Beginning of the Year Makeup Declutter

Hey doll hey!! How’s your day/night going? It’s really chilly in Florida this week so I’m having really bad pain levels and low energy so I’ve taken a few days off from my Face of the Day posts… I did just do episode 2 of my PASS or PURCHASE series… Episode 1 is called Pass or Purchase 2021 Episode 1 : Makeup Revolution and BH Cosmetics and the Episode 2 is called Pass or Purchase 2021 Episode 2 : ColourPop.

Today was the day of comfort foods…. For supper I made homemade Sancocho de Pollo y Arroz (Chicken and Rice Soup with Spanish Root Veggies).

For dessert I made homemade brownies with walnuts.

For tomorrow’s breakfast I made homemade blueberry muffins. I only know how to make them in 24 muffin increments so I froze 12 of them.

The other night I finished my yearly makeup inventory and as part of my inventory I go through all of my makeup and decided whether or not to keep items that I’ve either out grown a love for, haven’t reached for at all or just simply didn’t like enough to keep using and I pull those pieces out of my collection and pack them up according to whether I will donate it to a local woman’s shelter, throw it out or gift it to one of my nieces.

I haven’t shared a declutter post in a while so I thought I’d do a rapid fire declutter post today….

Let’s Start With Eyeliner:

I just purchased a heap of colored eyeliners, I hadn’t purchased browns, nudes and blacks because I have a huge selection of those… so I went through and decluttered ones I just don’t seem to reach for: 2 brown NYX slim line pencils … they are too hard for my eyes so I just never reached for them, 1 blue faux black NYX liner … I just never really reached for it, it’s pretty on the waterline but I never really reached for it. 1 brown ardency inn modster liner… I didn’t really like this formula as much I know I have a black one too but couldn’t find it or it would have been decluttered as well. 1 Jordana eyeshadow pencil in nude… this one always made my eyes sore when I wore it so it’s time to let it go. 1 black Pretty Voguer cream gel liner… I couldn’t get this one to work for me, it bled and it just never went on good for me. 1 black Joah liquid liner and 1 Il Makiage black liquid liner both are just not the right formula for me…. I gifted the pencils to my niece and threw out the rest since those couldn’t be sanitized. Wooden pencils can be sanitized by simply sharpening and then rubbing the pencil with alcohol.


I knew this would be the hardest area for me to declutter because I love lip products… and to be fair I do used almost all of my lip liners… I just didn’t ever really use these two NYX Suede Matte liner colors…. I gifted them to my neice.


With the exception of the first to lippies I’ve used all the others and I just never found myself reaching for them. The first one is a duplicate purchase (I made by mistake) and the second one is just a lip shade I barely ever reach for. These were all gifted to my niece.


I tried all 3 of these eyeshadow primers and I just really didn’t like them. The Alter Ego one is fine enough, the Urban Decay one is just so-so and the Anastasia Beverly Hills one is just atrocious. With the exception of the NYX Pore Filler (I have 2 tubes of it so I got rid of 1) I never reached for these primers. The first one I just hated the smell of, the Rimmel always seemed to clog my pores and the Too Face one I just didn’t like enough to continue to use it (I found one from Good Molecules that I is basically the same at a better price point). All primers are being offered to my niece if she doesn’t take them I will be gifting them to the woman’s shelter.


I never even opened the Milk mascara (that was gifted to a niece) the other 3 were tossed. The AOA one is nice I just never really reached for it, the Balm one is pretty good but again I never reached for it and the Tarte one was just so-so. Since mascara can’t be sanitized they were tossed out.

Brow Products:

The NYX brow pencil I just simply hated and the 4 brow gels are all tinted and the only tinted brow gel that I like is by Benefit so I never used any of these…. the whole lot was gifted to my niece.


I never use concealer straight from the wand… I’ve found it keeps the product fresher longer and if I find I don’t like a concealer it wont be contaminated so I can pass it off to someone else. I just generally didn’t like any of these concealers well enough to keep them when my concealer stash is so large. I’ve passed them off to my niece.


The foundations that I didn’t like are the Tarte, Joah, Derma Blend and JCat foundations. The rest of the foundations just either didn’t work for me or are the wrong shade for me now that I no longer tan. I am offering them to my niece first whatever she doesn’t like I’ll pass along to the woman’s shelter.

Single Pot Shadows:

I hate loose pigments, never reached for the Color Tattoo and own the ELF flirty birdy twice so I gave them to my niece.


My cream bronzer collection has grown so much that I will never be able to get through my beloved Channel bronzer before it expires and the 5 powder bronzers I chose to get rid of are just ones I barely reach for… My niece has taken all of them.


I never reach for these and I have double of the ColourPop Disney shade so I gifted them to my niece.


I hated the 2 new ELF Putty Blushes , The ColourPop is almost done but I never reach for it, I never reach for the Private Society blush kit and anytime I did I always reached for the coral shade only, The rest of the blushes I just didn’t reach for those shades… they were all gifted to a niece.

Face Palettes:

All of these face palettes were ok… I liked the Charlotte Tilbury one but it’s a bit boring, the Tarte one is nice but the colors aren’t in my wheel house, The Profusion is amazing but I needed the space for my new ColourPop palette and I didn’t have anymore room in my large palette storage unit so I decluttered the large palette I used least. The rest of the palettes just barely ever were touched. I will be offering them to my nieces first and any that are left will be donated to the woman’s shelter.

Eyeshadow Palettes:

The palette of single ColourPop shadows are just run off from my collection, shades that I accidently purchased 2 of, The Believe Beauty palettes are amazing but I needed the room in my small palette unit so I chose the ones I use least, and the rest are just palettes that never were touched last year.

And with that my declutter is done.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health.

XOXO, Nita