How to Salvage a Broke Pan of Powdered Makeup…

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? Great I hope. I’m doing OK but woke up with a raging headache so I’m taking the day off from playing with makeup. I did however go through my makeup and salvage some of my panned powders…

Let Me Show You How….

Once a month I go through all of my makeup to find anything shadows, blushes or highlighters that have either broken or are just not the right shade for my skin tone. I then spend the day either repairing them or turning them into a potted pigment….

Here’s how to turn them into a potted pigment, it’s super simple…

  • You will need the following:

Something to break the product up with (I use a makeup spatula that came with my stainless steel makeup palette that I got off amazon for $5 but you could totally use a butter knife, pair of scissors, blunt tweezers or even the side of a credit card… just make sure the item is clean and disinfected).

Something to store the newly salvaged product in (I use these Beauticom 3 Gram Plastic Jars that I get off Amazon – you get 50 for $6.99 but you could use a disposable salad dressing container, an empty lip balm tin or even an old medicine bottle, it just has to be clean, disinfected and air tight).

You’ll also need some paper and a pen…

I use 2 pieces of printer paper… 1 for catching and then transferring the makeup powder and 1 for making labels for the bottom of the jars.

Then you’ll need the powder product you want to salvage. I had 7 products to salvage today, the first one was this highlight shade from the Pixi x Rachh Loves Highlighting Palette. I accidently dropped it last month and it keeps flaking off every time I use it… so it’s time to transform this little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly!

First you use your blunt tool (for it it was the stainless steel makeup spatula) and you break the product up into chunks and turn it out onto one of the sheets of paper and you then use the same blunt instrument to brake it up until it’s fine power….

This is more or less the consistency you want from the powder product.

You then simply pour it into the container and label it.

And presto! Just like that you’ve salvaged your broken powder product. Told ya it was easy… and this is my preferred method of salvaging my powder products.

You can use them as loose pigments or transform them into liners, cream lip products, shadow toppers and even cream shadows simply by combining a bit of the product with a mixing medium such as Inglot Duraline, NYX Multitasker Mixing Medium, Kryolan Mixing Medium, Cozzette Matrix Mixing Liquid or even Mehron Mixing Liquid. You can use a bit of setting spray, however this yields a chalkier consistency to the final product that can crack or flake.

The second way to salvage a powder makeup product is to fix the broken is to simply use your blunt instrument to thoroughly brake up the product in the pan, be careful as this method does tend to get product everywhere (in the other shades, all over your table, I’ve even gotten some on my clothes and carpet). One you’ve thoroughly broken up the product you then want to add enough isopropyl alcohol (at least 70% but I use 99% because it dries faster) to cover the broken product in the pan. Take either a paper towel or smooth gaze like material to re-press the product into the pan (I like to use a reusable bamboo cotton round because all I have to do is pop it in the washer and it’s ready to use for whatever). Make sure to apply gentle pressure as you don’t want to over press the product and end up with a mess and an ugly finished product. (When I have round pans to fix I use either a nickel or a quarter over the top of the cotton round to make sure I get an even press of the pan, when it’s a square or rectangle pan I press it the best way I can and then I use a little wood skewer over the covered product to flatten it out the best I can).

Then you just have to let the pan dry out… which can take anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on how much product you are dealing with… obviously larger pans with more product will take longer to dry than say a small pan of product would.

It’s just that simple to never have to waste products again. Like I said, the first method is my preferred method to salvage my products but either will do nicely.

I even do this with highlighters, bronzers and blushes that are too deep or too light for me… I didn’t do this for the highlighters in my Tiana palette because The palette is just so stunning that I didn’t want to ruin it by removing the products from the palette… I’ll just simply scrape a few littles shavings if ever I want to use those as a shadow, lip topper or even a liner.

And with that this this post is done.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night 🌞🌜and that you are in great spirits and health😄🩺

👄Remember, Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick👄

💘❌⭕❌⭕💘, Nita