no patchiness whilst buffing shades together.

  • It’s worth noting that with both palettes my eyeshadow stayed every bit as vibrant as when I first applied them for a sold 12 hours …. now I did use a super good eye primer but still there was no fading with either of the palette shades that I used.
Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara $11.49 at Ulta

I give this mascara a solid A+++!!! :

This mascara is billed as giving sky high lash impact from every angle! Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara delivers full volume and limitless length. Exclusive Flex Tower mascara brush bends to volumize and extend every single lash from root to tip. Washable mascara formula infused with bamboo extract and fibers for long, full lashes that never gets weighed down. Allergy tested. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Removes easily.

OK Maybelline! I see you!!! I didn’t think I would ever find a mascara that I loved more than the Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black … ummmm I stand corrected! However… the sweet stop with this mascara is no more than 2 coats on the bottom side of the lashes and 1 thin coat on the upper side of the lashes. Any more and you’ll have yourself spider lashes … case in point … just look closely at my Face of the Day pictures. This is such a great mascara that I can’t wait to see how beautifully it performs after it’s been open for a few weeks.

NYX Slide On Liner $8 at Ulta for .4 ounces of product at Ulta in the shade  Purple Blaze (mid toned pink based purple – metallic) (that is the last liner on the left picture and the last shade on the right picture)

I give this eye liner a solid A+++!!! :

It’s billed as silky soft yet delivers a powerful robust color to line eyes that is waterproof and doesn’t smear or smudge, and provides extreme color and comes in 16 vibrant shades.

The more I test this pencils out the more I’m falling in love with the formula, wear time, and color play. They are silky, creamy, pigmented beyond belief and extremely longwearing! As I’ve said many times in this post I’ve worn my makeup for 12 hours and I did not have to touch up my liner once today… and I even rubbed my eyes a few times today. If you are in the market for a good eye liner (be it brown, cream, black or bright colors) I would say the NYX Slide On Glide On or the NYX Epic Liner is where it’s at!

ColourPop Limited Edition Sailor Moon Lip Duo in DayLight $16 on their website… also sold as a single for $9 on their website Usagi (sheer mid-tone pink) (that is the 2nd lippie on the left picture and the 2nd shade on the right picture).

I give the Ultra Blotted Lip a solid A++ :

It’s billed as being for that soft, diffused just-blotted look, our medium coverage liquid lipstick dries matte, doesn’t budge, and feels soft and comfy on the lips.

This is a pretty lippie but they are a bit drying on the lips and they do this weird gloopy collecting thing in the corners of the lips. I finally had to wipe my lips off and just apply this product to the center of my lips instead of the whole lip. It works well that way and is pretty long lasting even with having a lip gloss over top. It did not bleed or feather and it lasted pretty decently … even with eating. I think it’s a pretty decent product.

Well that’s all for now dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health.

XOXO, Nita