August 2021 Haul#8 – Juvia’s Place

Hey doll hey!!! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m feeling a bit exhausted and this morning I accidently stabbed my thumb with pointy tweezers whilst trying to get the wax out of my wax burner… so I can’t use that hand today for much… every time I do I end up re-opening the wound.

Even though I can’t play with makeup today I did get my Juvia’s Place order…. so here’s the haul….

All the items I purchased from the Juvia’s Place website:

Let’s take a closer look….

*As always… All products listed we purchased for me, all links provided are purely for convenience purposes to help you find the product quickly and are in no way affiliate links. The swatches are done on clean bare skin with no primer and are done in 1 swipe and with flash to maximize color payoff, some pictures I decided to take without flash as well to see the natural pigmentation… those pictures will be on the left or at the top of the post*

Juvia’s Place The Taupes 6 Pan Palette ($14 for 0.47 oz / 13.2 g of total product on their website making it 0.078 oz / 2.2 g and $2.33 per shade) is billed as ready to add the perfect pop of color to every eyeshadow look. For a perfectly flawless finish every time, make sure this iconic nude eyeshadow palette–complete with nudes, deep browns, and the perfect taupe shimmery-hues–is a part of your everyday makeup and beauty routine.

There are no names for these shades but the shades from left to right are: light taupe with a slight silver flip – celestial shadow, mid tone taupe with a silver flip – celestial metallic, dusty neutral light tan – matte, dusty light taupe – matte, dusty deep taupe – matte and taupe with a hint of peach – celestial metallic.

First Impressions: As a stand alone palette there is nothing special about this palette but as a companion palette it’s perfect. The mattes have the perfect shade range to help any look reach dimension and the celestial metallics are super pretty and would look great as an all over wash of color or even tapped in the center of the lid with a smokey eye.

Juvia’s Place Shade Sticks ($16 for 0.34 oz / 9.7 g on their website *on sale for $10) is billed as the multipurpose, foundation stick that works as a triple threat–lightweight foundation stick, concealer stick and the best contour stick, too. Formulated to feel like your own skin, these creamy, long-lasting foundation sticks are available in 30 shades ranging from deep nude to rich chocolate, making it the best natural foundation for your most sultry and sexy makeup looks. This full coverage formula is infused with shea butter and oil-controlling ingredients to aid in a long wear time while providing radiance to skin. Paraben-free; phthalate-free; sulfate-free; gluten-free. This foundation comes in 30 shades and I purchased the shade Luxor (light neutral).

First Impressions: I already have this product in the shade Guinea (dark neutral) that I use as a bronzer but this is the first time I have it in my foundation shade. It’s creamy and full coverage, does not oxidize, and is a demi matte finish. I’m keen to test this one out since I know how well this formula blends out.

Juvia’s Place The Heroine Glow I Highlighter ($16 for 0.14 oz / 4 g of product on their website) *This was a free gift with purchase * is billed as the baked press highlighter powder that’s been inspired by Dahomey female warriors–just the bit of edge you need in your beauty routine to unlock your fiercest look, and a glowing complexion. An instant illuminator, apply with a highlighter brush along cheekbones to tap into your inner heroine–and your most luminous makeup look. Heroine Glow 1 is a universal shade infused with gold pearls to give a reflective glow.  

First Impressions: This shade is just to yellow gold for me… I perfect soft gold or champagne as my highlights so I gifted this one to my niece.

Juvia’s Place I Sculpt, I Shade Brow Pen ($14 for 0.002 oz / 0.08 g of product on their website) is billed as an eyebrow pen that provides a smooth application. No smudging! This pen creates a natural looking stroke with minimal effort. It comes in 4 shades and I chose the shade Ebony (their darkest shade).

First Impressions: This is a brush tip applicator and our of all the ones that I’ve tried this past month this one seams to have the most controllable application.

Juvia’s Place I Sculpt, I Shade Brow Pencil ($12 for 0.017 oz / 0.5 g of product on their website) is billed as easily add dimension to your brow and control micro-strokes. No smudging or overly-thick lines. Create natural-looking fullness with featherlight strokes to balance the contours of each brow. This innovative formula glides on easily, and is super, long-lasting with a 24-hour wear time. Simply Sculpt and Shade, and your good to go! It comes in 4 shades and I purchased the shade Ebony (the darkest shade).

First Impressions: This is a medium stiff formula that allows you to do thick lines as well as thin lines. It’s a pretty long wear formula because I had to use oil to get it the swatch off.

The August Mystery Box ($18 for 4 items) is billed as It includes an eyeshadow Palette, 1 mystery highlighter, 1 Mystery Gloss and 1 mystery NEW LAUNCH ABOUT TO DROP.

I already had the palette I received, I would have preferred the Yami Angelina Palette or another palette that I didn’t have but it’s ok I’ll gift this palette to my God daughter. I did not get a mystery item in my box which kind of upset me considering the purchase took too long to get to me and I paid for expedited processing and shipping, I was in constant communication but yet it still took well over 2 1/2 weeks to get to me, and with all that time they never gave me the mystery item… I will not be purchasing next month’s box.

The total retail value of my box is $45 so I did get a savings of $27 which if I were to take away the palette I already owned I would still have paid $27 for the 2 items that I did get so that would be a $9 savings… not too shabby,

Yami Angelina x Juvia’s Place Lip Gloss ($12 but no longer available… was limited edition) is a super sheer peach gloss with pink micro glitters.

First Impression: The gloss is not too thick or sticky and the glitter is not gritty on the lips. It smells like vanilla and orange… sort of like a creamsicle.

Juvia’s Place Heroine Loose Highlighter ($15 for 0.28 oz / 7.938 g on their website) is billed as formulated with glimmering-pearls for a perfect blend of universally-flattering golden shimmer that compliments any makeup look. Use a highlighter brush to apply illuminator along cheekbones

First Impressions: This is a super pretty highlighter, I’ve never used a loose highlighter so I’m keen to try it out.

Juvia’s Place The Saharan 12 Pan Palette ($20 for 0.63 oz / 18 g on their website making it 0.0525 oz / 1.5 g and $1.67 per shade) is billed as being inspired by the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the Fulani culture, The Saharan Palette features 12 stunning shades of carefully-considered and beautifully coordinated colors that intensify every makeup look with transformative style. A mix of bold mattes and flattering shimmer, this eyeshadow palette will flawlessly embolden every beauty routine from morning to night.

The shades from left to right are: Sokoto (matte orange red), Wodaabe (matte 14k gold), Bororo (shimmer burgundy), Kia (shimmer smokey aluminum), Zoya (shimmer rose gold), Iman (shimmer pearl), Jamila (matte mahogany), Senegal (shimmer copper), Chat (matte black), Katsina (matte sepia), Lulu (shimmer salmon) and Fula (shimmer bubblegum)

First Impressions: I don’t have a first impression of this palette because I already owned this one… it’s a beautiful palette with stunning pops of color.

And with that this haul is done.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night 🌞🌜 and that you are in great spirits and health.

👄Remember, Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick👄

💕❌⭕❌⭕💕, Nita