I Miss You Abuelita

Hey doll hey! How’s your Saturday day/night going? Great I hope. Physically I’m doing great but mentally I’m in a sad place. 3 years ago today (7/4/21) the matriarch of our family passed away

My beloved maternal Grandmother. She was my world. Any sense of confidence I have is all do to this woman. The woman I’ve become was hand molded by this woman. She is the glue that gripped our family in love and the day she passed was one of the top 3 worst days of my life. I miss her voice, her scent, her laughter… she had the kind of laughter that would melt anyone’s heart and even when you were having a bad day, that laugh of hers would make your day and mood so much better.

I use to love the 4th of July… barbeques, block parties, endless food and drink and beautiful fireworks at night and yet for the past 3 years I can’t even bring myself to turn on the grill.

There are 3 days in history that hurt me so much…. 1 I’ve discussed already and will not be mentioning ever again…. Easter Sunday and now 4th of July. I lost my paternal Grandmother on Easter Sunday to a brain aneurism and then my Abuelita on independence day.

I wasn’t going to do any makeup related content today because I just can’t concentrate but even when my Abuela was in pain, had the flu or just was having a rough day she soldiered on and I just know she would have been smiling at me and telling me “sad only lasts for a little bit and it’s through maintaining your foot steps on your path that you rise above the hurt”… so I got out of bed, showered, fixed brunch for my hubby and mama bear and entered my makeup room to start my day… albeit it was almost 12 by the time I did but at least I’m doing something I love that helped to take my mind off the hole in my heart.

Well dolls… I just wanted to get these words out of my head… and if my makeup posts are a bit off today… it was important to give an explanation for it.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night and that you are in great spirits and health. Remember to hug the ones you love today so that you have many wonderful memories of them in the future.

❌⭕❌⭕, Nita