June2021 Haul #3 Combined Haul

Hey doll hey!!! Happy Thursday. How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing pretty good today. I have a small tension headache because of the pressure in the air, I’m in Florida and it’s storm season which means more headaches and high joint pain days…. it hasn’t started to rain yet so my pain level is manageable.

I wasn’t feeling well so I took some time off from blogging to just rest and now I’m back and ready to haul 4 purchases instead of doing separate hauls.

So… let’s jump into this haul….

*As always… All products listed I purchased myself, all links provided are purely for convenience purposes to help you find the product quickly and are in no way affiliate links. The swatches are done on clean bare skin with no primer and are done in 1 swipe, pictures to the left/top are taking without flash and the right/bottom with flash*

Alora Cosmetics Haul

The first purchase comes from a small indie brand called Alora Cosmetics, a small Latina owned beauty company that is right here in the USA…. North Carolina to be exact. I found this brand on TikTok when the owner, Aura, did a video on her liquid glitter liners… they swatched fabulously and so I just had to place an order…. (the liners I used for today’s look, I’ll be posting that today as well).

The Rainbow Paradise Eyeshadow Pallet ($38.99 but on sale now for $24.99 on her website). This is a 35 pan palette, making each shade $1.11 at regular price and $0.71 on sale. This palette comes with 23 firm pressed mattes, 6 shimmery metallics and 6 clear based glitters. There are 5 rows of each shade, with the exception of the white and black shades.

Row 1: Row one is the neon pigment row and is all matte with the exception of the yellow and blue. The yellow shade (the 3rd shade) has a hint of lime in it but is in fact a yellow shimmer metallic.

Row 2: Row two is the vibrant true shade pigment row and is all matte with the exception of the blue shade.

Row 3: Row three is the pastel row and is all matte and also does not have a pastel yellow. Yellow is a hard shade to work with so I don’t blame Aura for skipping it… better no pastel yellow than a crappy pastel yellow right? With the yellow being replaced with that white matte shade it’s easy to take one of the other yellow shades and transform it into a pastel like yellow… so that’s still a win.

Row 4: Row four is the true base shade row and has 4 mattes and 3 shimmer metallics.

Row 5: Row five is the glitter row, I would have liked to see a purple glitter in this palette but I understand the reason for the dusty black shadow. The 6th glitter is a pink, which I don’t mind, but I wish there was a purple glitter too… The black is just deep enough to help deepen the outer v without being so dark that it over powers the rest of the palette.

Glossy Lipstick ($11.99 but on sale for $6.99 on her website) in the shade Rosy (described as a bright nude pink).

This nude pink is not a blue based pink (as most nude pinks are) this one has a slight red base to it causing it to be more coral than true pink nude… It’s stunning. It has a medium consistency and smells sort of like Fruit Loops mixed with citrus.

3D Mink Lashes in the style Hollywood ($9.99 but on sale for $6.99 on her website). These lashes are on a thick band (I’m wearing them today, and I can’t feel the band at all) and can be wore up to 20 times with good lash care.

Potted Loose Glitter ($6.00 but on sale for $3.00 on her website) in the shade Pixie Dust (Holographic metallic) is an ultra fine glitter that is truly holographic… a lot of companies tote the word holographic and then it’s just a shiny metallic glitter…. this is truly a holographic glitter… It shifts all the shades of the rainbow.

The first swatch is without primer… it’s pretty amazing that I got this kind of coverage without the benefit of a primer… the second swatch is with NYX Glitter Glue underneath.

I truly dislike loose pigments and glitters because I make a horrible mess, however after swatching Pixie Dust I may just be a converter… It was simple to use and did not make a large mess… I am keen to order more shades.

Glitter Liner ($6.99 but on sale for $3.99 each on her website) and is billed as being highly pigmented, waterproof, strong. Long-wearing sparkle eyeliner with beautiful shimmer and coverage.

The shades are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Lilac, Silver, Gold, Magenta and Pink.

Just look at this color payoff!!! The liners are on a clear base with a finely milled glitter. I am wearing red through lilac for today’s look and they were easy to apply, there was no fall out, and they have stayed vibrant all day. I do have to say that I have some fine lines at the lash line so as the glitter liners dried I did get a light bit of cracking happening… but it’s barely visible.

My first impressions of this brand Aura really knows what she is doing when it comes to makeup! The palette is stunning, the liners are stunning, the loose glitter is amazing and the lashes are so feather weight that I kept forgetting that I’m wearing them. I am super keen to place another order. This is indie makeup at it’s finest.

I popped into Ulta to purchase a few pink lipsticks for the summer, I realized when I did my last pride look that I only own 1 pink lipstick… that had to be rectified…

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick *comfort matte formula* ($19 for 0.11 oz/ 3.25 mL of product at Ulta) in the shade Menace (vivid bright blue based pink) – This shade is available in stores but not on line. It can be found on the Urban Decay website.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick *cream formula* ($19 for 0.11 oz/ 3.25 mL of product at Ulta) in the shade Wired (coral).

Juvia’s Place The Reds and Berries Glass Gloss ($14.00 at Ulta) in the shade Ruby Rose (soft cherry red). This is a thick but not sticky lip gloss that has just enough tint to pair well with lipstick and to wear on it’s own. It has a slight Tutti Frutti scent to it.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick The Luscious Mattes ($8.49 at Ulta) in the shade Heartbreaker (blue based hot pink). This is one of Revlon’s new shades.

I like all the shades I purchased and I’m really keen to venture deeper into Revlon territory… it wont be for a little while, I really want to concentrate on indie brands for a bit, but I can see myself testing a full face of new Revlon products at some point.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner ($21 for 0.25 oz of product at Ulta) in the shades Pyro (iridescent and sliver glitter on a milky white base) and Grind (light pink iridescent glitters on a milky white base).



These glitter liners were a let down from the first swatch… However they do work well as a shadow topper… The pictures about are of Grind as a topper over a light pink shadow.

I bought into the hype that these liners are amazing… they were a let down for me. No color payoff and very sparse glitter.

NYX Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow ($8 for 0.1 oz of product at Ulta).

The shades from left to right and top to bottom: Retrograde (lilac glitter on a blue based purple base), Poppy (gold glitter on a coral red base), Metropical (gold and silver glitter on a light blue based pink base), Polished Pin Up (silver glitter on a champagne base), Multiverse (silver glitter on a taupe brown base), Imaginarum (silver glitter on a deep grey base), Oui Out (silver glitter on a silver base), Industrial Beam (gold glitter on a light gold base).

These glitter shadows are truly pretty but they are not very glittery. They are more like a metallic shadow than a glitter shadow.

NYX Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeliner ($8 for 0.13 oz of product at Ulta).

The colors from left to right are: Crystal Ball (Champagne glitter on a milky champagne base), Quartzy (pink, silver and coral glitter on a milky rose base), Chamomile (orange, silver and gold glitter on a milky yellow base), Zodiac Queen (gold glitter on a milky gold base), Diamond Dust (silver glitter on a milky silver base), and Stage Trooper (blue, pink and teal glitter on a milky black base).

These glitter lines are a dupe for the Urban Decay liners and yet this is a case where the less expensive dupe is 100 times better than the more expensive counter part. They are chalk full of glitter and have insane pigment payoff.

Well dolls… That’s all for this haul. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health.

Remember save a 🥄 spoon for a bit of lipstick 🥄