Collective Colour Pop Haul

Hey doll hey! How’s your day/night going? I’m in some pain today… level 7.

I am taking the weekend off from doing makeup to try and rest; In the meantime I have so much makeup to haul for you…. I’ve had time to use a lot of the makeup that I’m hauling over the next few days so if I have tried it I will also include the grade I’ve given it….

So let’s go ahead and diver right in…

*remember as always, all hyperlinks provided are simply for fast location of the products used and not affiliate links… I just did the research so you didn’t have to. The hyperlinks are no longer in color since WordPress took that feature away, they will be in bold print*

I purchased a few more lashes and of course I had to have some of the new Star Wars collection….

The Child Hand Mirror ($12 on the ColourPop website) I just couldn’t say no to this absolutely cute mirror. It’s a mint green plastic mirror with the ColourPop logo and the Star Wars logo and in the center is adorably little Grogu in his egg. It’s the same size and the Cherry mirror. I use it more than any of my hand held mirrors.

I give this mirror a solid O+++!!! It’s just a mirror but that little Grogu just makes it so special for me. I use it every day.

The Rescue Lux Lip Oil Kit ($18 for two 0.16 oz/ 4.60 g of lip oil). Grogu is clear with green, gold and silver flecks of glitter… the glitter is very fine and doesn’t really show up when applied. Djarin is a sheer warm terracotta.

I give both of these lip oils a solid O+++!!!! : The ColourPop lip oils are some of the most hydrating lip oils I’ve ever tried…. both of the shades are a perfect little purse refresher for me.

The Mandalorian 9 pan palette ($16 for for 0.3 oz / 9 g of total product and 0.05 oz/ 1 g and $2.67 per shade) I couldn’t just leave this sitting in their Wearhouse! It’s the perfect accompaniment to the Child palette… it’s the warmer older cousin to the Grogu palette.

The shades from left to right are: beskar steel (silver – metallic), nevarro sand (mustard – matte), bantha tracks (cool toned nude – matte), imperial credit (nickel – metallic), clan of two (blackened teal with a green flip and mauve undertones – metallic), tatooine glimmer (antique bronze – metallic), mythosaur (soft dove grey -matte), this is the way (grey – matte) and creed (chocolate with silver pinpoints – sequin matte).

I give this palette a solid O+++!!! The fact that I am a HUGE Star Wars nerd has nothing to do with my grade for this palette. The quality of the shadows is on point and the color story is super user friendly. The shadows lasted a long time without fading and I found myself reaching for this palette as a supplement to other palettes quite often when it was first released.

The 2 Star Wars palettes side be side show that The Child is a cool tone palette and The Mandalorian is a bit warmer.

I ordered another of the It’s a Mood Palette as a gift for my TikTok Holiday Give Away that has passed and I picked up a few things for myself.

Play It Jeweled 30 Pan Palette ($34 for 1.16 oz / 33g of product and 0.039 oz / 1.1 g and $1.13 per shade) I look as this palette as the older more sophisticated sister to the Kathleen Lights x ColourPop Collab, So Jaded.

The shades of this palette from left to right and up and down are: crystalline: metallic champagne with a gold sheen, rocker: matte pale nude, luster: metallic icy rose gold, agate you: matte pale pink, reflect on: metallic pale gold, graded: matte muted taupe, optical: metallic orange with a gold sheen, sparkle: metallic rich chartreuse with a gold sheen, purity: matte muted mauve, rare earth: metallic muted pink with a gold sheen, uncut: matte soft pale peach, so polished: metallic olive with a gold sheen, faceted: matte marigold, carats: matte muted terracotta, fractal: metallic icy lavender with a blue duo chrome shift, treasure box: metallic violet with pink and gold pinpoints, mirror: metallic copper with a gold sheen, craft: matte neutral brown, piece out: matte warm brown, crown: metallic teal with gold and silver pin points, tiara: metallic vivid blue, geode life: matte vivid fuchsia, moving colours: metallic burgundy, relic: metallic bronze, bangle: matte muted brick, wavelike: matte vivid deep teal, majesty: metallic vivid purple with blue and hot pink pinpoints, surreal: matte merlot mosaic: matte maroon and finest: matte chocolate brown.

I give this palette a solid O+++!!! If there was a grade higher than an O+++!!! I would so be giving this palette that grade. The amount of combinations is endless with this palette. The mattes are creamy and the metallics are so smooth. I love that I can do a simple neutral look with a pop of color, or an all out out of the box color look.

ColourPop Oh That Jazz Super Shock Shadow Duo (no longer available) Shades are : Gin Rickey (light golden bronze) and Golden Age (golden glitter over a black base).

The first shade is part of ColourPop Fancy Feathers Super Shock Shadow Duo $10 (on sale now for $7 and for 0.07 oz / 2.1 g) The shades are Deco Days (champagne with peach sheen) and Avant Garde (true gold)

However I was sent 2 of the shade Deco Days, which I don’t mind because I simply love the shade.

Can You Bee-lieve Super Shock Duo ($10 for 0.07 oz / 2.1 g) The colors are: In Harmony (yellow gold) and 6 AM (soft coral with a golden sheen.

Flown Away Super Shock Duo ($10 for 0.07 oz / 2.1 g) The shades are: Lady Bird (soft ivory with multi dimensional silver glitter) and Mint 4 U (mid toned mint with gold flecks).

Glowing Strong Super Shock Duo ($10 for 0.07 oz / 2.1 g) The colors are: Up Late (nude with blue and green flecks) and Ember (pale icy teal with silver flecks).

The Super Shock Single ($6 for 0.07 oz, 2.1g) in the shade Lady Bug (soft pinky gold with a pink sheen).

The Super Shock Single ($6 for 0.07 oz, 2.1g) in the shade Runyon ( ultra-metallic soft rose gold with golden flecks).

The Super Shock Single ($6 for 0.07 oz, 2.1g) in the shade Ripple (metallic vivid violet with a blue duo chrome flip).

The Super Shock Single ($6 for 0.07 oz, 2.1g) in the shade On Set (metallic ocean with gold flecks).

Jelly Much Shadows ($9 for 0.23 oz / 6.5 g of product) In the shades: Keep It Crisp (ivory with pink and gold pearl flash) and Blanc de Blanc (soft gold).

Smoke & Roses 30 Pan Palette ($34 for 1.16 oz / 33g of product making it 0.039 oz / 1.1 g and $1.13 per shade) The shade are: thorn apart: metallic warm ivory, attraction: matte peachy ivory, every rose: metallic cool peachy pink, faithfully: metallic icy pink, 1 luv: metallic soft taupe, like heaven: matte pale taupe, kickstart: matte neutral pinky nude, on call: metallic pale peach with pink pinpoints, say it’s true: matte soft pink, alone: matte cool pink, best shot: matte mauve, foolin‘: metallic pinky taupe, love hurts: metallic pinky gold, part time: matte mid-tone warm pink, romance: metallic peachy pink with gold pinpoints, on the edge: metallic cool-toned pink with silver and blue pinpoints, heartbreaker: metallic icy lavender, wild side: matte warm mauve, look at me: matte warm mid-tone pink, speechless: metallic pinky bronze with silver, pretender: matte warm rose, angel eyes: matte cool pink, is this love: metallic deep plum with silver pinpoints, metalhead: metallic gunmetal with silver and pink pinpoints, twin flame: matte warm brown, spun around: matte red deep brown, this guy: matte maroon, whisper: matte charcoal, tonite: matte deep plum and smoked out: matte blackened charcoal.

I give this palette a solid O+ : I didn’t grade it higher only because, to me, this palette is a tad monochromatic for me. There are only so many berry looks I can come up with, with this palette. I do love the formula of the shadows and I do love the shades… I just wished there was more variation in palette.

Gone Matte 30 pan palette ($34 for 1.16 oz / 33g of product and 0.039 oz / 1.1 g and $1.13 per shade) The shades are: fluff up: matte ivory, teddy: matte cream, duvet it: matte muted beige, ur a faux: matte muted pale pink, pillow fight: matte muted dusty rose, luv bug: matte stone, butter up: matte soft peach, shaggy: matte sand, the cuddles: matte pale fawn, pjs: matte pale rose, big hugs: matte muted pale mauve, overcast: matte mink, chaise me: matte apricot, blankie: matte tawny, ultrasuede: matte camel, cozy cute: matte dusty rose, very velveteen: matte mauve, comfy: matte ash, snug as a bug: matte rust, fleecy: matte gingerbread, snoozin’: matte cool brown, onesie: matte fawn, cushion cut: matte dusty eggplant, downlike: matte iron, earmuffs: matte terracotta, powder puff: matte mocha, sleepwalker: matte espresso, pouffe: matte cinnamon brown, velvet dress: matte blackened eggplant and roll around: matte charcoal.

Plush Like Me 12 pan palette ($18 for 14.2 g/ 0.5 oz and 0.042 oz/ 1.01 g $1.29 per shade) A 90’s inspired palette. The shades are: runway: matte soft cream, ironic: matte warm tawny, slip dress: matte muted pumpkin, video nite: metallic champagne copper, throwback: metallic frosted rose, velour: matte terracotta, tlc: metallic antique gold, depp: matte muted khaki brown, girl band: matte rich warm brown, knee highs: metallic ruby, flannel: matte warm chocolate and velvet one: matte rich ruby

Limoncello 12 pan palette ($18 for 0.42 oz / 12 g and 0.035 oz/ 1 g and $1.29 per shade is on sale now for $7.20 making it $0.60 per shade) The shades are: tuscan fun: matte mid-tone brown, fly girl: metallic tangerine, easy peasy: metallic dirty olive, limone squeezy: matte warm ginger, touring: warm metallic champagne, amalfi: matte canary yellow, serenade: pale metallic, lemon capri: metallic deep lime, the grotto: matte deep terracotta, semifreddo: matte neutral suede, vespa: rich matte charcoal brown and la festa: matte dusty denim.

So Fly 6 pan palette ($14 for 0.3 oz / 9 g of total product and 0.05 oz/ 1 g and $2.33 per shade)The shades are: flight path: icy warm champagne, sky dive: cool soft rose gold, dragon tale: cool light mauve, speedy: icy coral, fyi: dark rose with green gold shift, colourful: bright coral, depart: warm chocolate brown, wing tip: midtone teal and damselfly: dark chocolate brown.

Glow Getter 6 pan palette ($14 for 0.3 oz / 9 g of total product and 0.05 oz/ 1 g and $2.33 per shade) The shade are: signal: matte muted warm beige, flame fatale: metallic soft yellow, dimmer: matte warm peachy nude, glowworm: metallic icy light blue with green gold duo chrome flip, flashlight: metallic icy soft blue silver, flare: matte light brown, sundown: matte chocolate brown with gold pin points, flicker: metallic deep bronze and night night: matte muted charcoal.

Rock Candy 30 Pan Palette ($34 for 1.16 oz / 33g of product and 0.039 oz / 1.1 g and $1.13 per shade) The shades are: solid: metallic icy silver, chemistry: metallic icy baby pink with a silver duo chrome finish, true north: metallic soft blush pink, volcanic: metallic icy gold, quarry queen: metallic soft taupe, friction: metallic silvery pearl, this ore that: matte soft grey with silver flecks, lava you: matte soft mauve, sedimental: matte dusty peach, nugget: matte pale nude, crushed: matte sand, i dig u: matte cool-toned taupe, ring of fire: sterling silver glitter, magma: matte mauve with violet and gold flecks, erupt: matte dusty rose, very gneiss: matte soft beige, set shale: silvery bronze glitter, no pressure: metallic smoky taupe, 2 coal 4 u: metallic deep gunmetal, pep talc: metallic mauve with a bright silver duo chrome finish, oh my geode: metallic soft burgundy, metamorphic: glitter with red, gold, and silver particles, get the schist: metallic cool- toned bronze with silvery pin points, so tuff: matte charcoal grey, hot spot: matte black, dynamic: matte rich warm brown, strictly tectonic: matte blackened burgundy, in the rough: matte rich brown, concrete plans: matte deep cool toned brown and stone’s throw: matte black with multi-colored pinpoints.

I give this palette a solid O+++ It’s got just enough variation to keep the palette interesting but not enough in the metallics and for that reason only I did not give this palette my highest score… It’s a stunning color story with such romantic vibes… I just wish the metallics had more depth to them.

That concludes this post dolls… Remember, Save a spoon for a bit of lipstick….