TikTok Made Me Buy It… Haul#10 May 2021Beauty Creations

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope.

I’m back with a super quick haul. I purchased a few things that I saw on TikTok…. I couldn’t help it… These colored shadow bases are all over TikTok right now… so I jumped on the bandwagon and snagged the whole set… plus a few lashes….

On to the haul….

*As always… All products listed I purchased myself, all links provided are purely for convenience purposes to help you find the product quickly and are in no way affiliate links. The swatches are done on clean bare skin with no primer and are done in 1 swipe, pictures to the left/top are taking without flash and the right/bottom with flash*

Beauty Creations 35MM Faux Mink Lashes in the shade BAD HABITS ($6.99 on their website)

These are more voluminous than I’m use to wearing but the looked so pretty that I just had to try them out. I’m thinking a nude eye and coral lip for these babies.

Beauty Creations 3D Silk Lashes in the style REYNA ($4.99 on their website)

These reminded me of my favorite KoKo lashes in Queen B but just a bit more full.

Beauty Creations 3D Faux Mink Lashes in the style HUSH-HUSH ($6.99 on their website)

These beauties are a spot on dupe for the KoKo Queen B lashes and I am living for them.

Beauty Creations DARE TO BE BRIGHT – COLOR BASE PRIMER SET ($44 for the full 12 shade set on their website)

I used the tiniest of dots of each shade to make my swatches.

The first 4 in this set are: Barbie Pink (true pink), Rockstar (true red), Lime Light (soft true yellow) and Orange Blast (deep true orange).

The next 4 shades are: Jade (yellow based green), Fresh Aqua (light blue green), Blue My Mind (light blue) and Purple Cream (pale purple).

The final 4 shades are: Berry Inn Love (reddish purple) Ballerina Girl (true nude) White Out (pure white) and Black Out (dusty black).

First Impressions: The purples and pinks are super pigmented… I had to use oil to remove them because these shades did stain my skin. All of the colors were amazing, save for the black one. The initial dot really showed promise but after blending it out it’s not at all as dark as I had hoped it would be. This can be corrected by adding extra pigment but then you run the risk of the shadows over top creasing. I’ll have to play around with it for a bit to see how is best to get good color payoff.

Well dolls… That’s it for this haul… told ya it was a short one.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in good spirits and health. Remember…. Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick.

XOXO, Nita