February 2021 Haul#2 BH Cosmetics

Hey doll hey!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m still in a heap of pain… the RA is really bothering me today so once again no Face of the Day … however I did receive my BH Cosmetics order that I placed on 1/30/21. It’s the purchase that was prompted by my first PASS or PURCHASE post.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well enough to post anything but I used my spoons to start my 2021 Wish List spread sheet. I can’t wait to start tackling the wish list… there are so many fun things I want to get my hands on.

Well… let’s jump into the swatches and first impressions of the remaining 7 palettes from the BH Cosmetics Travel Series…. I already own Love in London and I’ve used it several times on my blog … I am looking forward to creating some looks with the new palettes soon.

*As always all products mentions I purchased on my own, any links provided are strictly for ease of locating them on line and are not affiliate links, All swatches are done on clean , bare skin with no primer and in 1 swipe. The pictures on the left (or top) are taken with no flash and the ones on the right (bottom) are taken with flash*

Beautiful in Barcelona Regular price$17.00  25% OFF on their website making the palette $12.75  ($0.80 per shade).

This palette is billed as a chic mix of velvety smooth mattes and glistening shimmers in warm neutrals and deep smokey hues offers rich color payoff and seamless blendability for dazzling day-to-night effects that conjure the coastal city’s effortless sophistication that invokes the sleek ambiance of the Mediterranean. The palette contains 8 metallic shades, 1 sequin matte and 7 matte shadows.

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: La Rambla (a neutral beige – matte), Enchanting (baby pink – metallic), Stone (taupe grey – matte), Fiesta (berry purple – metallic), Exquisite (warm peachy nude – metallic), Mediterranean (true blue – metallic), Treasure (terracotta – metallic), Carnation (burnt orange – matte), Familia (coral orange – metallic), Getaway ( soft gold – metallic), Spain (warm red based brown – matte), Dulce (coffee brown – matte), Vacay (dark brown – metallic), Flamenco (forest green – sequin matte), Picasso (deep blue – metallic) and Azul (bright blue – matte).

What I’ve learned from theses swatches: As with the Love in London palette, the mattes are finely milled and satin smooth. The metallics are buttery soft and smooth in texture. The sequin matte is different from what I’m use to. It’s creamy like a metallic and the glitter deposits in full pigment with no fallout. I didn’t know if the rest of the travel palettes would live up to the love I have for the London palette… but I am loving Barcelona very much.

Chillin’ in Chicago Regular price$17.00  40% OFF on their website making the palette $10.20 ($.064 per shade).

This palette is billed as an exquisite vegan collection of silky-smooth mattes and lustrous shimmers—in bronze and gold hues, rich browns and pops of lush pink shades—offers high-pigment payoff and buildable intensity to create chic masterpieces that capture the vibrant artistry of the city. The palette contains 7 metallics, 1 pressed pigment and 8 matte shadows.

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: Windy City (Camel brown – matte), Beam (copper – metallic), Grizzly (caramel tan – matte), Sky Deck (red base midtone brown – matte), Chicago Dog (coral – matte), Magnificent (rose gold – metallic), Wrigleyville (terracotta coral – matte), Rush St. (blue base mauve – matte), Lake View (light gold – metallic), Jazzy (coral with gold flip – metallic), The L (deep beige – matte), Deep Dish (dusty orange red -pigment), Millennium (icy baby pink with gold flip – metallic), 321 (bronze – metallic), River Walk (mustard yellow – matte) and Chi Town (orange based god – metallic).

What I’ve learned from theses swatches: The metallics with a flip to them are almost duo chromatic and are stunning! I never would have thought that corals would pair well with golds but this palette does an excellent job at doing just that. As with the last 2 palettes the metallics are buttery and most of the mattes are creamy… almost satin like… there are a few mattes that are a bit more dusty but that is because this palette’s mattes are not as finely milled as the previous one.

Hanign’ in Hawaii Regular price$17.00 40% OFF on their website making the palette $10.20 ($.064 per shade).

This palette is billed as a lush mix of richly pigmented hues and finishes—ranging from high-shine bronzes and golds to buttery-soft mattes in melon and spice shades—offers endless radiant looks for day and night and captures the essence of a tropical paradise. The palette contains 5 metallic and 11 matte shadows.

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: Hula (champagne – metallic), Shaka (light tan – matte), Hibiscus (orange based terracotta – matte), Luau (raspberry pink – metallic), Ohana (dusty pink – matte), Pineapple (muted white gold – metallic), Lei (full pigment coral – matte), Aloha (rusty tan – matte), Tiki (midtone tan – matte), Sandy (pale antique gold – metallic), Coconut (sandy brown – matte), Paradise (midtone true pink – matte), Maui (taupe – matte), Waikiki (antiqued orange – metallic), Mahalo (café brown – matte)and Honolulu (plum based brown – matte).

What I’ve learned from theses swatches: This palette is very pigmented. I love all the shades but the color way doesn’t match the theme for this one. I would loved to have seen a few greens and a bit more vibrancy to the color story.

Lost In Los Angeles $17.00 on their website ($1.06 per shade)

This palette is billed as being able to stun all the way from bougie Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Walk of Fame with show-stopping looks from our Lost in Los Angeles – 16 Color Shadow Palette. Create best coast vibes with each stroke of this pretty-in-pastel array of lustrous shimmers and silky smooth mattes. Each vegan hue is inspired by selfie-centric street art and graffiti walls around the sprawling city of angels and influencers. The palette contains 8 metallics and 8 mattes.

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: Malibu (tangerine – metallic ), Runyon Canyon (beige tan – matte), LAX (pastel blue – matte), 90210 (pastel pink – matte), The 405 (pastel terracotta orange – matte), Melrose, (blue based purple – metallic), Weho (pastel coral – matte), Rodeo Drive (burnished olive – metallic), Rush Hour (powder blue with a sliver flip – metallic), Abbot Kinney (pastel red based purple – matte), Starstruck (true gold – metallic), Sunset BLVD (bubble gum pink with a gold flip – metallic), The Abbey (dusty white – matte), Dreamer (pastel green – matte), The Hills (light rose pink with sliver flip – metallic) and City of Angels (sea blue – metallic).

What I’ve learned from theses swatches: Pastels are really hard to produce and I think BH Cosmetics made a homerun with this pastel heavy palette. I just love how the pastel mattes are paired with bright jewel toned metallics! I also love how there is a white included in this palette… since this is a pastel heavy palette adding a darker shade wont help because you can not deepen a pastel without it going muddy… by adding the white it allows for you to add depth and dimension to the pastel shades without disrupting their integrity. The mattes are creamy and the metallics are buttery and the pastels are super pigmented for being pastel.

Smitten in Switzerland Regular price$17.00 40% OFF on their website making the palette $10.20 ($.064 a shade).

This palette is billed as an elegant array of pigment-rich hues and finishes—ranging from lush shimmering greens and azure blues to velvety-soft mattes in violet and neutral shades—lets you create stunning eye effects to achieve the ultimate après-ski look with the majestic allure of the Swiss Alps. The palette contains 6 metallics and 10 mattes.

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: Snowcap (soft cream – matte), Montreux (nude peach – matte), Fondue (nude blush – matte), Slope (soft grey – matte), Lucerine (dusty mauve – matte), Yodel (berry pink – matte), Zurich (berry pink with a red flip – metallic), Geneva (soft bronze – metallic), Alps (taupe – metallic), Brisk (deep blue – metallic), Mount Rigi (khaki green – metallic), Glacier Express (steel grey – metallic), Matterhorn (sunflower yellow – matte), Chocolate (deep brown – matte), Mountain (dusty forest green – matte) and Nightfall (deep black – matte).

What I’ve learned from theses swatches: At first glance the pallet comes across as just another nuetral palette… but once I swatched it I was in love. It’s color play with a sophisticated twist. All of the mattes were finely milled and creamy and the metallics buttery as has been with the last few palettes. Normally with a palette that has a yellow mixed in I count it as a throw away shade because it doesn’t do anything to enhance the palette…. that’s not the case with the Switzerland palette. Everything from the tone, the shade, and the pigmentation of this yellow pairs so beautifully with the color story. It’s bright enough to off set the muted browns and green and dusty enough to pair well with the vibrancy of the pinks and mauves. This is a palette well done.

Summer in St. Tropez Regular price$17.00 40% OFF on their website making the palette $10.20 ($.064 a shade).

This palette is billed as a rainbow of island-inspired hues in lush matte and glimmering shimmer finishes. Whether you prefer a bright cut crease of pink and azure blue, blended sun-drenched shades or a wash of golden shimmer, infinite eye looks fit for paradise await the vibrant spirit of the tropics. This palette has 6 metallics, 9 mattes and 1 satin.

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: Sandy (soft nude – matte ), Crepe (sunflower yellow – matte), Exotic (green-gold – metallic), Coastline (red with a green gold flip – metallic), Marina (rose pink – metallic), Cabana (purple grape – metallic), Beach Club (muted pink – metallic), Super Yacht (intense purple – metallic), Paradise (burnt gold – metallic), Villa (pinky peach – matte), Pampelonne (azure blue – matte), Bay (deep blue – matte ), Intoxicating (sunshine yellow – matte), Night Life (raspberry -matte ), Jet Set (bright red – matte) and Sizzle (berry pink – satin).

What I’ve learned from theses swatches: This is a stunning tropically vibrant palette. Metalics are buttery, mattes are creamy and pigmentation is insane. Every shade enhances each other expertly.

Trendy in Tokyo Regular price$17.00  25% OFF on their website making the palette $12.75  ($0.80 per shade).

This palette is billed as a striking kaleidoscope of buttery smooth mattes and lustrous shimmers in bold, bright hues inspired by the chic neon-lit metropolis, the avant-garde style of Japan’s capital city. This palette has 6 metallics and 10 matte shades.

The shades from left to right and top to bottom are: Blossom (bubble gum pink – matte), Trendsetter (coral – matte), Lively (sea blue – metallic), Fortune (soft blue – matte), Anime (bright pink – metallic), Fashion (striking red – matte), Bamboo (grass green – matte), Electric (electric blue – matte), Emoji (bright pink – matte), Sushi (hot orange – matte), Wasabi (acid green – metallic), Saki (true purple – metallic), Mt. Fuji (berry purple – metallic), Karaoke (sunshine yellow – matte), Tempura (canary yellow – matte) and Kyoto (true purple – matte)

What I’ve learned from theses swatches: I love that this palette has the same shades in matte and shimmer! It’s great for colorful monochrome looks. Every shade of this palette was thought out perfectly. Mattes are creamy metallics are buttery and every shade is pigmented without even having a base. When I took these swatches off… I needed makeup remover and coconut oil to remove it.

I am so happy to have all 8 of the Travel Series palettes! There is just so much fun in these palettes! I hope they expand the palette series more … maybe a FLORIDA palette (???? I mean I do live here and there are so many colors that they can pull from), or perhaps a Sweden palette, Italy?? The list is endless.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Well that’s all for now dolls. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health.