Hey Doll Hey… I’m Back….

Hey doll hey!!! Long time no see… Sorry I’ve been away so long, I was working on my health. I had a very long fibro flair (last half of October, all of November and some of December). I also was adjusting to my new RA meds. I dropped most of the meds that I was on, had to adjust as I detoxed from them, because they were affecting my kidneys. So away went all of my fibro meds (in place I am attempting to try medical marijuana and a cleaner diet)… I was taken off of Humira 2 times a month (it stopped working for me) and was put on Enbrel ounce a week (which has been working pretty well for my RA… I find that I have less time in the morning being stiff when I first wake up, I find that my knees has finally stopped popping with every step, I find that my joints aren’t hurting nearly as much as they once did… I also find that my joint swelling is not happening as often.

I have, however, developed Dyshidrosis (Mayo clinic describes is as a skin condition that causes small, fluid-filled blisters to form on the palms of the hands and sides of the fingers that lasts about 3 weeks an causes intense itching) which I am self treating with barrier repair cream, mild non scented hand soap and cotton gloves (which I wear every night to bed).

It looks nasty but it doesn’t hurt and if it’s the price I need to pay to feel better with my RA then so be it.

Since the last time I’ve posted we have had Halloween, Christmas, New Years and our 20th Anniversary. Lots of missed time… and I was only able to do my makeup 6 times in all that time….

3 times for no special occasion and 2 times for our anniversary getaway…..

That’s right… you heard me correctly…We FINALLY took time off and had a little stay-cation… after all we only turn 20 once… and we had a blast.

We stayed at a super nice hotel here in Orlando, checked on our anniversary day (had supper at the same restaurant that we had our engagement party at) and stayed for 2 nights… the second day we went to try out an escape room and had supper at the restaurant my hubby works at on the weekends… it was a much need break for the both of us… we got to really unwind and spend some much needed time together.

US on the way to Stay-cation….

Day 1 of Our Stay-cation:

The night of our anniversary we ate at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse… the food was amazing, the service was spectacular and we has so much fun just enjoying our special day. I had the prime rib with lobster and lobster mac and cheese with a blueberry mojito. Hubby has the lamb chops and sweet potato soufflé and I believe his drink was called an old fashion? At the end of the meal they presented us with the most amazing crème brulee I have ever eaten. The staff decorated our table with heart shaped glitter and rose petals and they signed a card for us.

That night we sat by the fountain at the hotel and planned a few trips for this year (birthdays) and talked about how much we have been through, how far we have come and how grateful we are to have each other.

Day 2 of Our Stay-cation:

The next day we booked an hour at the Escape Game in Orlando (the Gold Rush room). We ran out of time in the last room of the game and were told that we were only 5 moves away from winning. They gave us an “Almost Escaped” bumper sticker as a reward. We then had dinner at Maguro Sushi (a Latin/Asian infusion) in Orlando at the Florida Mall… the food was so yummy… but sadly I forgot to take pictures of the meal… I did take video but we drank so much and I ended up loosing the footage of the meal itself. I had the Salmon Sashimi and Pan Seared Chicken Gyoza for my appetizers, hubby opted for the fried Chicken Gyoza. For my main meal I had The Ropa Veija Bao, hubby had the Pork Belly Fried Rice. We split a flight plate of Sushi, we chose the Jibaro Soy, Intenso Roll, and Fuego en el 23 as our sushi for the flight plate. We tried Kirin Light Beer and for dessert we split a Guava Bread Pudding. The staff truly loves having Hubby as part of their team and are super nice. They even brought out a bottle of champagne, flowers, balloons and a balloon bouquet with candy. This was the first time I ate at the restaurant and the food was so amazing. The next trip we take there I will have to share pictures of all the food… it’s so darn good.

The morning of check out we decided to skip breakfast at the hotel and grab some Cinnabons from the mall to take home for breakfast, we were still very full from the night prior.

Well dolls… that’s the end of this post… I have a few more posts… to catch you up on all the makeup I purchased since the last time I posted….

In the meantime

Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick