Valentine’s Day Look #2 Face of the Day

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing OK today. Moderate pain day, medium energy and in good spirits.

I wanted to do another Valentine’s Day look but I wanted something not as traditional as a pink or red look … I immediately thought of coral (my favorite color of life for makeup). A good Valentine’s day look just has to look romantic… doesn’t necessary be red or pink … it could be mauve or coral … it could be a sweet smokey halo (as long as the halo part of the eye is very pale and shimmery) or it could be a neutral look with a pop of pink, red or coral in the inner corner or as a lower waterline liner. I’ve even been known to wear little to no eye makeup with just a beautiful metallic pink or red bold wing.

For today’s eye look I used the ColourPop Coast to Coral palette ($14 for 9 pans making it $1.56 each shade). I also pulled 2 shades from the ColourPop Give It to Me Straight palette ($18 for 12 pans making it $1.50 per shade).

Today’s scent is Burberry Brit. It was released in 2003 and is a fruity floral that is a little on the sporty side. It’s a great scent for causal wear and still pairs well with a cute maxi dress or even that little black dress.

Burberry Brit Perfume ($64 for 1 ounce) and ($85 for1.7 ounces) at Ulta

The scent notes are:

  • Top Notes: Crisp Pear, Green Almond, Lemongrass and Italian Lime
  • Heart Notes: Dragee (sugar almonds also known as Jordan Almonds), Sugar and White Peony
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Tonka Bean and Mahogany

On to the Face of the Day walk-through…..


I primed my face using Makeup Revolution Fix & Glow Ultra Glow Primer ($12 at Ulta for .84 ounces of product) and also the E.L.F. Poreless Putty Primer ($8 at Ulta for .74 ounces of product) around the cheek area. I contoured using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Contour ($25 at Sephora for .32 ounces of product) in the shade Mink (toasted almond). I highlighted the high points of my face using E.L.F. Jelly Highlighter ($6 on their website for .44 ounces of product) in the shade Dew (Bronze Gold). I color corrected using the Believe Beauty Brighten Up Color Correcting Concealer ($4 at Dollar General and on their website for .07 ounces of product) in the shade Light/Medium. My concealer today is ColourPop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer ($9 at Ulta for .30 ounces of product) in the shade Fair 20N (neutral). I used the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Glow Illuminating Foundation ($12 at Ulta for .7 ounces of product) in the shade F6 (light/medium with neutral undertones). To warm up the perimeter of my face I used Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer ($28 at Sephora for a full ounce of product) in the shade Baked. I set my undereyes using BECCA Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder ($25 at Ulta and Sephora for .09 ounces of product) in the shade Light to Medium (pearlized peachy-pink) and set the rest of my face using BECCA Hydra Mist Set & Refresh Powder ($39 for .39 ounces of product). For touch ups today I am using Catrice Prime & Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder ($8 at Ulta for .32 ounces of product).


For my eye look today I used ColourPop Coast to Coral palette ($14 for 9 pans making it $1.56 each shade) and 2 shades from the ColourPop Give It to Me Straight palette ($18 for 12 pans making it $1.50 per shade).

I started with my brows… I used the E.L.F. Ultra Precise Brow Pencil ($5 for .002 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Dark Brown and then primed my lids using P. Louise Base (£10/$13.70 USD for .5 ounces of product on their website and also on the Morphe website) in the shade Rumour. To set my brow line I used the shade Matter of Fact (pale pink – matte) from Give It to Me Straight. As my first transition shade I used the shade Truth Hurts (peachy beige – matte) from the same palette. For the rest of the eye I used Coast to Coral. As my crease shade I used the color Angelfish (midtone coral – matte). For the Outer 1/3 of the mobile lid and the outer v I used the shade Queensland (burnt midtone orange – matte). Do deepen the outer v of the crease I used the shade Drop Off (warm chestnut brown with gold pinpoints – sequin matte). I used NYX Glitter Glue ($6.50 for .33 ounces of product at Ulta) to clean up the inner 2/3 of mu mobile lid. For the middle 1/3 of the mobile lid I used the shade Diver (bright red orange coral with a gold flip – metallic) and then for the inner 1/3 of the mobile lid I used the shade The Keys (red coral with a gold flip – metallic). I then went into a combo of the shades Keep Swimming (peachy coral with silver and gold pinpoints – sequin matte) and Anemone (vibrant coral – matte) and used that on the middle 1/3 of the upper crease to add a hint of brightness. For the lower lash line I fist created a deep drop shadow using more of the shade Anemone (vibrant coral – matte). I then used more of the shade Keep Swimming (peachy coral with silver and gold pinpoints – sequin matte) closer to the lash line and then I deepened the lash line using more of the shade Drop Off (warm chestnut brown with gold pinpoints – sequin matte). I highlighted the inner corners of the eyes using the shade Atoll (warm golden peach with a gold flip – metallic). I liner my lower waterlines using ColourPop BFF Crème Gel Liner ($7 for .01 ounce of product on their website but currently out of stock) in the shade Gobi (red coral with gold pearl – metallic).  I used 1 coat of Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara ($11.49 at Ulta for .2 ounces of product) in the shade Blackest Black and popped on a pair of KoKo Lashes ($7 on the Lady Moss Website) in the style Diva.

Cheeks and Lips:

On my cheeks I used E.L.F. Putty Blush ($6 for .35 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Tahiti(a dusty rosey pink). I touched that up after I powdered my face using Makeup Revolution Blusher Reloaded ($7 for .26 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade Rhubarb & Custard (coral pink – matte). I touched up my bronzer using BECCA Sunlit Bronzer ($38 for .25 of product at Ulta and Sephora) in the shade Ipanema Sun (rich auburn brown). I also touched up my highlighter using Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder ($45 for .26 ounces of product at Sephora) in the shade Highlight 01 (golden nude). I lined my lips using ColourPop Lippie Pencil ($6 for .035 ounces of product on their website) in the shade Chi Chi (bright true orange ) and filled in my lips using Milani Color Fetish Lipstick ($8.99 for .41 ounces of product at Ulta) in the shade #140 Crave (coral). I set my face using Pixi Skintreats Makeup Fixing Mist ($15 at Ulta for 2.7 ounces of product) in the scent Rose Water and Green Tea.

Finally Thoughts:

I think coral shades give such a pretty romantic look to the face. I love how it’s not quite red but it’s not quite pink … it’s sort of the love child of the two colors.

Milani Color Fetish Lipstick $8.99 for .41 ounces of product at Ulta

I give this lipstick a solid A+++!!! :

This lipstick is billed as having sheer to medium coverage, ultra-moisturizing, balm-like lipstick with an 85% blend of nourishing oils glides on effortlessly, leaving lips moisturized with a lustrous pop of color. The creamy, lustrous shine, high-comfort formula wears like a lipstick, but melts on to your lips like your favorite balm. It comes in 9 shades.

This lipstick is a perfect dupe for Revlon Lip Butters that came out in 2011 with the caveat that the Fetish Lipstick is creamer and more pigmented than the Lip Butters were. I so love this formula! Milani hit it out of the park with this one. They are hydrating and creamy and do not feather or travel outside the lip line. There isn’t any annoying scent with this lippie. Because it’s a creamy formula it does transfer very easy but the pigment does seam to remain. I had held off on picking up any other shades but since trying it out I’ve decided that I will in fact pick up the shades in Voyeur (hot pink) and Roleplay (orange red) I am very much hoping that Milani expands this line’s shade range the other 6 shades just don’t appeal to me.

Coast to Coral 9 Pan Palette ($14 on their website
for 9 shades making each shade $1.56)

I give this palette a solid A+++!!! :

Coast to Coral is billed as the ultimate monochromatic coral palette. Featuring warm beachy shades in a mix of finishes, create looks fit for any season.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you already know how much I LOVE a good coral shade… this palette is my spirit animal! The mattes are buttery and finely milled. The metallics are creamy and foil like. For once I have a 99 pan palette with NO pressed glitters, it does have 2 sequin mattes in it but that’s OK… I don’t mind sequin mattes because the glitters aren’t chunky or scratchy and they don’t get all over the face… most of the time the glitter doesn’t even translate to the eye unless you use a patting motion. I hope ColourPop continues the trend of using sequin mattes over pressed glitter. The shades I used in this palette blended out seamlessly and buffed into each other well without going patchy and they even played nice with the shades I used from the Give It to Me Straight palette. There was moderate kick back in the pans but there was a heap of fall out on the face… I think it’s because the shadows in this palette are finely milled. It wasn’t all over the face just really the high cheek area and it wasn’t full pigment attack with the fall out. There wasn’t any of the shades where I had to build up layers to reach max opacity which is a big deal for coral shades… corals tend to need at least 2 layers and I didn’t need to build up a second layer with this palette. There is enough shade variation that you can get a good solid week of wear from this one little 9 pan palette.

Gobie Liner Duo  ($12 for the set … making each $6 … sold separately the are $7 each) on their website

I give this pencil liner a solid A+++!!! :

This pencil liner is billed as the same pigmentation and long-lasting, transfer-proof wear of our Crème Gel Colour Eyeliner in a pencil!

I remember when I first reviewed the BFF Crème Gel Liners. I thought they were a disaster. They were chalky, virtually non-existent, and never applied well to the waterline despite being waterproof. Well they must have done something different with the formula because every liner I purchase now has been phenomenal! This red coral metallic is no different! It’s creamy, super pigmented, lays down on the waterline perfectly and comfortably, and lasts darn near all day. The color is super vibrant and is a nice shade to use when you’ve tired of nude on the waterline but don’t want to opt for a black or brown.

E.L.F. Putty Blush $6.00 on their website and at Ulta

I give this blush formula a solid C- :

It’s billed as a velvety, lightweight putty blush that melts into your skin having a highly pigmented, creamy formula that is lightweight and buildable that transforms from cream to a semi-matte powder finish. It comes in 8 shades.

As I said in my last Face of the Day … I had a hard time working with this blush today. It was patchy and didn’t build up nicely and was pretty nonexistent once I set my face with powder. I tried it using a damp sponge and even that couldn’t save this blush. It wouldn’t lay down over the center part of my cheek. No matter what I did to try and get it to stick it just wouldn’t. I had to build up with powder blush to save my look today because there were obvious gaps in the blush. I’ve tried this blush 2 times already… it’s just a dud for me and I have decluttered both from my collection.

Well that’s all for now dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health.

XOXO, Nitafor