September 2021 Haul #2 – ColourPop

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I have little energy today so I took the day off from makeup however, I did receive another one of my purchases in the mail today and thought I’d haul it.

*As always… All products listed we purchased for me, all links provided are purely for convenience purposes to help you find the product quickly and are in no way affiliate links. The swatches are done on clean bare skin with no primer and are done in 1 swipe and with flash to maximize color payoff *

Now let’s take a closer look at what I purchased.

The 3 palettes that I purchased from ColourPop.

ColourPop Fade into Hue 20 Pan Palette ($34 for 0.80 oz / 22.7 g of total product on their website making it 0.27 oz / 0.76 g and $1.13 per shade) is billed as a fantasyland of abstract colors that features a mixture of sparkling metallics, blinged-out Pressed Glitters, and the richest mattes.

There are 11 mattes, 5 metallics, 3 duochrome metallics, 7 sequin mattes and 4 glitters.

I’ve swatched this palette top to bottom in rows of same colors.

First Impressions: The pigmentation of this palette is bananas! It’s super pigmented, the metallics are super creamy, the glitters are full with small and medium flakes and the mattes are seamless… they are a bit dusty but the pigmentation is there and did not go patchy whilst I swatched it.

The shades from left to right and top picture to bottom picture are: fantasyland (icy baby pink – metallic), lovecraft (mid-tone warm pink – matte), prismatic (mid-tone pink with rainbow pinpoints – glitter), atelier (bright hot pink with hot pink pearl – sequin matte), paradise (vivid hot red pink – matte), treasure (soft peach – matte), so precious (warm peach glitter with a gold and green shift duochrome – metallic), art deco (vivid yellow orange with gold pearl – sequin matte), retro dream (true coral – metallic), love + warhol (neon coral with silver pearl – sequin matte), lucky charm (opal gold with teal and gold pinpoints – glitter), big smile (pastel yellow with silver pearl – sequin matte), shine bright (buttery yellow – metallic), bonus points (warm yellow – matte), abstract (primary yellow – matte), designer (chartreuse with blue pinpoints – sequin matte), pose (icy lime – metallic), dyed up (kelly green – matte), haute (soft emerald green with gold pinpoints – metallic), bold type (deep teal – matte), take it easel (pastel baby blue – matte), kaleidoscope (pale blue with pinpoints of teal, blue, and purple glitter – glitter), hot copic (blue with a teal and purple shift – duochrome metallic), watermark (vivid cerulean blue with silver pearl – sequin matte), iconic (cobalt blue – matte), express (pale lilac with a pink shift – duochrome metallic), selfie (cool lavender with silver pearl – sequin matte), majestic (bright violet – matte), nouveau (true purple – metallic) and zeitgeist (eggplant – matte).

ColourPop It’s All Good 20 Pan Palette ($34 for 1.16 oz / 33 g of total product on their website making it 0.039 oz / 1.1 g and $1.13 per shade) is billed as vibrant shades that’ll make you feel like you’re thriving! Mixed finishes of rich mattes, shining metallics, and insane Pressed Glitters create the perfect looks from sunrise to sunset

There are 10 mattes, 13 metallics, 1 duo chrome metallic, 3 sequin mattes and 2 glitters .

I’ve swatched this palette in rows from left to right.

First Impressions: The mattes are dusty but have decent pigmentation, the glitters are full and have small and medium flakes and the metallics are a bit stiffer in this palette, so much so that it doesn’t feel like the ColourPop metallic formula. The metallics are workable but you do need to spend time buffing them in and they may benefit from a little setting spray on the brush.

The shades from left to right and top picture to bottom picture are: no worries (soft creamy peach – matte), thriving (pale nude – matte), carefree (pastel dandelion – matte), sunny (light tangerine with hot pink flecks – sequin matte), all about it (dusty coral – matte), lucky break (midtone copper with silver glitter – metallic), good vibes (midtone coral pink – matte), peace sign (orangey coral with a hot pink shift – metallic), heart 2 heart (warm toned gold – metallic), gold star (warm gold with bright gold reflect – glitter, goal getter (orangey brown – sequin matte), michelada (multidimensional soft gold and hot pink – glitter), happy go lucky (soft icy pink – metallic), 10/10 (bright orange coral with a gold flip – metallic), tropical punch (hot coral with a bright gold flip – metallic), cheers 2 u (warm tangerine with a gold flip – metallic), sun belt (vibrant yellow – matte), you got it (terracotta – matte), vibez (midtone chestnut – matte), concierge (cool toned berry – matte), cater 2 u (pinky fuchsia – metallic), margarita (bright magenta with silver flecks – sequin matte), dear diary (raspberry – metallic), all smiles (deep blackberry with hot pink and gold pinpoints – metallic), so stoked (true rose gold – metallic), down time (cool toned lavender with a blue shift – duo chrome metallic), paradiso (violet – metallic), suite life (bright cranberry with a silver sheen – metallic), best life (deep berry with blue sparkle – sequin matte) and rock sugar (dark purple toned brown – matte).

ColourPop It’s a Mood 30 Pan Palette ($34 for 1.16 oz / 33 g of total product on their website making it 0.039 oz / 1.1 g and $1.13 per shade) is billed as their latest mega palette amps up all the fall feels with warm, rich tones! 30 new shadows in buttery mattes, shimmering metallics, and pressed glitters to create endless autumn chic looks. With a range of pumpkin spice to ambers, and pops of plums, rich forest greens, and glimmers of sultry teals, this will be your go-to palette this fall.

There are 15 mattes, 9 metallics, 2 duo chrome metallics, 3 glitters and 1 sequin matte.

I’ve swatched this palette in rows from left to right.

First Impressions: Everything about this palette is divine! The mattes are creamy but have a ton of kick back, the metallics are crazy pigmented and buttery and the glitters are super saturated. Everyone is comparing this one to the So Jaded palette and whilst they are similar, those similarities are not perfect this is more of a big sister, little sister type similarities. I’m happy to have both in my collection as the 2 palettes compliment each other perfectly.

The shades from left to right and top picture to bottom picture are: love song (pale gold – metallic), bonafide (neutral ivory – matte), stay close (peach – matte), nightcall (lavender – matte), you & i (neutral nude – matte), surrender (vivid gold – metallic), dream on (true amber – metallic), reunion (icy tangerine – metallic), crave u (muted orange – matte), thunder (plum with a teal flip – duo chrome metallic), feels like (deep aqua with a gold sheen – metallic), ritual* (antique gold – glitter), midnight run (warm brown – matte), everywhere (pinky orange – matte), full circle (copper – metallic), echoes (plum – matte), don’t deny (deep teal – matte), oblivion (olive – matte), wanna go (khaki – metallic), stormy* (burgundy – glitter), it’s a rush (pumpkin – matte), moves (plum – metallic), for a nite (navy – metallic), surface (olive with a gold shift – metallic), our deal (rich chocolate – matte), fascination* (maroon – matte), new moon* (deep pumpkin with gold and burgundy pinpoints – glitter), had to be (blackened plum – matte), self control (navy with blue pinpoints – sequin matte) and mystified ( deep emerald – matte).

And with that this haul, swatches and first impressions is complete.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night 🌞🌜and that you are in great spirits and health😄🩺

👄Remember, Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick👄

💕❌⭕❌⭕💕, Nita