September 2021 Haul #7 – Glamlite x Mikayla Collection

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? I’m not feeling so good today… my PCOS is kicking my booty. I have the worst cramps and it’s making it extremely hard to keep food down.

I was going to take it easy today but I FINALLY got my Glamlite order that I ordered the 2nd week of July 2021. So I figured I would haul it.

The MIKAYLA X GLAMLITE FULL COLLECTION $89 (with a $108 value) on the Glamlite website.

Let’s jump right into the haul, swatches and first impressions of what I purchased.

*As always… All products listed we purchased for me, all links provided are purely for convenience purposes to help you find the product quickly and are in no way affiliate links. The swatches are done on clean bare skin with no primer and are done in 1 swipe and with flash to maximize color payoff *

Mikayla x Glamlite Poppin’ Highlighter ($14 for 0.17 oz / 5 g of product on their website) is billed as Mikayla’s signature highlight, a luxurious, multi-dimensional champagne tone powder highlighter suitable for all skin tones. Formulated with dazzling pearls, this highlighter delivers skin radiance with a shimmer finish for a diamond-like glow.

My first impressions: This highlighter is creamy and smooth and super reflective. It’s so stinkin’ pretty! It didn’t emphasis any of the texture of the back of my hand either.

MIKAYLA X GLAMLITE 3D FAUX LASHES ($12 per pair on their website) in the style Brand New is billed as a voluminous lash delivering a glamorous doll-eye look designed to open up the eyes.

My First Impressions: The bands are thicker but flexible and soft to the touch. The lashes themselves are silky and fluffy and very dramatic.

MIKAYLA X GLAMLITE 3D FAUX LASHES ($12 per pair on their website) in the style Code Orange is billed as Mikayla’s signature lash, a fluffy cat-eye lash creating a lifted and elongated look of the eyes.

My First Impressions: These lashes are STUNNING!!! I am so hoping they come back in stock because I can already tell I’m going to love these. They are silky, wispy, fluffy and have thin bands.

MIKAYLA X GLAMLITE LIP GLOSS SET ($28 for 3 lip glosses that are 0.14 oz / 4 g each on their website) are billed as Mikayla’s go-to lip glosses are formulated with hydrating ingredients delivering ultimate comfort and moisture to the lips. These non-sticky, high-shine lip glosses can be used as a lip topper or worn alone. 

The shades from left to right in picture #1 are Hot Mess (peachy nude), Wicked (clear with gold micro glitters) and Mahket (clear with silver micro glitters).

My First Impressions: The lip glosses are slightly sticky but not overly, there is no scent to the lip glosses and the glitter lip glosses are not gritty at all.

MIKAYLA X GLAMLITE 30 PAN PALETTE ($42 for 1.26 oz / 36 g of product on their website making it 0.042 oz / 1.2 g and $1.40 per shade) is billed as Mikayla’s dream palette come to life with a variety of bright colors and rich neutral shades, there are an endless amount of glamorous looks that can be created with Mikayla’s palette. It is truly a must have to take your eyeshadow to the next level.

The palette has 17 mattes and 13 metallic shadows.

The shades from left to right and top picture to last picture are: Harley (tan with a slight grey cast – matte), How ya Doin’ (light tan – matte), Gemini (light peach – matte), What’s Poppin’ (antique gold – metallic), Hot Cocoa (deep peachy tan – matte), Willow (deep reddish brown – matte), Glow Up (coral with a gold flip – metallic), Simba (mid toned dusty coral – matte), Accent (copper – metallic), Buffalo Chicken (mid toned peach – matte), Manifest (deep plum with a silver flip – metallic), Cookie (deep bronze – metallic), Iconic (pastel lilac – matte), Simping (soft pink with a silver flip – metallic), Immaculate (lilac – metallic), MJ (pastel purple – matte), New Beige (true purple with slight silver shift – metallic), Nahs (icy lilac with a strong silver shift- metallic), The Best Color (bright pastel mint green – matte), Bonehead (true green with slight gold shift – metallic), Stunnin’ (bright yellow gold – metallic), Portagee (deep purple with lilac pin points – metallic), Paht Two (dusty true purple – matte), Rhody (bright light blue – matte), Audrey (deep blue with a teal flip – metallic), Freetown (dusty dark blue – matte), Loop (yellow green – matte), Handy (bright yellow – matte), Frisky (deep berry purple – matte) and Masshole (bright true blue – matte).

My First Impressions: The color story is stunning. The metallics are super pigmented and incredibly buttery. The mattes are silky smooth and finely milled. There was kick back in the pans (this is to be expected with a pressed pigment palette). There were only 2 shades that were a bit patchy in the swatches… that would be Buffalo Chicken and Freetown… this, again, is to be expected since they are pressed pigments they benefit from the tackiness from a primer… even so they patchiness was very little if any.

And with that this haul, the swatches and first impressions are complete.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night 🌞🌜 and that you are in great spirits and health 😄🩺.

👄Remember, Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick👄.

❤❌⭕❌⭕❤, Nita